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Cyber And Teledildonics: Where Sex Meets Tech

by Mr Will
Published: APRIL 17, 2015
Sex and technology may seem like an odd pairing, but many people find real chemistry through cyber sex.
Sex and technology may seem like an odd pairing - sex is often thought of as natural and organic, whereas technology is associated with the cold, clinical or inhuman. But in today's world, in which technology has opened up new possibilities in almost every field, why would sex not benefit from technological advances as well?

For several decades, the fields of technology and sexuality have been influencing each other. The pornography industry has always relied upon new media - from VHS to DVD to online viewing - for distribution. Pornographic websites were also among the first Web properties to use e-commerce, paving the way for the credit card payment and verification systems now used by all online shops. In more recent years, teledildonics has emerged, a world in which sex toys that can be operated via a computer, cell phone or tablet for the purpose of helping the consumer reach orgasm. So what does this mean for our future sexual selves? Let's take a look. (For more on sexy technological advances, read our article Sex Robots: High-Tech Sex Toy...or Something More?)

New Possibilities

So what can these new digital technologies offer? Here are a few interesting possibilities.

  1. Imagine that you are in Spain and your lover is in Alaska. There is no way you two can have "real," physical sex. But, through the magic of teledildonics, you can both hook up your fancy sex toys to your phones and control each others' pleasure via the Internet.

  2. You meet a potential new partner at a club one night. Neither of you have been tested for STIs recently, but you’d really love to play together. Through conversation, you discover that you’ve both got sex toys that can connect to the Internet and therefore, a way to get frisky with each other in the safest way possible.

  3. You're hanging out at home alone, feeling horny. You’ve been really into a certain porn star lately, and a quick search reveals that they offer play sessions over the Internet. All you need to participate is that new toy you just picked up. Voila! Just a little while later, you’re playing with your favorite porn star via the magic of the technology.

The Pros and Cons of Cyber & Teledildonics

Of course, like any technology, teledildonics has its pros and cons:

  • New sexual possibilities
  • New options for safer sex
  • Great for long distance play

  • High comparative costs
  • May be too complicated for some
  • May not feel as intimate as physical contact

In these first years of the new field of teledildonics, many new developments and changes will likely occur. But virtual reality sex is fast approaching, and it won't be long before just about anyone can connect a sex toy to a virtual reality headset for a truly immersive sexual experience. (But does that count as sex? Read more in Is Virtual Sex Real Sex?)

Cyberdildonic Options

As the field of teledildonics is rapidly expanding, there’s no way to keep a perfectly up-to-date list of the new options available. Two of the leaders in the field are Kiiroo and Lovense. Kiiroo offers a social platform that allows users to connect with any other user on the social network fairly easily, and then it’s up to the users involved to decide what they want to do. Sensual engagement such as seeing, hearing, and feeling is very important to the Kiiroo platform. Lovense offers apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac that allow users to connect their toys via Bluetooth and control the other person’s device with an in-app interface. Other remote toys such as OhMiBod's Remote App are also emerging. (Check out Is Virtual Sex Real Sex? to read more about cybersex).

Your Future Sex Life

The technological field of cyber and teledildonics will without a doubt increase sexual possibilities in the years to come, but of course there is still room for improvement. As of yet, the only teledildonic option I’ve personally tried is the Lovense "Max," and while it is a novel concept, it didn’t feel quite as real as I had hoped. I fully expect this to change as greater technological advancements take place.

Whether you are a pleasure aficionado, a tech connoisseur or sticking it out in a long-distance relationship, technologies are being developed with your sex life in mind.
Mr Will

Mr. Will is a Texan who fell into writing about sexuality as a way to try new things and explore his body. He is always looking for ways to improve his sex life and the sex lives of others.

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