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Love Life Need a Boost? Sex Furniture Will Put You In Position

Published: OCTOBER 26, 2021
The latest sex furniture is so sleek and modern, no one needs to know what else you're using it for.

Sex furniture. If you get creative, any piece of furniture is technically sex furniture (including the kitchen counter!) but the term "sex furniture" is just a little more specific. Instead of being crafted to watch the football game or provide a flat, sturdy surface to prepare tonight's dinner, sex furniture is specifically crafted for better sex.

"Sex furniture" originally described large, furniture-like pieces designed for amazing sex, it now has become a blanket term for anything larger than a sex toy that's designed to position your bodies for intercourse and foreplay. This means many people consider sex swings, sex shapes, sex positioning aids and more to be part of sex furniture - and hey that works for me! If you ask me, anything that gets people having better sex is a great investment.


Why Use Sex Furniture?

Really, there are a whole lot of reasons to use sex furniture. Let's dig into some of the top reasons out there:

More Pleasure During Sex

Our bodies have special areas inside of them that are particularly orgasmic. While penetration can feel great, it doesn't always hit those bundles of extra-sensitive nerves that can really make things feel great.

Unfortunately, those nerve clusters aren't always easy to hit in standard sex positions. Standard, penis-in-vagina missionary, for example, isn't known for coming anywhere near the g-spot.

Add a hip-elevating sex shape like the Dame Pillo, though, and the angle of penetration has instantly changed with just a slight tilt of the hips! Now that same position offers great g-spot stimulation - which makes for more pleasure for everyone involved! Win-win!

Added Comfort During Sex

Sex furniture isn't just for pleasure though. For a lot of couples, sex furniture is what can make sex workable in the first place!

Sex furniture can support bodies, change up angles, and relieve pressure. All of those things can go a long way to make sex positions more accessible for everyone. Whether you have an acute injury, a chronic condition, or your back just doesn't like some stuff, sex furniture helps people achieve new positions that just aren't possible without furniture.


For example, the upper-body elevating possibilities of the Liberator Ramp can make the Partner-on-Top position an option again for a penetrating partner with GERD. Or a Liberator Flip-Ramp can be slid under the abdomen of a receiving partner in doggy style to relieve pain in the knees - and make doggy style enjoyable!

It Opens Up New Sex Positions

Honestly, some things just aren't possible without sex furniture either! You might be able to whip up something with enough creativity, but there aren't many objects out there that offer similar curves, are designed for constant washing, and safely hold human weight.

For most people, having sex in the air without a sex swing just isn't physically possible - but a sex swing provides the perfect shortcut. For example, for most couples, the Doggy in Space achievable, but with the help of a sex swing, it's now within the realms of possibility!

Add Hands-Free Sex Toys

As sex furniture has become more popular, a whole new type of sex furniture emerged: sex furniture designed to hold your favorite sex toys for you!


Liberator Axis

A fraction of a cost of a sex machine, these sex furniture pieces allow you to enjoy your sex toys hands-free. While the shapes themselves only act as a physical holder for the toy, the fact that they exist helps you get your favorite toys into the spots where you most want them.

Liberator BonBon toy mount sex furniture Liberator Bon Bon


For example, the Liberator Axis can hold a wand massager on the clitoris during penis-in-vagina sex - entirely hands-free! Another example is the Liberator Bon Bon which can make it possible to enjoy a toy anally while simultaneously having intercourse with your partner! All of them can be used solo, too, which opens up a whole bunch of different ways to play!

As a bonus, you can easily remove the toy from your sex furniture shape - and have a fully-functional sex shape there to improve your positions!

Trying Something New

Studies have shown, time and time again, that people tend to bond over experiencing new experiences together. It doesn't matter if it's a new restaurant with your friends or a new sex furniture piece with a partner, but trying new things, when it goes positively, is a universal social glue.

That effect gets amplified in the bedroom. Not only are you shaking up your "average" sex, but you're also staving off bed death. Novelty helps keep the arousal going and keeps you both excited and looking forward to sex.

Sex furniture, as opposed to using the same, flat surface of the bed for the 2,000th time, can be a simple and easy way to add that shake-up.


