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How to Use Sex Toy Accessories For Next-Level Play

Published: JANUARY 17, 2022 | Updated: MARCH 11, 2022
If accessories make the outfit, just think what sex toy accessories can do for your bedroom repertoire!   

You have a sex toy - and you've fallen in love with it. Your favorite sex toy has brought you tens of orgasms (and you're hoping to hit the "thousands" count someday!) - or just simply lots of pleasure.

Either way, you already found your dream sex toy. It can't get better....can it?

I'm here to introduce you to some fantastic accessories that take the sex toy you already know and love - and make it even better! Because the only thing better than the perfect, body-safe sex toy is making it even easier to use!


Temperature Play

Explore the natural elements by adding temperature play with your sex toy. Temperature play is exactly what it sounds like: changing up the temperature of your sex toy to induce different sensations. Chill your favorite toy for an instant blast of cold when it touches your most sensitive areas. Heat up your battery-operated friend for lifelike sensations that make you feel like royalty.

Quite a few sex toys can be used for some form of temperature play. The intensity of that temperature play, however, can really vary from toy to toy. Waterproof capabilities and the sex toy's material can make a difference in what options you have when exploring temperature play.

If you have a waterproof dildo, for example, your sex toy can easily be placed in a bowl of hot or ice-cold water to help the sex toy material retain that temperature. Certain materials, like stainless steel or glass, are much more sensitive to temperature changes, and you can expect those toys to come out ice cold or deliciously hot. Other materials, like silicone, will retain some of the temperature too - though not as drastically.

If you have a waterproof vibrator or mini wand massager, you can do the same thing.

(This can also be a lovely way to warm up your favorite
penis stroker too! Soaking in warm water can really bring the stroker's sensations to a new, life-like level!)

Now that it's at the perfect temperature for your play, have at it! If you want to keep the temperature play going, keep a second sex toy in your hot/cold water to ensure you can "refresh" the sensations again in 10 minutes when this current toy starts to acclimate to body temperature.

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WARM Your Toy - Without Water!

Sex toy accessories: WARM sex toy warmer


Now, if you don't have a waterproof sex toy, your options for temperature play are limited - but not zero! Something like the WARM can make temperature play an option for you.

Just slide your sex toy into the vegan leather envelope, close it up, and turn it on. Now, your sex toy will instantly heat to a luscious, toasty temperature. No water or prep required. Just a simple sex toy warming system that takes any toy (or lube, or stroker!) and warms it up to the perfect temp for play.

Speaking of, WARM can be used regardless of interest in temperature play. Do you know how luxurious it feels to go to use your vibrator - and it's already pre-warmed and ready for you? It really makes using a sex toy feel a bit like a special treat - especially in the chillier months or when you're trying to make your sensations feel as realistic as possible.

Dildo and Vibrator Mounts

Sex toy accessories: Liberator Bon Bon


If your sex toy doesn't have a suction cup base, you might assume hands-free use is outside of the realm of possibilities - but that isn't the case! There's an entire market of sex toy accessories designed to make your sex toy as hands-free as possible.

Let's start by meeting the magic of sex toy mounts.

Crafted by Liberator, these mounts are crafted from Liberator's high-density foam. This super-supportive foam holds up your body weight - while still providing a soft surface to rest against. After all, this is the same high-density foam that all of the Liberator sex furniture uses.

To turn a standard sex positioning shape into a sex toy mount, Liberator carefully crafts hollow channels throughout their sex shapes. Now, you simply push your sex toy - firmly - into these channels, and the high-density foam grips around the sex toy. This keeps your sex toy nicely in place - even if your sex toy doesn't have a flared base!

(And to protect the foam, the internal water-resistant liner of the sex toy mount lines these channels as well!)

There are a wide variety of sex toy mounts out there to choose from; it just depends on what you're looking for. The Liberator Bon Bon offers great person-on-top support for dildos or vibrators for easy riding. The Liberator Humphrey replaces your pillow with a very firm alternative that's extremely discreet; just slide it into a pillowcase!

On a tighter budget? If splitting payments through Sezzle sex toys isn't an option for you, consider a strap-on harness - especially a thigh harness! If you're looking to use your favorite dildo hands free, you can place the harness onto a pillow - and it can hold it in place! (Just make sure to wash the pillow when you're done!) It won't be as sturdy as sex furniture built specifically for hands-free sex toy use, but it'll be a budget-friendly workaround!

If you happen to own a Vac-U-Lock toy, don't forget about Vac-U-Lock accessories as well! They can add a suction cup to your dildo - or offer other types of mounts!


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Penis Stroker Mounts

Sex toy accessories: Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog

Have a penis stroker instead? Don't feel left out. There are sex toy mounts made to hold penis strokers as well! Also made by Liberator, these sex toy mounts use the same high-density foam system to keep the stroker in place - and allow for realistic sex positioning and hands-free use.

