Milking Table

Updated: MAY 4, 2023
Reviewed by JoEllen Notte
on November 5, 2021

A milking table is a piece of sex furniture used for fellatio, handjobs and various types of massage and stimulation for people with penises. Most commercially available milking tables are similar to massage tables. However, they also feature a cut-out space that allows the penis and scrotum to be accessed from under the table.

These versatile pieces of furniture can be used by folks of all sexualities and genders, but they are most effective when the person on the table has a penis as the external genitals make for easier access.

Named for the colloquialism of stroking or sucking the penis in the manner of milking a cow’s udder, the sensations afforded to the person being pleasured are very different than what can be expected from other positions.

Mistress Mona, a Dominatrix based in Philadelphia, says that a milking table can be a way to sexually objectify the person on the table in a way that they (and possibly also their partner), enjoy. A milking table can "turn the person into just an object; they’re like just a dick,” Mistress Mona said.

Why are people into milking tables?

Being face down, while the penis and scrotum are free, is an unusual position that allows the receiver to concentrate fully on their penis. They do not have to worry about where their legs, arms or hands are. This position also allows the person to completely avert their eyes from the situation underneath the table. It has even been suggested by some that the eventual ejaculation is stronger and of higher volume than in other positions.

A milking table can be used for a variety of sex acts, including, but not limited to massage, role play, group sex, BDSM and more. Pleasure can be provided from beside or from underneath the table, allowing numerous people to play at the same time, or to include different additional devices, such as restraints or impact implements.

Where can I get a milking table?

Available in many different sizes, milking tables can be customized with special attachments including hooks, cuffs, straps and more. Milking tables can be purchased on Etsy and from various kink shops (we always recommend going with a specialized retailer for better quality and service.)

Because a milking table tends to cost between several hundred and thousands of dollars, many people opt to make their own. If you are handy, you can find various sets of instructions on how to build your own milking table online.

Whether buying a milking table or building your own, consideration should be given to the size of the person or people who will be positioning themselves underneath the table (if that is the choice of activity). Pillows or cushioning are recommended for the comfort of folks who sit or kneel beside or underneath the table.

More About Milking Table

As sex becomes more accepted as part of our lives and not a taboo and scary thing to be hidden, some folks are starting to incorporate sex furniture into their play and their decor. Because a milking table can be multi-functional - it can be used for sex, soothing massages, or, if you want to, to serve chips, dips and apps at your next family gathering - these pieces can easily fit into most spaces. If you’d rather keep your cock-milking shenanigans on the downlow, they often fold nicely for easy storage.

How can a milking table be used?

Another aspect of milking tables that can be easily overlooked is the access they offer to the person’s buttocks and anus. Sure, with a dangly thing under the table being so tempting, it might be easy to forget that person has more pleasure spots available. A milking table will allow anal exploration including massage, spanking, fingering, rimming or intercourse, all while simultaneous fun is happening to the penis under the table!

For many, the BDSM-related potential of milking tables hold a very strong appeal. Like many other types of sex furniture, milking tables offer many ways to incorporate bondage into play. The person lying on the table can be tied up, cuffed up, trussed up, or taped up in countless different - fully consensual - ways. Blindfolds and gags can also be introduced, as the receiver's whole backside is exposed for spanking, paddling, whipping and other impact play.

If you plan to incorporate dominance and submission into your scene, you can also consider forced orgasm. With the person on the table bound and unable to move, their penis can be stimulated to the point of orgasm without them being able to prevent that sensation from occurring. This can be repeated over and over, with each orgasm creating increased tenderness and overstimulation of the penis.


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