The Pretzel Dip Position

Last Updated: October 8, 2020

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Definition - What does The Pretzel Dip Position mean?

The pretzel dip is a side-entry vaginal or anal sex position. It gets its name because the couples wrap their legs around one another, much like the dough of a pretzel.

To get into the pretzel dip position, the receiving partner lies on their side and spreads their legs slightly. The top leg should bend, with the knee pointing to the ceiling. The receiving partner could elevate their head or prop themselves up on an elbow for support.

The penetrating partner straddles the receiving partner’s leg closest to the bed and gets into a raised kneeling position. Their bottom thigh wraps around the receiving partner’s bottom thigh. The receiving partner’s top leg wraps around the penetrating partner’s waist. This gives the penetrating partner full access to the receiving partner’s genitals. The couple’s body should form a sideways scissor shape. From this position, the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner for sex.

The pretzel dip position is a very popular position, ranked as the number 10 favorite position in the United Kingdom in a 2020 poll. It is also called the camel ride position. This may be because in this position the penetrating partner looks like he is riding the receiving partner’s leg, which stands in for the camel. The pretzel dip position is also called simply the pretzel position.

diagram of the pretzel dip sex position

Kinkly explains The Pretzel Dip Position

The pretzel dip position combines the deeper penetration of doggy style with the intimacy of face-to-face positions. In this position, couples can gaze into one another’s eyes. Their hands are also free for caressing and stimulating the clitoris, breasts, testicles, or anus. Alternatively, couples could introduce a vibrator or a vibrating cock ring into the equation.

This position also encourages gentle and slow lovemaking, rather than vigorous thrusting. This more leisurely pace enhances the intimacy of the pretzel dip position. The penetrating partner can make sex in the pretzel dip position even slower by withdrawing their penis or strap-on dildo periodically. They should use it to stimulate their partner’s clitoris for a while, then enter their vagina again. This variation is ideal for delaying the penetrating partner's orgasm and helping receiving partners who don’t usually come through penetration alone climax.

A variation of the pretzel dip position puts both partners on their knees. If the receiving partner has their right knee forward, the penetrating partner puts their left knee forward, or vice versa. In this variation, the penetrating and receiving partners both hold on to one another as they have sex. This variation requires excellent balance, but it can be a fun alternative to shake things up.

While the pretzel dip position suits penetration, most couples know penetration isn’t essential for having fun. Many people enjoy simply grinding on one another, without penetration, in this position. This variation is excellent for clitoral stimulation.

Getting the pretzel dip position can be challenging for curvy couples, but they needn’t miss out on the fun. A variation called the standing pretzel position is perfect for people carrying a few extra pounds.

The receiving partner lies in the standard pretzel position, but near the end of the bed. The penetrating partner stands at the end of the bed and straddles the leg against the bed, as with the original position. The receiving partner can put their leg around their partner’s waist, as with the standard pretzel, or raise it to the receiving partner’s shoulder. Since this position doesn’t have as many twists and turns, achieving it is a little easier.

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