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Couples Gift Guide: Best-Selling Sex Toys to Revitalize Your Marriage

Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2022
Married or not, lots of couples want to add a little spice! We looked at our best sellers from the Kinkly Shop to bring you this couples gift guide full of fan favorites!

While sex toys are amazing for solo fun, they're just as fun for coupled fun! In fact, as experts agree that new and novel experiences help us bond better, bringing a new sex toy into the bedroom can be the catalyst for passion and connection.


Better orgasms and a stronger relationship? We're in!

Check out some of our top recommendations if you're looking to add a sex toy to your committed relationship (married or otherwise!) to reignite a bit of experimentation and fun!

How We Chose These Products

There are hundreds of thousands of different sex toys out there. (Really! We're not exaggerating!) But out of those options, we curate this list with a few important factors in mind:

  • It works as intended. While every sex toy isn't made for every body, we only recommend sex toys that provide the sensations they claim to provide.
  • It's as body-safe as possible. For insertable toys, this might mean medical-grade silicone - or stainless steel! For external toys, this might mean plastics or phthalate-free TPR. This also means the majority of these toys are scent-free too!
  • Customers love them! While your body is unique to you, crowdsourcing opinions helps us curate the selection of toys on Kinkly Shop - and this list! We're recommending some of the most well-loved (and best-selling!) toys out there!
  • Staff loves them! In many cases, the toys you see on this list are well-loved by members of our staff. We don't just talk the talk - we use the sex toys too!

Chart Your Pleasure Spots All Over Again: Satisfyer Multifun 3

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 - Kinkly Shop

The creative design of the Multifun 3 encourages you both to explore your bodies again like the first time.

  • 180-degree rotating head attached to a slender handle that doubles as a shaft
  • Unique shape offers infinite play possibilities (see the Kinkly Shop page to start your inspiration!)
  • 3 motors to ensure every inch of the vibrator can be a pleasure point
  • 15-Year Manufacturer's warranty

Customers are saying:

  • "Girlfriend loves it...double sided with strong vibrations. Easy and light.. works well with solo or play together.. also feels really nice for me with the ring around my head.. has a lot of variations. Looking forward to trying them out" - H.
  • "I would describe it as a wand vibrator and clit vibe in one. Though it’s so much more than that. The handle/shaft can be used as a dildo, vibrating dildo, a prostate massager, and an anal stimulator since the rotating head doubles as a flared base. The Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 hosts three motors: one in the shaft and two in the rotating head. The 180-degree rotating head can be used at all different types of angles." - Tiffy Kink
  • "I don't like the shape of the long part, it's hurting me when inserting because there are some kind of angles and I think the vibrations are too strong" - L.
  • "he keeps finding new ways to use it, he's obsessed!!" - B.
  • "Unbelievable fun for both of us. thanks" - A.

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Eliminate Worries about Messes: Liberator Throw


A couple embraces on top of a Aubergine, Standard Liberator Fascinator Throw in purple. | Kinkly Shop

Enjoy worry-free sex with a blanket that keeps surfaces safe!

  • Waterproof blanket to keep your messiest sex off of your expensive furniture
  • Super plushy velvish material feels luxurious against naked skin
  • Machine-washable for easy clean-up after passionate sex that leaves you exhausted
  • Looks just like a standard blanket when it's folded up for amazing discretion
  • Available in multiple sizes for the fit that's best for you
  • Great for period protection as well!

Customers are saying:

  • "Bought this for wet fun and we've been impressed. We used to use a medical waterproof blanket but it didn't feel very sexy. This works way better and its handled every bit of liquid we've tossed at it. Wife made me test it out beforehand so we didn't ruin the expensive bedding and I put 4 gallons on it and it still didn't leak through. Were both really impressed." - J.
  • "The blanket makes a little bit of a crinkle noise when you're moving around on it, but it's nothing as long as the old medical waterproof blanket we had. This feels so much more sensual than all of the options we've tried." - M.K.
  • "It is an attractive blanket and excellent absorbent covering for sex. It washes well and the buying experience was easy!" - D.R.
  • "Fabric is superb, comfortable doesn’t hold heat. Comfortable for play or sleep. Unless you’d a gusher a quick wipe will clean up. Launders well." - P.H.

