The Tango Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Tango sex position is a sweet and simple position, one that adds a sex toy as a bit of a twist. This standing sex position is a dream on its own, but a compact yet powerful vibrator (like the We-Vibe Tango, pictured below) can push this sexy, intimate position to orgasmic heights.

The Tango PositionThe couple shown is using the We-Vibe Tango vibrator.

More About The Tango Position

A standing sex position provides lots of options when it comes to adding in a sex toy. In this position, lifting one leg can provide a little extra space to move the vibrator in toward the clitoris, or massage the nipples, vulva, or even the anal area.

In tango dancing, there is traditionally a leader and a follower. You can take this idea to the bedroom by switching up roles - and who gets to hold the vibe! Note that penises and scrotums respond well to vibration, too, so feel free to mix things up! The person using the vibrator can also be the one holding it, allowing them to control their arousal - and climax.

Consider performing this position against the wall or near a sturdy piece of furniture for better balance and to help one or both partners get a little more leverage for thrusting. Liberator sex furniture, like the Flip-Ramp, can be a helpful prop to elevate your feet. Or, take it slow. You may want to dance well into the night!



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