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Gift Guide: High-Tech Sex Toys That Do More Than You Thought Was Possible

Published: NOVEMBER 12, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 15, 2021
The holidays present the perfect time for new high-tech sex toys. And these ones do more that you ever thought a toy could do!


Just as advances in technology improve products in other parts of our lives, those same technological advances bring new features and functions to pleasure products. Your dildo doesn't have to be "just" a dildo anymore; it can now thrust itself, vibrate, tap, and more!

Or maybe you want to enjoy a penis stroker that does all the stroking for you - or play with a clitoral toy that "fingers you" all by itself.

Either way, these are some of the coolest sex toys out there - that pleasure you in ways you never knew was possible!



What It Does: Automated stroking that connects to interactive, online porn or other online devices to really absorb yourself in your favorite pleasures.

Who says you have to do all the work for an orgasm? With the KIIROO KEON, you really don't! An ultra-textured, pleasurable stroker inside of a mechanical housing, all you have to do is slide your penis into the shaft - then the KEON's mechanical housing does all of the work for you. It lifts - and lowers - the stroker with adjustable stroking all the way up to 230 strokes per minute! All you have to do is lay back and enjoy yourself!

As if that wasn't enough, the KIIROO KEON's innovative functionality can also be used virtually via the free, compatible app. Sync the KEON's strokes to your favorite porn videos - or connect with a partner and allow them to control the stroking. Better yet, connect with any partner with compatible KIIROO devices (including other KEONs!) to sync the two toys together. The KEON really is jam-packed full of innovative new ways to enjoy your sex toys!

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Fun Factory Sundaze

Fun Factory Sundaze

What It Does: This four-in-one insertable toy offers thrusting, vibration, pulsation, and tapping - all in a single toy! Choose your favorite sensation!

Named after the manufacturer's hope that you'll lay in bed all day and explore all of the functionalities that the Sundaze offers, the Fun Factory Sundaze doesn't just rely on vibrations: it offers you way, way more. This single toy can replace your vibrator and thrusting toy - and adds even more sensations like tapping and pulsing! Designed specifically to target different nerve endings around the clitoris, vaginal entrance, and g-spot, the Sundaze ensures you always have the "tool" for the job.

Plus, everything about the Sundaze was built for seamless pleasure! It can save your favorite setting (to always start there,) and if you ever accidentally turn it off, a simple press of the power button within 15 seconds will turn the toy back onto your last setting. Talk about some awesome features!


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Motorbunny & the Fappy Bunny App

What It Does: Provides ultra-powerful vibrations - with an optional, fun app game that makes introducing this large vibrator a more friendly experience.

Here it is: the vibrator to rule them all. One of the strongest vibrators on the planet (honest!) the Motorbunny is a large, saddle-style vibrator that more closely resembles a new piece of furniture than a standard vibrator. And the vibrations it puts out - sheesh! They're beyond powerful!

But with a toy this large and powerful, it can feel a bit intimidating when your lover finally unwraps the gift. Well, until Fappy Bunny. Designed by Motorbunny as a fun way to interact with the Motorbunny, the cell phone game, Fappy Bunny, makes the perfect introduction to using the powerful vibrator. It takes the focus off of the toy and the intensity - and turns it into a fun, playful, and interactive experience.

See, the Motorbunny (with LINK capabilities) wirelessly transmits data to the Fappy Bunny app. Now, everything you do on Fappy Bunny makes the Motorbunny come alive. Anytime you press and hold to help the Bunny make it through obstacles, the Motorbunny vibrates in response. And each time you hit game over? Get ready for a powerful pulse of vibration!

Gifting a saddle vibrator doesn't have to be so intimidating anymore. With the free Fappy Bunny app, things just got way more fun. (We're in love with gamifying pleasure - and hope to see more of it from the industry!)


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Thump-It! Thumping Plug

XR Brands Thump It Thumping Butt Plug

What It Does: Thrusting butt plug provides micro-thrusts in your butt while inserted!

Lay back and relax with the 2020 AVN "O Award" winner for Outstanding Anal Product. When turned on, the weighted ball in the middle of Thump-It forcefully moves from one end to the other. This movement causes the plug to move with it - and it forces the Thump-It! to micro-thrust itself with every movement of the ball. It's like jiggling the plug while it's inside you - only the Thump-It does all of the work for you! You just lay back and enjoy.

Made with a tapered tip for easy insertion, the XR Brands Thump-It! Thumping Plug is available in a Medium and Large variety. Plus, it's rechargeable and remote-controlled!

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Tenga Spinner



What It Does: Innovative stroker uses a wrap-around coil to cause the entire stroker to spin around the penis with every up and down stroke

This innovative penis stroker won the reddot Design Award in 2019 for its creative design. Utilizing a flexible coil along the outside of the stroker, the "Spinner" literally spins around the penis with each stroke for simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement - with no extra effort on your part! Especially amazing is the price tag - which is well-below the average penis stroker - while still being a new and innovative experience. Choose from your favorite out of six different Tenga Spinner options.

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Snail Vibe

Snail VIbeWhat It Does: Playful design of this rabbit vibrator ensures constant contact of the clitoris with every thrust - no matter how deep or shallow the thrusts are.

