Bench Player Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The Bench Player sex position is a great position for summer or winter vacation! Not only does it afford some fantastic views for the penetrating partner, but it makes sure you really get your money's worth from the fancy deck chair you bought on a whim.

The penetrating partner is laid out on top of a long, deck lounge chair. The receiving partner squats on top of the penetrating partner's lap while leaning forward.

To get into it, the penetrating partner kicks back on a deck chair, legs outstretched, while the other gets directly on top and sits straight down facing the same direction as the person on the chair.

This makes for direct penetration, which is assisted by the receiver's legs spread wide, and placed firmly on either side of the deck chair. This both stabilizes and provides the required lift and subsequent riding motion. The reclining partner should spread their legs slightly to provide the necessary space for the receiving partner to rest their elbows.

For the partner doing the work, this is when all those squats pay off; the riding action is what this position is all about!

More About Bench Player Position

This particular position features a deck chair by the (imaginary) pool, which should give you some inspiration next time you're stuck with your playmate tanning naked, sweaty, and dripping in coconut oil. If you prefer to keep your pleasure indoors, consider using a chaise couch to pull this off - or special Liberator sex furniture designed for sex. (We're all about easy cleaning.)



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