Ride and Ram Sex Position

Published: MAY 19, 2023

If you own a saddle-style vibrator, the Ride and Ram is probably one of the first sex positions you tried on it - and that's for a good reason! It's easy to understand, simple to get into and it leaves the "riding" partner with all of the delicious vibrator stimulation.

Ride and Ram sex position. The receiving partner is straddling a large, saddle-style vibrator (like the Sybian or Cowgirl). Their are on their hands and knees. The penetrating partner is on their knees behind them, resting their upper body on top of the rider's back, to achieve penetration.

To get into this sex position, the receiver straddles the saddle-style vibrator. They should lean forward onto their hands and knees, pressing themselves into the powerful vibrator underneath them. Once they're settled, the penetrating partner should come up from behind, also straddling the vibrator, to get into position for penetration.

Note that this position may be unattainable for full-time wheelchair users or partners with chronic pain, joint pain or knee pain, and we strongly recommend a conversation be had around comfort and access if this position is attempted.

More About Ride and Ram Sex Position

The Ride and Ram is the first sex machine position most couples explore because it's a simple add-on to solo use of the machine. When playing solo with a saddle-style vibrator like the Cowgirl, most people tend to kneel while upright or come down onto their hands and knees.
The Ride and Ram position simply adds a partner from behind while the rider is enjoying the saddle vibrator on their hands and knees!

Many saddle-style vibrators offer dual stimulation with penetration and external vibrations. If the rider is enjoying both types of stimulation, dual penetration with their partner may be the only option for intercourse while the rider is using the vibrator.

Tips for Enjoying the Ride and Ram

With the constant rotational movement of the penetrating shaft on a saddle vibrator, we do not recommend trying double-penetration in the same orifice with a biological penis. This could easily lead to injury.

However, at any point, the rider can turn off and slip off the rotating shaft to enjoy their partner's penis or strap-on instead. A saddle-style vibrator can still provide earth-shattering, hands-free external vibrations during intercourse with a partner. Both partners may find it more comfortable to swap out the saddle attachment to a non-penetrating attachment to get the toy's shaft out of the way. This makes it easier to enjoy the toy's external vibrations.

Don't forget about the fun of bondage or restraints in the Ride and Ram position, either! As the riding partner will be stable on their hands and knees, this position can be a great fit for sensation play like a blindfold or nipple clamps. These simple additions can add to the expeirence without interrupting the flow or requiring extra hands. It's a win-win!

Don't have a sex machine yet? That's OK! The Ride and Ram position can also be done without a sex machine. The positioning is similar to the Magic Mountain position, which uses an ottoman as a stand-in for the saddle-style sex machine.

You can also make your own faux saddle sex machine with a bit of creativity and household furniture. The Orion VibePad 2 can be placed on a chair to help simulate the experience of a Cowgirl (in the Magic Mountain position!). The Wild Flower Enby 2 or Rocks-Off Ruby Glow could be placed on the edge of that aforementioned ottoman for easy grinding for the receiving partner as well.



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