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Make Your Go-To Couple's Vibe More Portable: Magic Wand Mini

All of the various Vibratex Magic Wands laying out. This allows a comparison of the different sizes of the wands. The smallest, the Mini, can be seen in the front and is noticeably smaller. | Kinkly Shop

Everything you love about the Magic Wand - but in a smaller size!

  • Top intensity at an incredible 6,000RPM!
  • Rechargeable design means freedom to play anywhere you want
  • Two and a half hours of playtime to support your marathon sessions
  • Plushy silicone head feels fantastic against the skin
  • 3 vibration intensities easily controlled by the push-button control panel

Customers are saying:

  • "My wife and I love the Magic Wand mini, it’s the perfect size and weight, very simple easy to use controls, and of course I love that it’s rechargeable. The only negative for us is that my wife is very sensitive and even on the lowest setting it can be almost too much for her. But I would highly recommend this product." - L.
  • "The size is SO much easier to handle than the full-sized Magic Wand versions. As some of the full-sized versions are about a pound and a half, this feels downright featherlight. It fits between my partner and I's bodies better during sex, and it just feels more reasonable. It doesn't "feel" as much like putting a powertool between my legs because the handle doesn't extend up to my chest. I'm in love with how much more seamless and fluid handling it feels. " M.K.
  • "A new magic wand in half the size? Yes please! This wonderful wand is so much smaller and easier to use. I advise everyone go out and get one right away! The only downside is there are no attachments for it like there are for the larger one. The vibrations are a little broad so it can be less accurate when you want specificity." - D.J.
  • "If you plan on primarily using your Magic Wand between close bodies in intercourse positions, I'd recommend the Magic Wand Mini—unless you're 100% sure you need the full power of the full-sized counterparts. On that note, the Magic Wand Mini feels ridiculously lightweight compared to the full-sized wands; so if grip strength and sex fatigue tends to be on your mind, I'd probably lean towards the Magic Wand Mini as well." - Mistress Kay

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To Try a Type of Sex You've Never Had Before: Balldo

The Balldo in Steel Grey is shown being used on the testicles of a clear dildo. The image shows how the Balldo works - which is by wrapping around the testicles while simultaneously leaving space for the testicles to receive pleasure during penetration. | Kinkly Shop

Revolutionary toy that makes penetration possible with the balls!

  • Only toy on the market designed for ball sex and ballgasm
  • Leaves the ultra-sensitive skin of the balls to rub against your partner
  • Tapered tip allows for gentle, gradual sensations for the receiver
  • Customizable with the included spacer rings for a perfect fit
  • No erection required: ready to play anytime!

Customers are saying:

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For Bringing Sparks Back to Foreplay: Kinklab Neon Wand

Kinklab Neon Wand - Kinkly Shop

Ultra-simple design makes electrosex easy to explore!

  • Plug-and-play design makes electrosex very easy to explore
  • Neon Wand handles like a wizard's wand - just grip it in your hands!
  • Incremental dial at the base lets sensations go from sultry smoothness to an intense sting
  • External-only estim can be dragged along most places on the body
  • 10-page instruction manual included
  • 4 included electrodes instantly swap up sensations - with more accessories available to try
  • Explore a myriad of sensations with 8 Violet Wand Sensations You Need to Try

Customers are saying:

  • "I can't imagine a better intro to electrostimulation. We're not concerned about hurting one another, and it's so easy to stop the electricity if things get intense. Plus, it's really neat, and it makes her moan constantly. She especially loves how it looks in the dark - like her own personal light show (or so she says). I was worried there'd be a big learning curve or I'd look stupid, but this has been great." - J.
  • "The wand is a fun new addition to our playtime. We have been experimenting with it and love it. It’s easy to use. I would definitely recommend" - L.M.
  • "The NeonWand package has everything required to get yourself started with ElectroErotic play and the website has very good tutorials and safety information available. You may be able to piece together a similar kit for less money but Kinkly makes it easy and convenient with a well packaged system." - T.S.
  • "The neon wand is interesting slightly different sensations with different attachments. What is inclosed is mild to moderate with the co from dial. If you want wild try the whip or capacitor attachments. Well made. Easy to change attachments." - J.M.

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For Making Anal Sex Easier: Odile

GIF shows the Odile Discovery slowly going from its smallest diameter to its largest diameter as the key at the base of the anal dilator is turned. The text reads "from a finger tip size...ideal for butt opening" | Kinkly Shop

Odile is an all-in-one toy that makes it easier for couples to work up to anal intercourse.

