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Milking Table

Updated: JANUARY 6, 2020

A milking table is a piece of sex furniture. A milking table is much like a massage table with a large hole for the face of the person lying on the table, to facilitate their breathing while lying face-down. A milking table also has an additional hole at waist level that is large enough for the penis and testicles to comfortably pass through. A man lies face-down on a milking table to receive sexual pleasure from his partner or a sex worker, positioned underneath the table.

More About Milking Table

There are a number of different ways a person can pleasure someone lying on a milking table. The most common technique is to give the man a hand job through the table’s hole. This method is where the table’s name comes from, as it appears the man’s penis is being milked, much like a cow’s udder. A man may also receive a blow job through a milking table.

Most commonly, females sit or kneel underneath a milking table. A homosexual or bisexual male could also stimulate his male partner through a milking table, although as males tend to be larger he could find it a tight squeeze.

Using a milking table can be a good way to spice up sexual acts like hand jobs or blow jobs that have gotten mundane. They are also being introduced into erotic massage parlors around the world. Milking table pornography, where scantily clad women pleasure passive men through milking tables, is also becoming more common.


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