Eagle Position

Updated: APRIL 25, 2024

Eagle Position is a sexual position used for penetrative sex. Eagle Position is a good choice for people who enjoy anal sex or deep vaginal penetration because it allows clitoral and P-spot or G-spot stimulation.

Eagle Position. The receiving partner is laying on their back with their knees pulled back to their shoulders. The penetrating partner is laying on top, looking into the receiving partner's eyes, using their bodyweight to keep the receiving partner's legs in place. | Kinkly

It gets its name because the receptive partner lays on their back with their legs spread wide, like the wings of an eagle. It is a variation on the traditional Missionary position.


More About Eagle Position

To get into the Eagle position, the receptive partner lies on their back, raises and spread their legs. They raise their hips to meet their partner, who kneels over them. The partner doing the penetrating lays their hands flat down on either side of their partner’s body to steady themselves.

In this position, the partner on top can penetrate their partner and thrust. This position can also be adapted for a person using a strap-on to do the penetration.

In addition to the deep penetration and clitoral and P-spot stimulation it offers, many couples enjoy the Eagle position for anal sex because it allows a more intimate connection than many anal sex positions. With the Eagle position couples are face-to-face, allowing them to gaze into one another’s eyes and kiss while they are having sex. The receptive person can also touch their partner’s hips and buttocks.

While the Eagle position is considered a medium-level sex position, people new to anal shouldn’t rush into it.

Massaging the receptive partner’s sphincter and using butt plugs, anal vibrators, or finger penetration can get them used to the feel of anal penetration. Applying lube liberally and feeling relaxed will make penetration in the Eagle position easier.

If you are struggling to achieve penetration, you may find it easier to start with a Spooning position first, then try the eagle position. Putting pillows or sex furniture underneath the receiver's pelvis can elevate their hips to make penetration easier as well.


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