  • Key at the base twists to slowly expand the shaft of the toy.
  • Slip the Odile inside before anal sex and slowly, a bit at a time, twist the key to comfortably ready the body for the size of a penis or dildo.
  • Millimeter by millimeter, you're both always control of the size. No surprising jumps between toy diameters.
  • Available with a very tapered tip for first-time anal players (the Discovery) or in the Absolute for people with some anal experience.

Customers are saying:

  • "Really amazing, it’s so nice to be able to change the size smoothly. I am getting addicted and use it all the time now, best invest so far!" - L.
  • "Really innovative and high quality made. It took me a minute to get the hang of it, but it's really efficient." E.H.
  • "Love the little stick-out parts. That makes the Odile way easier to grip. Really cool how it opens up with turns of the base. I thought it would be harder to use, but it's super simple. Just insert, twist, and enjoy the size you want. " - M.K.
  • "Sometimes if you are otherwise engaged with the other hole at the same time. The expansion of the device is hard to do. I also think maybe a vibrator should have been added to it for more pleasure. The hand crank is kind of awkward at times. Other than that I love the product" - T.B.
  • "There are some downsides, but it depends on how you like to use your anal toys. If you're looking for the most effective way to gently warm-up your body, the Odile's reliably constant shaft size and expandable thickness make it a perfect buddy. It just won't function as a butt plug - and you might find yourself limited in what sex positions you can use it in. If you're looking for a hands-free option to stretch your butt and willing to sacrifice efficacy, though, the Odile might not be a good fit." - Mistress Kay

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Eliminate Too-Deep Penetration Pain: OhNut

The OhNut Penetration Buffer rings wrapped around a glass cylinder. This shows how the rings can work on a penis - without showing a penis. | Kinkly Shop

These simple rings ensure too-deep penetration isn't possible

  • Super-stretchy rings can be placed anywhere on the penis to ensure penetration doesn't go any deeper than you want it to.
  • Use one ring - or stack up to four rings - to perfectly customize the depth that's comfortable for the two of you
  • Rings provide no restriction to the wearer; wear them anywhere on the shaft without changing sensations!
  • Available in a Standard and Wide size to fit all penis thicknesses

Customers are saying:

  • "The OhNuts are a literal game-changer. They're safe for use on dildos - along with human penises - so the use for them doesn't end if you and your partner are a perfect penetration fit with your bio parts. They can drastically change how deep something penetrates - and that's their entire purpose. Anal sex, vaginal sex, pegging: all of it can be made better by the OhNuts. " - Mistress Kay

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Try Different Penetration Sizes: Perfect Fit XPlay Breeder

Perfect Fit XPlay Breeder | Kinkly Shop

Plushy material instantly adds girth without removing sensation

  • Unique penis extender design leaves the tip of the penis available
  • Plushy silaskin material makes penetration feel thicker for the receiver
  • Internal texturing ensures it all feels even-more amazing for the wearer
  • Anchors around the testicles for a secure fit that stays in place

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Explore the Possibility of Anal Sex: b-Vibe Anal Training Set

Go from anal-newbie all the way to orgasmic anal sex!

  • Kit makes anal sex orgasmic with multiple toys that gradually prep the body for anal
  • Includes (almost) everything you both need for anal play including a lube shooter, enema bulb, three b-Vibe butt plugs, storage bag, and guide to anal play.
  • Each one of the 3 plugs has different features to let you explore new sensations and figure out what you'd like for future toys
  • Included comprehensive booklet answers your anal questions and specifically focuses on the toys within the kit

Customers are saying:

  • "[...]this kit had everything I needed. The small plug was smaller than expected, but I loved how each plug had different stuff built in. Now I know I'm nto really fond of vibes but i really love weighted stuff. I used one every week for a couple of months and when the night came, he slid in really easy. Exactly what I wanted! (And on the big night, I gave him the included anal guide to help him make it good for my first time. We loved it!)" - A.
  • "The variety and simplicity of this kit gives pure pleasure while allowing as little (or as much) pain as one could want!" - Anonymous

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Check Pegging off the Bucket List: Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-on

Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On

Double-sided dildo ensures both partners share in the orgasmic sensations while pegging

