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Autofellatio is a form of masturbation in which a person orally stimulates their own penis. Although there is plenty of lore - both modern and historical - surrounding this form of self pleasure, the actual practice is believed to be extremely rare because most people are physically unable to do it. The act is both an aspiration and an insult; while it's considered a bit of a holy grail of self pleasure, the need or desire to do it also implies that a person does not have a willing partner to do it for them.

Alfred Kinsey reported on the behavior of autofellatio in "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male," and while he noted that "a considerable portion" of males attempt this, he estimated that only two or three out of every thousand would actually be able to manage it.

Autofellatio is related to autocunnilingus, which is believed to be even more unlikely as an actual sexual practice.


More About Autofellatio

Although it's believed that many people attempt autofellatio, the behavior has historically be pathologized. The first published psychiatric case of autofellatio appeared in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 1938. Others followed in the '40s and '50s, during which the chief concern appeared to be whether the act was a sign of homosexuality. The term continued to appear in the literature here and there; psychoanalysts in the 1970s called it narcissistic.

A niche porn market for stars able to perform this difficult sexual act has been active since the act was popularized in the 1981 film "Lips."

The internet is full of questions about and instructions on how people with penises can train to perform autofellatio. Although being flexible and having a long penis helps, a few enthusiasts say it's possible to train oneself to perform autofellatio. The key positions include sitting and learning forward, and putting one's legs up a wall. Those who have accomplished it successfully report that it isn't as pleasurable as receiving oral sex from another person.

In 2021, the Wikipedia page about autofellatio received more than 435,000 pageviews. Although a 2012 Buzzfeed article reported on the people vying to include their own photos of autofellatio in Wikimedia Commons, it appears that images of autofellatio have since been removed in favor of artistic and historical ones.

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