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The Leapfrog Position

Definition - What does The Leapfrog Position mean?

The leapfrog is an interesting variation of doggy-style, rear entry sex. To get into this position, the receiving partner squats down but rather than getting into regular doggy-style position on all fours, she lowers her forearms to the ground and raises her rear so she can be penetrated by her partner from behind. This position can be used for vaginal or anal sex.

The leapfrog is also known as froggy style.

Kinkly explains The Leapfrog Position

This position can get very tiring for the receiving partner very quickly. This position may also require some degree of flexibility. To prolong the pleasure, the receiving partner can support herself by leaning slightly over a bed or couch. The penetrating partner can also help by supporting his partner's waist and hips.

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