Gift Guide: 12 Best-Selling Sex Toys Perfect for Gifting this Season!

Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 5, 2021 04:10:41
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These dirty dozen were the best sellers on Kinkly Shop this year. There's something fabulous for everyone, naughty AND nice on this list!

When certain toys keep selling out, you know there has to be something amazing about them. These best-sellers are some of the top sellers on Kinkly Shop - and have the satisfied customer reviews to match!

If you're looking to gift a sure win, we recommend checking out some of these toys:

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3


There's a reason the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 is the best-selling couple's toy on Kinkly Shop! Like the name implies, the Multifun 3 is a multifunctional sex toy that works for virtually everything in the bedroom! With its wrap-around, swivel tip and an insertable, anal-safe shaft, the Multifun 3 is a vibrator that encourages exploration - and also works great for a pleasure-friendly gift that isn't too explicit! (Not everyone wants to give their friends a large, veiny dildo!)

Reviewers are loving it too! And as customer J.H. said, "It took a few minutes to become accustomed to the shape and having dual motors but I enjoyed using and receiving with this item. I recommend it."

(Protip! When you need more inspiration, our product page offers a whole catalog of illustrated ideas to help you explore even more ways that this body-safe sex toy can fit into your sex life!)

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b-Vibe Snug Plugs

b-Vibe Snug Plugs

Whether this is your first anal plug or your 30th, the b-Vibe Snug Plug have a whole lot of pleasure in store for you! Designed to work with your body instead of against it, the Snug Plugs feature small, internal weights. These weights help anchor the plug inside of the body while also pressing the plug up into some of your most pleasurable internal areas - all at the same time! That's multi-tasking we can get behind!

The tapered tip of the torpedo-like plug allows for gradual, and gentle, insertion. Once the plug is fully inserted, the long, T-shaped base allows the plug to stay safely outside of the body - while being flexible enough that you might forget that it's there. Connecting the plug to the handle is a super-thin, durable, and flexible tube of silicone - for zero irritation of your hole while wearing the plug. It all comes together for a plug that's designed for all-day wear while offering a hair-tingling level of pleasure!

Reviewers say:

  • "I wasn't expecting to fall in love with an anal plug but I did. Very easy to insert, and you could wear it all day. Nice pressure and the weighted bit definitely makes you know its in." - M.
  • "They just provide such a really sensual feeling of fullness for me. The tail is really comfortable between my cheeks when wearing it too. The thickness of the plug just takes a bit to insert. Definitely make sure to get one you can easily insert! I bought a little too big for myself, so it's a bit of a process to get in!" - K

(With six separate sizes and multiple color options, you can find the Snug Plug that's right for you! These butt plugs come in a range of sizes from a 0.8" diameter all the way up to a 2.2" diameter!)

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Liberator Throw

Liberator Throw

Make a mess during sex? Don't we all! Spoil yourself with after-sex clean up that's effortless, luxurious, and comprehensive with the Liberator Fascinator Throws. Never attempt to mop up with a dirty t-shirt again. Instead, turn your bedroom (or couch; we don't judge!) into a sexual oasis with a waterproof blanket designed just for sex.

Supremely plush on the outside, the Liberator Throw adds a luxurious surface for your play. It just feels like ultrasoft velvet on naked skin! Inside that sinkable softness hides the hidden secret though: a waterproof layer! This waterproof layer prevents any liquid from seeping through the blanket - including copious amounts like watersports or ejaculation play! This means no one is going to be sleeping in the wet spot - and your expensive duvet will look exactly the same when you're done playing.

And when you're done? The Liberator Throw is machine washable. Just toss it into the washer for the easiest after-sex clean-up you've ever done.


Liberator Throw reviews say:

  • "Fabric is superb, comfortable doesn’t hold heat. Comfortable for play or sleep. Unless you’re a gusher, a quick wipe will clean up. Launders well." - P.H.
  • "Bought this for wet fun and we've been impressed. We used to use a medical waterproof blanket but it didn't feel very sexy. This works way better and it's handled every bit of liquid we've tossed at it. Wife made me test it out beforehand so we didn't ruin the expensive bedding and I put 4 gallons on it and it still didn't leak through. Were both really impressed." - j.
  • "The blanket makes a little bit of a crinkle noise when you're moving around on it, but it's nothing as loud as the old medical waterproof blanket we had. This feels so much more sensual than all of the options we've tried." - M.K.