Say good-bye to the days where you had to choose between clitoral or vaginal pleasure when using a rabbit vibrator; the Snail Vibe's unique design ensures constant clitoral contact with every thrust! No matter how deep or shallow you prefer your penetration, the Snail Vibe's gently unwinding design ensures the thick bulb keeps contact. Its unique design is what earned it an XBiz Europa Award for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year!

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The Layer

The Layer


What It Does: Offers a travel-friendly, waterproof blanket that feels amazing on your skin and absorbs any sex messes. It protects your furniture and ensures no one sleeps in the wet spot!

Did you know that it was possible to have sex anywhere in your house - with no worry about the good times mess? Say goodbye to the flimsy towel you've been using. It works great for drying off - but not for preventing a large puddle from soaking through. For that, you'll want The Layer. Think of it like your must-have sex accessory that ensures worry-free sex!

The Layer's waterproof, noiseless, and soft surface gets laid down before sex - and protects your sheets (or your car or your expensive couch!) from any sexual messes. Wide enough to cover your bodies without being so wide that it's hard to store, The Layer's 40" diameter gives you space to play. If you're regularly on the go, The Layer even offers a Travel Clutch which holds the blanket in an evening-bag-like configuration - talk about the ultimate in discretion!

Whether you want to play at home, take it to a hotel, or move it around the house, The Layer is there to protect your fabric and furniture - and let you fully relax into sex.

(Fun Fact: The Layer is made by a woman-owned small business that sources and manufacturers in the US!)

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Perfect Fit XPlay Anal Sleeve

Perfect Fix XPlay Anal Sleeve

What It Does: Plushy sleeve reduces anal sex irritation by providing a barrier during anal intercourse.

Reduce friction and add more pleasure to anal sex with the XPlay Anal Sleeve. Easily slide this Anal Sleeve Plug into the butt before anal intercourse - and then enjoy a luxurious friction-free experience during sex. The super-slim, anchored tip pushes in easily while the rings along the length of Plug match up with the length that you can comfortably push in with your hand at one time.

(Protip! For couples who have always avoided anal intercourse due to fear of any messes, the
Perfect Fix XPlay Anal Sleeve allows the receiver to insert and remove the Sleeve Plug in the privacy of the restroom, keeping things a little cleaner until you are in a spot you can rinse off easily.)

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Lora DiCarlo Osé 2

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2

What It Does: Fully bendable, rabbit-style toy allows you to get automated g-spot stroking with simultaneous air suction sensations - in the perfect shape for your unique anatomy!

The Osé 2 made a seriously splash in the sex toy industry when it debuted, and it's now an award-winning dual-stimulation toy - with lots of awards to its name! Designed for simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation, the Osé 2 goes above-and-beyond most rabbit vibrators with its fully customizable design that partners well with its innovative pleasure. We mean fully customizable too: you can twist this toy into a pretzel!

On one end of the Osé 2, you'll find powerful clitoral air suction that's partnered with a thrumming sensation that can be felt throughout the vulva. On the opposing, insertable end, the Osé 2 is equipped with a g-spot massager that uses robotics to mimic the exact come-hither g-spot motion that everyone is always raving about!

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Oona Smirk

What It Does: Instead of vibrations, this slender toy simulates a tongue licking during oral sex.

Give something that isn't vibrations a try with the Oona Smirk. Instead of standard vibrations, the Oona smirk offers something different: a flicking tongue! Perfect for those who love the flicking sensations of oral sex, the Oona can be pressed up against your most-sensitive spots where it will offer a full hour of non-stop, tongue-licking pleasure. 7 different functions allow you to fully control the action - and experiment with different sensations depending on how you feel.

The Smirk includes all of the standard sex toy features you want, too, like waterproof capabilities, body-safe silicone material, and a rechargeable battery. Use it then recharge it - no batteries necessary here!

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Arcwave Ion

Arcwave Ion

What It Does: Air suction pleasure made specifically for the penis - for stroke-free orgasms!

Have you ever seen clitoral air suction vibrators - and wished there was an equivalent for penis use? Now there is! The Arcwave Ion, made by the same company who originally debuted air suction toys with the first Womanizer, takes everything about air suction pleasure - and turns it into a design that works fantastically for the penis. Instead of focusing on stroking, the Arcwave Ion slides onto the penis, and the air suction sensations focus on the most sensitive part of the penis: the frenulum.

With even more innovation, clean-up is easier than ever with the storage case's design. The Arcwave Ion stores while charging in its discreet case - and the DryTech sticks inside the case quickly remove moisture. For the easiest cleaning possible, twist the Arcwave Ion after use to separate the stroking portion from the electronic half - to fully submerge every inch of your stroker for a thorough clean.

This is one penis vibrator that's packed full of some seriously impressive features!

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Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On

What It Does: Remote-controlled strapless strap-on offers three separate, powerful motors with an adjustable design for the best fit for most bodies.

