Standing Oral Sex Position

Published: MAY 14, 2022

The Standing Oral sex position takes advantage of a nearby elevated surface to provide better access to the receiver's erogenous zones. Not only does this elevated surface provide back support for a longer oral sex session, but its simplicity lends itself well to oral sex on-to-go - no matter where you are!

Standing Oral sex position. A vulva-owner is standing with one of their feet on an elevated surface, their knee at a 90-degree angle. This gives space for the giving partner to sit on their butt beneath the vulva-owning partner to give oral sex with minimal neck strain. | Kinkly

To get into this position, the receiving partner stands next to an elevated surface (like a bed, ottoman, sex furniture, or chair) and lifts one leg to place a foot flat on the surface. The giving partner then crawls to sit between the receiver's legs to easily provide oral sex in this position.

More About Standing Oral Sex Position

The standing, spread legs of the receiver provides extra access if the receiver has a vulva. This can help spread the labia - and make it easier to access the clitoris.

The same spread-leg positioning of Standing Oral can help provide better access for penis-owning receivers as well. This can make it easier to reach the perineum and play with the testicles. Especially for people who enjoy the visual of hanging testicles, this can be a great sex position for oral sex.

For giving partners who usually need to tap out early due to a kink in the neck, the Standing Oral position can extend your playtime. Especially for giving partners with back concerns, the Standing Oral will allow many giving partners to stay mostly upright - while simultaneously still providing pleasure to their partner. If the receiving partner's height is a bit too short to make this possible, consider having the receiver crouch down - or stand on an elevated platform with their non-elevated leg as well. This will raise their hips (just make sure everyone is safely balanced!)

Especially for giving partners who may struggle with breathing during cunnilingus, the Standing Oral position eliminates that concern. As weight on top of the giver is minimal, the giver can move around, breathe, and reposition themselves as needed.

Depending on the anatomy of the receiver - and how much access you need - an elevated surface to step onto may not be needed. While using a bed or sex furniture with this position can provide more access - and back support for the giver - if you find the inspiration striking you without a flat surface nearby, you may still be able to do this position. If the angles aren't quite right, there usually is a chair nearby anywhere you go - even if you need to find a simple folding chair to help provide the prop to make this sex position work for you.

As both people have their hands free during this oral sex position, this can be a great position to incorporate sex toys. The giving partner can use a dildo for vaginal or anal penetration - or the partners can swap oral for a trusted vibrator or stroker when the giver needs a bit of a break. With all of the space available, this position can also be a good fit for a wand massager or larger sex toy as well.

Especially if the end goal is an orgasm for the receiver, be prepared to move this oral sex position to a comfortable laying or seated position. For some receivers, the unfamiliar sensations of standing while approaching orgasm will be enough to make orgasm difficult - and that's probably not what you're going for! Be prepared to move into Ear Muff position or Flag Stick Oral Sex position if that's the case - and enjoy all of the erotic sensations that the Standing Oral position brought to you before then.

This position may not be comfortable for receivers with a large belly apron. The belly may reduce access to the genitals - or it may be something that the receiver is self-conscious about. As the raising of the thigh will accentuate this part of the body during the position, make sure to keep the lines of communication open - and be willing to swap to a different sex position if Standing Oral isn't honoring the bodies you have today.

While the Standing Oral sex position is shown pleasuring the receiver's front-side erogenous zones, the receiver can easily turn around and thrust that booty out for rimming pleasure instead. We recommend a wider stance to help spread the booty cheeks for as easy access as possible. (Exposed Booty Tape can also work wonders here as well!)



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