Back Lift Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

The Back Lift Sex Position is a penetrative posture that can be incorporated into anal or vaginal sex. With the receptive partner's hips and pelvis in the air, the insertive partner's penis (or strap-on!) can penetrate even deeper -- leading to maximum g-spot or prostate pleasure.

At Kinkly, we understand that this position may be entirely inaccessible to some people and we would recommend that you have a discussion around disability/ability level before attempting this!

The penetrator is kneeling on the ground with their hands gripping the receiver's calves. The receiver is holding themselves upright in a reverse pushup position with their feet and hands flat on the ground and their thighs on either side of the penetrator.

To get into the Back Lift, the receptive partner (Partner A) should first assume a reverse pushup position, with their hands and feet flat on the ground and their hips, torso and thighs suspended in a tabletop stance. The insertive partner (Partner B) then kneels between Partner A's legs and slides inside. For increased stability and thrusting power, Partner B may also hold onto Partner A's calves.

More About Back Lift Position

The beauty of the Back Lift Position is its versatility. As a bodyweight position, it's suitable for nearly anywhere (make it count next time you and your playmate hit a quiet spot on the beach)! Plus, it offers a reasonably painless degree of difficulty for Partner B. If the position is accessible to you, it provides a comfortable angle of entry and it can be easily modified to make Partner A's role more accessible.

Partner A's upper body strength is going to give you a great advantage in this position -- they're tasked with creating a solid, locked-in reverse pushup; so the steadier they can hold themselves, the more you'll get out of every thrust. However, if holding this pose is (or becomes) too difficult independently, you can make it easier by sliding a short stool or table under Partner A's lower back. We also recommend having consistent check-ins about comfort, pain and ability level.

For Partner B, this position is all about angling themselves correctly between their partner’s legs (if they are able!) and finding the correct working height to tuck in and thrust away. You can place pillows or cushions underneath Partner B's knees for increased comfort.

To take the Back Lift up a notch, Partner B might use their hands to play with their partner's nipples. Alternatively, spice up the visual with a mouth plug. If you are a wheelchair user or can’t attempt this position, you can still have fun with your partner’s mouth and nipples!

Oh -- and remember how we said to make this one count the next time you and your partner are at the beach? We really meant it: If you’ve yet to rise to the challenge of sex in the water, the Back Lift position is a great way to help you comfortably ease into this new level of mind-blowing "Qh yeah!"



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