  • Best-selling strapless strap-on dildo on Kinkly Shop!
  • Winner of Reddot Award in 2019
  • Three vibration motors for vibrations exactly where you want them (g-spot insertable end, lip of the clitoral ridge, tip of the dildo)
  • Bendable shape to perfectly fit the wearer's body
  • Wireless remote-control to independently control all of the functions without interrupting play

Customers are saying:

  • "This area of play has been something new for my wife and I. Experimenting with various toys, then coming to find this little piece of heaven. The amount of stimulation coming from the various points on this toy is incredible. All I can say is you will not be disappointed! On either end or in the middle, completely unbelievable. The one thing I would have liked to have had on there is maybe a little more reaches and texture to the shaft. Pretty smooth on moving in and out, but the vibrations make up for it." - G.
  • "Honestly, the Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On dildo is what strapless strap-on dildos should have been when they were released. This is seriously a pegging game-changer. " - Mistress Kay
  • "What a great product, a little challenging to use the first time or two, getting the strap-on to fit right, and the bend inside correct, and the best position, turns out to be me sitting on her, but once you get it right, wow, best p-spot orgasm I have ever had. And the best part she orgasmed at the exact same time. Now to fine tune the experience. Can't wait for more practice." - D.P.
  • "This is the first time I can genuinely say that while pegging we were both able to cum. Usually, this act is more for the recipient but the extra vibrations were enough to send her over the edge as well. " - S.
  • "I'd honestly give this 10 stars out of 5 if I could." - M.K.

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Upgrade The Toys You Already Own: Liberator BonBon

A couple, kneeling, embraces. One partner is straddling the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount which shows a sex toy inserted into the BonBon. If the toy was slipped into the person, this couple could be embracing and enjoying each other's bodies while a toy was inside one of them, completely hands-free. | Kinkly Shop

Hold your favorite vibrators and dildos in place for hands-free fun

  • Innovative pocket at the top of the BonBon grips the base of most vibrators/dildos to hold them in place
  • High-density, supportive foam makes for a supportive "seat" to ride your favorite toys
  • Moisture-resistant interior liner protects the BonBon - and lets you go wild
  • Machine-washable cover makes for easy clean-up after your satisfying fun
  • Can be used as a "standard" sex furniture bolster at any point with its sturdy shape

Customers are saying:

  • "After trying pegging and me liking it but my wife not really liking it, we thought this would be a good option. The first time I used it I had an intense orgasm that was like none I've ever felt before. The toy stays put, this handles me (I'm 6 feet and about 255 lbs) and does not get crushed. Easy clean up, cover comes off if needed, and it holds a variety of different sized toys easily as long as there is a flared base of some kind. My wife likes to watch and wants to watch again so that's a plus and something we didn't expect." - W.N.
  • "Squeezing my knees around the Bon Bon keeps it in place along with the weight of my body, so I get to enjoy my toys without using my hands. It also leaves my clit totally open for wand massagers or other pleasure, so I can easily use a dildo or internal vibe while also getting pleasure externally at the same time. " - M.K.
  • "Works great for solo play for riding/pegging although I find it a bit high to get started if you have short legs. Way more comfortable than sticking toy on floor or wall, legs and feet hold it in place very well for some great riding pleasure. " - R.
  • "Her finally able to experience a DP with just the 2 of us… me to receive strap-on play while making love to my wife….. God, what an orgasm!!! We both love this new addition to our toy box! My only complaint is it is a bit high but a recent purchase of a queening throne may help resolve this…." - J.L.

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Toy You Can Both Share: Wild Flower Enby 2

A GIF shows the Wild Flower Enby 2 curling up then laying back flat. | Kinkly Shop

Innovative, unique design pleasures all body configurations

Customers are saying:

  • "I was looking for a vibrator to wear while pegging and the idea of something flat was incredibly exciting! I might just have to get used to the Enby more, but it's a bit cumbersome and the core of the vibrations aren't quite in the right place for wearing it like that, despite it being marketed for such use." - H.
  • "The Enby 2 fits seamlessly into our sex life for a variety of activities in a way that most sex toys can't. It flits between strap-on sex, partnered dry humping, penis stroking, hands-free foreplay, and handheld vibrations in a way that (quite literally) no other body safe sex toy can do. It means we don't have to carry multiple toys to the bed for chill sex sessions, and when we're just there to explore one another's bodies, the Enby 2 lets us do that in a way that adds more pleasure. " - Mistress Kay
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Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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