(Protip! The Liberator Throw is available in multiple colors and sizes! Make sure you see the product page images and Specifications to figure out which one is best for you! Most people will be fine with just the Standard, but if you're looking to make large messes or want to travel with your Throw, you might consider the king or travel size!)

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We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe

We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe

You've seen it in movies, and now you can have some of the fun for yourself. Next time you head out on the town, the Moxie Panty Vibe can make that adventure way more fun! Featuring a physical remote (or use your favorite cell phone with We-Vibe's app!), the Moxie tucks into the underwear to provide clitoral vibrations on the sly - with no one any-the-wiser! Even our review loved this vibe in their Moxie review!

There's no need to buy any new lingerie when you get the Moxie - though we wouldn't blame you if you did. The Moxie uses the power of magnets to fit onto any underwear in the best spot that works for your body. Pair it with a remote-controlled vaginal vibe like the We-Vibe Jive or the Lovense Lush 3 for a powerhouse of a time.

We-Vibe Moxie reviews say:

  • "To be clear, this is the best panty vibe we've ever played with. Decent rumble, enough to get her in a real mood when she's used to the Magic Wand. Very responsive when connected to the app or the remote as well, with some fantastic play moments already. Having said that, maintaining connection to the app isn't perfect." - P.H.
  • "it was fun wandering around a crowded grocery store with my panties vibrating. It was this kinky little secret I had and no one knew. I found it especially buzz-y all up on my clitoris when I was reaching down for items on lower shelves in the store." - G.E.
  • "I wasn't expecting so much power from such a tiny vibe. Works well as a lay-on vibe too and small enough to be unobtrusive during oral. Yes please!" -A.B.

(Protip! Looking to do the same thing - but own a penis? The We-Vibe Bond is specifically designed for the exact same, public play scenarios and can even be synced with the Moxie!)

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Kinklab Neon Wand

Kinklab Neon Wand

The Neon Wand is one of our best-selling electrosex starter kits for a good reason: it's extremely easy to use! Even if you've never even heard of electrosex before now, the Neon Wand's plug-and-play design makes it one of the simplest ways to see what the "buzz" is all about.

Think of the Neon Wand like a magic wand you can wield to leave pleasurable, tingly sensations at every spot it touches. Your hand grasps the thick handle of the Neon Wand - while you touch the tip of the glass electrode onto your partner's skin. The electricity then jumps through the electrode and onto your partner's skin. Don't worry! On the lighter settings, the Neon Wand feels just like fingernails running down your skin. It makes your hair stand on end - in a very, very arousing way!

Kinklab Neon Wand reviews say:

  • "The wand is a fun new addition to our playtime. We have been experimenting with it and love it. It’s easy to use. I would definitely recommend" - L.M.
  • "I can't imagine a better intro to electrostimulation. We're not concerned about hurting one another, and it's so easy to stop the electricity if things get intense. Plus, it's really neat, and it makes her moan constantly. She especially loves how it looks in the dark - like her own personal light show (or so she says). I was worried there'd be a big learning curve or I'd look stupid, but this has been great." - J.
  • "The NeonWand package has everything required to get yourself started with ElectroErotic play and the website has very good tutorials and safety information available. You may be able to piece together a similar kit for less money but Kinkly makes it easy and convenient with a well packaged system." - T.S.

(Protip! When you fall in love with the Neon Wand, there are other accessories to add even more sensations to your playtime! We're talking about the Kinklab Power Tripper, Thunderclap, Electro Whip, and Flex Capacitor. There's a lot of fun to be had!)

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Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension

Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension

Add thickness - and pleasure - to coupled sex with the Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension. Like an oversized cock ring, the Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension wraps around the penis and adds extra thickness during sex - and two motors packed full of vibrations! Featuring a clitoral protrusion off the top of the Extension, this toy adds extra girth for the receiver - while still leaving the entirety of the penis open for pleasure.