Types of Sex Furniture

Okay, so you're sold. Sex furniture sounds awesome! So, what sex furniture options are out there - and what do you need to know about them?

Well, let me help you:

Foam Sex Shapes

One of the most approachable forms of sex furniture, foam sex shapes are sculpted pieces of high-density, supportive foam that are designed to enhance your sex life. These sex shapes can vary in size, shape, angles, curves, and anything else. Their big commonality is that they're made of supportive foam!

While you'd think that "foam" would compress easily, I'm always astounded by how supportive high-density foam really is. With 400 pounds on top of it, compression is minimal. Even with three bodies on top (about 600 pounds) of a Liberator Wedge, all on top of one another, it compressed more than the 400-pound test, but it was nowhere near flat. That's the magic of high-density furniture foam!

Foam offers a soft, supportive surface that holds you in position without being unforgiving. It isn't rigid. Its extremely supportive while also allowing your body to gently sink a little bit into its surface. This can make it extremely comfortable - especially when it comes to putting knees or elbows onto its surface where hard, rigid shapes would hurt!

Foam, however, is very much susceptible to water and moisture. This is why most foam sex shapes include a water-resistant or moisture-resistant inner liner. This inner liner protects the foam itself from the "results" of sex.

Since moisture-resistant and water-resistant materials don't tend to feel as nice on the skin, most manufacturers then place another layer of material on top of this foam-protecting layer. This outermost layer is made up of soft-for-skin materials that feel amazing during sex. As a bonus, this makes for easier cleaning because the moisture-resistant liner keeps any of your sex messes away from the foam, so you just need to clean the layer of fabric that touched your skin.

Liberator Tula toy mount sex furnitureThat's exactly the case with the Liberator Tula. The bulk of the Tula is made up of a fully supportive, polyurethane foam that's very supportive. Pockets have been molded to allow a wand massager and sex toys to slide "inside" of the shape. Once inside, the surrounding foam molds around the sex toy which holds the sex toy - entirely hands-free!

Protecting the shape itself is an inner, nylon cover that zips onto the foam portion. This cover protects the same from any moisture or wetness from use.

Finally, the third cover is zipped on top of the nylon cover. This soft, machine-washable Velvish cover feels fantastic against the skin and makes the Tula more welcoming to use. When you're done with the Tula, just zip the cover off and throw it into the washing machine. It's that easy!

Here are some foam sex shape examples:

Inflatable Sex Shapes

Inflatable sex shapes are like foam sex shapes - but at a fraction of the cost. Especially when there's a budget involved or couples are trying to start experimenting with sex furniture, they might try an inflatable sex shape.

I don't generally recommend inflatable sex shapes. Just like your inflatable mattresses, lots of constant, sudden pressure causes holes to develop - and quickly. You might also blow out the plug which can lead to a sudden scramble to plug up the filling port before you lose all of the air!

Inflatable sex shapes are also only filled with air. This means that heavier bodies will squish down those sex shapes (and make them more likely to pop). Inflatable sex shapes just can't provide the same amount of support that foam ones do. It's just air!

All of this means inflatable sex shapes generally need to be treated with care - and nobody should be worrying about popping their sex positioning aids. Plus, if you do pop it, you either need to patch it - or all of that money is instantly down the drain.

On the opposing side, if you enjoy lots of wet and messy play, most inflatable sex shapes are made from vinyl and may be easier to clean than their foam counterparts.


Sex Furniture

Technical sex furniture options are just like sex shapes - only they might be the size of actual pieces of household furniture. Instead of fitting onto your bed and hiding in a closet, sex furniture may be as large as a couch or ottoman - and intended to be used without pulling them onto the bed!

Because of their large size, many pieces of sex furniture are designed with plausible deniability. That is, the ability to say "Oh, that! That's just a modern-style ottoman!". A clear example is the Liberator Equus Wave - which features two pieces that stack together to make an artistic-looking, non-sex-specific, ottoman when you're done.