The Liberator Fleshlight On a Mission and Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog are there to help simulate the missionary position and doggy style sex positions (respectively).


Wand Massager Mounts

Sex Toy Accessories: Liberator Axis

Drooling for your favorite wand massager? You can enjoy it hands free! It doesn't take any complicated frames or tubes to pull it off. It just takes one of the Liberator sex toy mounts.

Just like the dildo mounts mentioned above, there are mounts made just for wand massagers too. Don't fret - most of these wand massager mounts are designed to take the full-sized wands that you love too - like the Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable or Vibratex Magic Wand Plus. These sex toy mounts (like the Liberator Tula) know what's up too; they can work with corded wand massagers too.

Just slide your favorite wand massager into the wand massager mount, and it will hold it perfectly hands-free for you! If you're using the Liberator Axis, it even has a special window built right into the mount to allow you to access the controls if using a Magic Wand Original.

Sex Machines

Sex Toy Accessories: Sex Machines

Is your favorite sex toy a dildo with a suction cup or Vac-U-Lock base? If so, you're in luck! Quite a few sex machines offer a "bring your own dildo" functionality. Using the base of your favorite dildo, your toy can slide into a sex machine - and provide hands-free, lay-back-and-enjoy pleasure.

Most notably, the Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro, Cloud 9 Pro 3, and Cloud 9 Portable Power Thruster all offer this feature.

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Rope Bondage Offers Serious Possibilities

It might not be the first thing you think of when you think about a sex toy accessory, but a simple strand of bondage rope (like the Kinklab Bondage Rope) can become a seriously multi-functional helping hand in the bedroom.

Once you learn the corresponding tie to make it happen, that simple strand of rope can:

  • Serve as a butt plug harness to help keep your anal toys inside the body
  • Be a snug, pair of faux "panties" that helps keep a vaginal toy inside of the body
  • Bind your favorite wand massager to your hips or inner thigh to have a simple, hands-free way to use your favorite wand
  • Become an impromptu strap-on harness to instantly turn your dildo into something you can share
  • Anchor your favorite, flared base dildos onto any surface for hands-free riding. This could include a pillow, a chair, an ottoman, or anywhere else!
  • Present the breasts and nipples in an upright position to make it easier to use nipple clamps and nipple toys (the "Cupcake" breast tie is what you're looking for!)

Plus all of its other delicious, fantastic uses outside of being a sex toy's BFF like rope harnesses and bondage! (The Beginner Rope BDSM Kit makes it easy to get a simple rope bondage starter BDSM kit in seconds.)

Sex Toy Storage

Sex Toy Accessories: Liberator Zappa bag

This one is easy to overlook, but storing your sex toy properly can make a world of difference - both in the longevity of your favorite toy and in how much time you need to spend caring for it.

Extremely poor storage will significantly shorten your sex toy's lifespan; you can (quite literally!) melt some sex toy materials if you leave them in the heat or sun!

On the other hand, sex toy storage that ranks "okay" can still leave you needing to perform a few tasks before your sex toy is ready for play. For example, you might need to give it a pre-play wash or rinse - or attempt to locate a bottle of lube or condoms for play.

This is why a high-quality sex toy storage bag can help make it easier to keep your sex toy ready for those upcoming scenes - and ensure that your nice, favorite sex toy is around as long as possible for playtime.

A lint-free, protective sex toy bag can ensure your toy is ready to go at a moment's notice - and doesn't require a pre-wash to remove any fuzz or lint. If that same bag is large enough, you can store your lube, instruction manual, charger, and sex toy accessories in the same bag, so you simply need to grab your bag - and get straight to the pleasure!

If you get a bag like the Liberator Tallulah bag or the Liberator Zappa bag, you also end up with a double-zipper design - which allows you to easily lock the bag from any prying eyes for added security.

If you have a stainless steel toy or a glass sex toy, don't forget about picking up a padded sex toy storage bag! You'll want that extra bit of security to ensure your toy stays safe and don't pick up any nicks or dings. Another note on materials: silicone degrades silicone, so storing silicone toys separately from each other (i.e. not touching) is your best bet to keep them in top shape.

It's easy to overlook your sex toy storage method, but don't forget that keeping your toy properly makes all of the "use" much smoother!

A Good Lube

Finally, it's simple, but it's worth mentioning: a good lube can make all the difference with your sex toy. Especially if your toy is insertable or penetrable, having a good lube helps everything glide better - which enhances your pleasure.

Don't be afraid to experiment with lubes, either. Adding specialty lubes can really change up your sex toy experience. Warming lube can change the entire feel of your sex toy. Flavored lube can make your sex toy more palatable - which is a serious plus when you're acting out some of your oral sex fantasies. Don't forget about cooling lube, either, which, again, provides new sensations!

Just make sure your lube is compatible with your new sex toy! When in doubt, go for water-based lubes.

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