Until recently, most strapless strap-on dildos featured a single, removable bullet vibrator with zero options for customization. So when the Strap-on-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On hit the scene, it blew everything else out of the water! This toy features three separate motors - all perfectly placed for the most pleasure possible. To control those motors, this dildo is equipped with a wireless remote control. Finally, to ensure the clitoral ridge is always in the right place, the Strap-on-Me dildo has a bendable shape that holds the toy in place without ever being "clampy". It really is worlds beyond the current strapless dildo offerings.

Available in three sizes and three separate colors, you can find the strapless dildo that's best for you.

(Protip! We always recommend using strapless strap-ons like this one with a
harness! It reduces how much the wearer needs to focus on the toy - and lets you both focus on one another. Make sure the strap-on harness you select will work with a double-sided toy like this. Quite a few customers love to pick up the Spareparts Joque harness with this dildo - and we offer it in a BDSM kit for added savings!)

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Nexus REVO Embrace

REVO Embrace

What It Does: Prostate massager features a rotating tip for automated p-spot pleasure while simultaneously offering vibrations that also pleasure the penis

Don't rely only on vibrations when you can get the Nexus REVO Embrace that does more! Instead of making you do the work, advances in technology have allowed Nexus to equip this prostate massager with a rotating tip - that does all of the prostate stroking for you! At the same time, this prostate massager comes equipped with two cock rings - that "embrace" your other erogenous zones with pleasurable vibrations that add even more sensations throughout your shaft, balls, and perineum!

And don't forget that it's all remote-controlled! Both the remote control and the REVO Embrace itself are fully rechargeable via the included cable. No more tracking down batteries!

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blueMotion NEX|3 sp

What It Does: Powerful cock ring designed to reach most clitorises during penetration or grinding, also offers expansive app functionality to expand the ways to use it.

Take your cock ring to the next level with the blueMotion NEX|3. Smart technology is finally coming to your cock ring, and it's pretty amazing! Take this Bluetooth-enabled cock ring and connect it to the OhMiBod remote app where you can choose from a variety of amazing settings. Club Vibe mode lets you sync the cock ring's vibrations to music. Save your customized patterns to use them again and again. Connect it with your Apple Watch to allow the cock ring to vibrate to your heart beat - and enjoy as its vibrations get even faster as you both get closer to orgasm! Or, simply dive into the pleasure with Rhythm mode or one of the 4 pre-set vibration patterns!

Let's talk about that design for a second too. The blueMotion NEX|3 features a long, protruding vibrator equipped with Extended Touch. While this design might look odd at first, it will make sense once your bodies are pressed together; this long appendage helps ensure that the cock ring is always hitting the clitoris - and staying perfectly connected with each thrust!

(Fun Fact: The
blueMotion NEX|3 is also made with Velvet Wave. This cushioned, ridged silicone offers a soft-to-the-touch sensation while also being perfect to grind against!)

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Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

What It Does: Durable sex furniture piece only needs a sturdy door for use - and it features a removable dildo pad to add even more fun!

Who said you need to install new screws in your ceiling to use a sex swing? Not the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling, that's for sure! All you need is a sturdy door frame, and you're in business! Using the over-the-door straps, the sex swing stays in place once it's closed for a secure, airborne experience.

Adding even more fun to your sex swing, this swing comes equipped with a dildo pad. Slide a dildo into the dildo pad to instantly change your standard sex swing into your own personal sex toy ride! That same dildo pad can also be used with four bullet vibrators to add hands-free vibrations to your entire experience.

(Need some inspiration? Check out our
amazing sex swing sex positions!)

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Lora DiCarlo Filare

Lora DiCarlo Filare

What It Does: Swirling "fingertip" provides automated clitoral pleasure in the same way a fingertip does! No vibrations here!

Tired of toys that are too powerful - or vibrations that leave you numb? The Filare offers an alternative to the standard vibrators through two rotating stimulation points that perfectly simulate the tip of a fingertip or tongue. Adjust the speed and protrusion of the two points at every moment to find the perfect sensations for you. Now just lay back and enjoy as the Filare does all of the fingering for you!

A feature we love: the ring around the Lora DiCarlo power button serves as a visual reminder of the toy's battery life. Split into four parts, the circle around the power button will let you know how much juice your toy has left - so you know when it's time for a recharge!

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Odile Anal Dilator

Odile anal dilator

What It Does: Diameter-adjustable anal dilator lets you slowly, and gently, stretch your butt for anal play

Ensure every anal session is as pleasurable as possible with the Odile! This anal dilator uses a never-before-seen design to easily expand itself during anal stretching. With a few twists of the non-motorized key at the base, the Odile dilator will get thicker - or thinner - to allow you to gradually prep for anal sex in a way that traditional dildos don't allow. Its adjustable design can go anywhere from a 1" diameter all the way to a 1.5" diameter!

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Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush 3

What It Does: 5 hour battery life lets you play to your heart's content - especially with the vibrator's free cell phone app control!

Like all Lovense toys, the Lovense Lush 3 is pushing the boundaries with its battery life. Equipped with powerful vibrations, the Lush 3 still offers five whole hours of playtime - which is well-beyond most vibrators on the market! Partner that with the Lush 3's free cell phone app control and its quiet vibrations, and you have a vibrator that's perfect for all-day tease sessions.

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