Sex furniture is either made primarily out of extremely supportive foam (like with Liberator sex furniture) or made from wood frames with a fabric covering. Both can work great, and it just depends on your preference. Many people find that they enjoy the slight plushiness they get with foam sex furniture - and the fact that it's much, much lighter to move around.

Since sex furniture is so large, it may not be for everyone. It takes up the same amount of space as regular furniture, and depending on the design, it may not be easy to hide. However, some sex furniture can easily work "double-duty"! This same design of the Liberator Equus Wave can become an extremely comfortable chaise lounge to lay on while watching TV.

However, some people are really attracted to the idea of having "specific" sex furniture made just for their fantasies. Not only do these pieces offer more flexibility on sex positions, but you'll see its erotic presence every time you're around; it's like having a tease 24/7!

Want to see some sex furniture examples?

Sex Swings

Taking your sex airborne, sex swings open up a whole bunch of sex position possibilities. Instead of staying on the ground (like other types of sex furniture does), sex swings take all of that fun and lift it up. From Door Jam Sex Swings all the way to Hawthorne sex swing look-alikes, these swings let you experience what "weightless" sex can feel like.

Sex swings are designed to support body weight, so it makes them a great addition for couples who like to explore adventurous positions. Since the swing can support some of the weight, those same, athletic sex positions become accessible to those who couldn't do them before.

READ: 5 Awesome Sex Swing Positions That Will Leave You Flying High.

One of the biggest downsides of sex swings is the installation. If you're a renter or can't make modifications to your home, you'll need a workaround (like the Door Jam Sex Sling) or need to purchase a sex swing stand. This can end up making things less spontaneous, and they may not fit into the specific area you were hoping for. However, it can still open up all of the fun that sex swings provide.

If you own your home, you need to have a sturdy hanging point mounted into your ceiling by a professional. Remember that you'll be putting your entire body weight onto the swing during passionate sex; it really needs to be mounted properly in order to avoid pulling down your ceiling.

Let me show you some sex swings:

Sex Position Aids

Designed to aid you both in getting into the perfect positions for intercourse, sex position aids vary in design and function. It really depends on what the aid is trying to help with.

For example, the I Like It Doggie Style strap wraps around the receiver's hips to provide easier, more comfortable, and deeper thrusting during penetration.

But another sex aid, the Sportsheets Sex Sling is designed to make it easier to keep the legs in the air during any position. Using a pillow that "anchors" straps behind the head, the feet fit into holsters that help keep the legs in the air.

You'll note that most sex position aids are relatively strappy - and designed specifically to improve a specific action or part of sex. That's what makes them good at what they do: they're crafted to improve one thing without trying to function for everything.

Here are some other examples of sex position aids:

Sex Furniture Sex Positions Inspiration

Now that you know the basics, I want to make it easier to think about how sex furniture pieces could fit into your sex life. It's easy to understand the basic idea behind sex furniture - but the lightbulb may not click on until you see some ways that it can change up your favorite sex positions. Here are some of my favorites - and how sex furniture elevates things to the next level:

At Both Ends Position

What It Uses: Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo (Also available in a Limited Edition Combo and Plus Combo)
How it Helps: Let's start with the beginner-friendly sex furniture set: the Wedge/Ramp combo. There are hundreds of ways to put these two shapes together, but this one can be one of the most approachable. The Wedge under the penetrating partner's kness provides support to the top partner's butt - and helps them lean forward for great g-spot/p-spot stimulation. At the same time, the Liberator Ramp underneath the penetrating partner's back allows the two of you to be closer together without changing anything about the angle. It makes Partner-on-Top sex fantastic!
Other Liberator Wedge/Ramp positions: Bound Triangle Position, Over-the-Wedge Position.

Hamstring Stretch Position

What It Uses: Liberator Axis Sex Shape.
How it Helps: Think of the Hamstring Stretch Position like a modified missionary. Instead of the receiving partner lying flat, the Hamstring Stretch Position angles the hits for the perfect angle for g-spot or p-spot pleasure. Not only that, but it can lead to deeper penetration due to the bending of the body.
Other Liberator Axis positions: Twin Standing Pleasure Position.

