Crotch Lift Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The Crotch Lift sex position involves a little heavy lifting to challenge the even the fittest of partners.

The penetrating partner is standing tall. The receiving partner is facing the penetrating partner with their arms and legs wrapped around the penetrating partner for support. No part of the receiving partner is touching the ground.

To get into the position, the lifting partner will bend at the knees and lift their partner off the ground. A wall can also be used for support - and to help both partners achieve the best angle for penetration.

The depth achieved from this sex position will vary depending on your strength levels. The receiving partner needs powerful core strength to be able to thrust themselves onto their partner - or the penetrating partner requires enough upper arm strength to be able to move their partner. For many couples, expect the majority of the pleasure to come from simply achieving this position - and enjoy shallower, rocking movements.

This challenging sex position is great for assertive role-play or if you're just looking to make things hot and sweaty.

More About Crotch Lift Position

The Crotch Lift is a sex position that's going to challenge even the fittest of playmates. Core strength, leg strength, and upper body strength are all required to make this position work.

That said, both you and your playmate will be thanking you after nailing this particularly hot way to step up your play date.

It's important to note that any position of this caliber requires some serious fitness. Gauge yourself accordingly - sex injuries are no fun for anyone.



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