Oh, and we can't forget about the remote control either! This vibrating sex toy can be easily controlled at a distance with the included remote. You don't need to stop enjoying yourselves to easily adjust the vibrations.

(Protip! While the straps of the
Enhancer Extension keep this penis vibrator wrapped around the penis, using a condom to keep both of them together can help keep things together even better - especially during rough sex. We do not recommend doing this if you usually use your condoms for safer sex, however, as the condom may not cover snuggly enough to maintain the usual amount of protection.)

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Blush Be Me 3 Anal Beads

Blush Be Me 3 anal beads

Our best-selling anal beads aren't entirely "beads" at all! The Be Me 3 strand of anal beads is a combination of anal beads and a butt plug - for a sensual experience that can be used hands-free, too! Featuring a T-shaped handle at the base that comfortable stays put, the slender strand of silicone anal beads offers a versatile bedroom experience. Who doesn't like a two-in-one toy?!


Blush Be Me 3 Anal Bead reviewer, A., says: "The anal beads are perfect! The texture is really nice and the “handle” made getting them out easy. The flexible nature of the beads and connector made them a little more difficult to insert at first, but well worth it once they got there!"

(Protip! The Blush Be Me 3 Anal Beads can be used just like anal beads - or like a butt plug! Experiment with how you might enjoy them best. Do you want to slowly insert them - and remove them over and over? Would you like to insert them - then focus on something else? With the Be Me 3, your options are open!)

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Liberator Black Label Wedge

Liberator Black Label WedgeBetter sex positions - with a bit of bondage! The Liberator Black Label Wedge partners all of the fun of the standard Wedge with a bit of bondage! Featuring two bondage points, two cuffs, and a blindfold, the Black Label Wedge provides more comfortable and orgasmic sex - while also letting you experience the sultry tease of bondage. It's a win-win!

The precise, 27-degree angle gently tilts the hips for deeper penetration - and to expose the g-spot and p-spot for some easy pleasure! The high-density foam offers a soft and supple surface that still holds strong when weight is applied. In essence, it's like laying on a cloud that keeps your body exactly where you want it to be. Whether you want to spice up missionary, oral sex, doggy style, or any other sex position, adding in the Black Label Wedge can instantly change up the angles - and help your bodies meet in ways that they've never met before!

(Protip! The
Black Label Wedge can be used with or without bondage. When you're feeling like a bit of restraint, feel free to use the bondage points to their fullest potential. When you'd just like better angles during sex, this Liberator sex furniture can be used equally well without the restraints!)

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OhNut Penetration Buffers

OhNut Penetration BuffersSo simple, yet effective, that you're going to be amazed you've never had them before. The OhNut Penetration Buffers wrap around the penis (or dildo) to reduce the depth of penetration. Designed for intercourse where a penis is involved, using OhNuts lets both participants relax and enjoy sex - instead of worrying about going too deep and causing pain.

Each OhNut set comes with four rings. Easily add (or subtract) rings to get the perfect depth - or simply adjust where the rings sit on the shaft. With the OhNut in place, instead of letting the penis slide all the way in, the receiver will bump up against the OhNut - and keep the depth at a level that's orgasmic for everyone without sacrificing an ounce of pleasure!

Curious? Our OhNut Penetration Buffers review has even more information.

(Protip! The OhNut Penetration Buffer works on dildos and sex toys too! If you have a favorite dildo that's a bit too deep - or a partner who tends to be a bit too vigorous - feel free to add OhNuts to your favorite toys too!)

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b-Vibe Anal Training Kit

b-Vibe Anal Training KitIt used to be that you had to guesstimate - and piece together - a few toys when you were trying to experience anal pleasure for the first time. Not anymore. Entirely taking the guesswork out of everything anal, the b-Vibe Anal Training Set is a beautifully packaged anal training kit that includes virtually everything you need. We're talking three separate plugs, a lube shooter, an enema bulb, a guide to anal play (that talks about how to use the exact toys you have in the kit!), and a high-quality, zippered storage bag to store them all!