Doggy in Space Position

What it Uses: Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling or Door Jam Sex Sling
How it Helps: I told you sex furniture could help make adventurous sex positions possible, and Doggy in Space is a very, very clear example. Without a sex swing, this position would require the penetrating partner to hold up the entirety of their partner's body weight. With a sex swing, the swing does the majority of the work while both partners get to enjoy the freedom and fun of an athletic sex position. Who doesn't like to feel like they're flying - especially during intercourse?!
Other Door Jam sex swing sex positions: Airbourne Oral Sex Position, Flying Missionary Position.

Twin Standing Pleasure Position

What It Uses: Liberator Axis Sex Shape + Your Fave Wand Vibrator
How it Helps: Hands-free, powerful vibrations during intercourse? Uh, do I need to say more? The Axis sex furniture in the Twin Standing Pleasure Position helps hold the wand massager in the perfect spot, so the two of you can focus on touching one another. The receiving partner can bend over more, if need be, and still receive all the benefits of their wand massager. Win-win!
Other Liberator Axis positions: Hamstring Stretch Position.

Relaxed Oral

What It Uses: Liberator Ramp + Your favorite body-safe sex toy
How it Helps: Instead of straining your neck, the Liberator Ramp can put the receiver's hips at the perfect height for some serious oral pleasure. Not only that, but with the hands completely free, the receiver can easily give themselves some breaks by tag-teaming with a favorite sex toy. They'll need it when this position gives you both enough comfort to want to go for hours. Pillows just can't manage this much stability.
Other Liberator Ramp positions: Pitch Perfect position.

Lion's Roar Position

What it Uses: I Like it Doggie Style Strap or Plus Size Doggie Strap
How it Helps: Making it easier to achieve deep penetration during doggy style, the simple-to-use design makes Lion's Roar simple and easy to do. Not only does this reduce the strain of the penetrating partner's lower back, but it also provides a more comfortable experience for the receiver, too. Especially if fingers had previously been digging into hipbones, using the entire width of the hips as an anchor point achieves deeper penetration with much less discomfort.
Other Doggy Style Strap positions: See I Like it Doggie Style and Plus Size Doggie Strap product pages

Bend-Over-Boyfriend Position

What it Uses: Liberator Obeir
How it Helps: Sex furniture isn't just for intercourse. While a lot of sex furniture is primarily designed for fitting two (or more!) bodies together, it's important to remember that sex furniture is what you make it. That's exactly the case with the Bend-Over-Boyfriend position. The shape's stepped design makes it a great fit for a spanking bench for impact play. Then it can effortlessly transform into an intercourse booster if you want, too!
Other Liberator Obeir positions: See the Liberator Obeir product page

The Bound for Pleasure

What it Uses: Liberator Black Label Wedge
How it Helps: Speaking of bondage, did you know that your sex furniture could also be BDSM sex furniture? By adding kinky restraints to the classic Liberator Wedge, the Black Label Wedge is born - with all of the sex position benefits as the original! This position lets the receiver experience the snug tug of bondage with elevated hips that encourage penetration right into the g-spot and p-spot. Plus, it's comfortable! Win-win!
Other Liberator Black Label Wedge Positions: See the Liberator Black Label Wedge product page

The Melody Maker

What it Uses: Liberator Flip Ramp
How it Helps: There aren't too many objects in your house that allow for a gentle, comfortable backbend, but with the Flip Ramp, the Melody Maker is well within your wheelhouse! Using the gentle surface of the Flip Ramp, both partners get a whole new view during sex. The receiving partner also gets to experience inverted intercourse - which can make everything feel even more intense!
Other Liberator Flip-Ramp Sex Positions: See Liberator Flip-Ramp product page

Finally, Have Fun!

As someone who owns enough sex furniture to make a legitimate adult playground, my advice is this: get it. Really. You spend money on accessories for most of our hobbies, but for some reason (maybe it's shame?), most of us pause before spending money on an intimate activity that feels amazing and helps us connect with ourselves and others.

Sex furniture can really bring the "play" back into the world of sex - along with added comfort, more pleasure, and new positions.

And that's totally worth it.

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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