Bootie in Motion Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

Get your booty moving with the Bootie in Motion sex position.

The bootie in motion is a from behind position where the receiver lies on their stomach and the giver penetrates while wearing an couples' vibrator.

This vaginal sex position has the receiver lying face down, booty up. The giving partner wears a cock ring or couple's vibrator on their penis (or strap-on dildo) and penetrates their partner from behind. The couple's vibrating toy should end up against the receiver's clitoris or perineum in this position for some good vibrations.


More About Bootie in Motion Position

The Bootie in Motion is a gentle sex position that doesn't require a huge amount of mobility on the receiver's part, although the giver does need a fair amount of arm strength to hold themselves up off their partner. The weight is held in the arms and knees, so talk you your partner if that limits if or how long you can perform this position. Using sex furniture, like a Wedge, under the receiver's hips can help make this position easier to maintain.

The use of a sex toy may help extend the duration of your sex session - especially a cock ring that slips around the erection. Some receiving partners will likely prefer a rocking motion rather than a thrusting motion to keep a more constant sensation of the vibrations against their body, rather than knocking against it with each thrust.


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