Not just an anal training kit, this b-Vibe kit's three included plugs let you experience three separate anal sensations in a single kit. The smallest plug starts you off simply with a standard, body-safe butt plug. When you're ready, the Medium plug features the powerful vibrations b-Vibe is known for - and is fully rechargeable! Finally, you get to experience the unforgettable sensations of a weighted butt plug as the largest plug features built-in weights. It's a whole lot of pleasure in a single box!

b-Vibe Anal Training Kit reviews say:

  • "The variety and simplicity of this kit gives pure pleasure while allowing as little (or as much) pain as one could want!" - Anonymous
  • "Great kit. I wanted to get ready to be able to take my boyfriend in the butt for his birthday, and this kit had everything I needed. The small plug was smaller than expected, but I loved how each plug had different stuff built in. Now I know I'm not really fond of vibes but i really love weighted stuff. I used one every week for a couple of months and when the night came, he slid in really easy. Exactly what I wanted!" - a.

(Remember: The b-Vibe Anal Training Kit is BYOL - Bring Your Own Lube! As everyone has their own lube preferences, this kit doesn't come with lube. Just add your own, favorite, water-based lube to enjoy everything about this kit.)


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Mystim Tension Lover

Mystim Tension LoverWant to explore the world of e-stimulation? That's what the Mystim Tension Lover is all for! This beginner-friendly electrosex kit brings the power of hands-free stimulation right into your bedroom. Featuring an extra-large, visual display, the Tension Lover is the centerpiece of your entire electrosex experience as the power source for any other Mystim electrosex toy. (Or two toys! The two-channel design of the Tension Lover allows you to use multiple toys!)

Designed to be as simple as possible to operate, this TENS Unit comes with 7 pre-installed programs crafted specifically for those new to electrosex sensations. When you're ready to step out under your own control, the Tension Lover features easy-access dials and the ability to control the Impulse Width, Impulse Frequency, and Impulse Intensity of the Mystim Tension Lover. Perfectly customize every second of your e-stim experience!

Need more information? Our Mystim Tension Lover review has quite a bit of information. Other reviewers say:

  • "New sensation. Excellent, shipped quickly and performed as intended." - J.F.
  • "No other toy can produce the deep, penetrating sensations that a TENS unit can. As a woman who often has a hard time climaxing, it’s just what I need. I usually use both channels on myself. One electrode pad on either side of my clitoris mimics the sensation of someone sucking it. I set the controls so the waves of electricity pulse like the rhythm of a fast heartbeat. Coupled with an insertable contracting my vaginal muscles, the TENS produces some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced." - S.M.

(Protip! Impulse electrosex can be a bit complicated at first! We highly recommend reading our Everything You Need to Know about Electrosex to get a bit of background before diving deep with the Tension Lover. It's a great starter kit, but we always recommend knowing what you're getting into!)

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Satisfyer Endless Love

Satisfyer Endless Love

Built for every body out there (whether solo, coupled, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, polyamorous, or non-binary), the Satisfyer Endless Love offers orgasmic vibrations outside of your "standard" idea of a vibrator. Its circular design isn't a cock ring - but it isn't a standard vibrator either. This unique, innovative design lets the Endless Love transition from intercourse to clitoral stimulation to penis stimulation to perineum stimulation - all within the same minute!

Packed full of power with 3 perfectly-placed motors, every inch of the Endless Love is designed for pleasure. The thick, broad base presses up against larger areas with ease while the two motors in the two tips of the toy surround any erogenous zone with vibration. With all of the vibration possibilities, you're looking at 100 vibration combinations to play with - and that's a whole lot of pleasure!

Don't forget to check out our Satisfyer Endless Love review for even more information! Other reviewers say:

  • "Received my Satisfyer Endless Love and it’s great the wife loves it and so do I" - R.H.
  • "I found that the Endless Love didn't really "unseat" any of my favorite vibrators, but I don't really think it was meant to. Instead, I was really surprised to find that my partner and I have spent multiple sex sessions just exploring with the Endless Love." - M.K.
  • "For a male, the vibrations are not sufficient to create arousal. Probably good for a female. Disappointed and probably will not be using it." - R.A.R.R.

(Protip! The Satisfyer Endless Love really encourages exploration to find the most pleasurable ways to use it! If you're really at a loss, however, the Endless Love product page offers lots of inspiration to get you started!)

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