6 Steps to Choosing Sex Furniture

Published: DECEMBER 5, 2014 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Sex furniture makes all kinds of kinky comfortable. What more do you need to know? Get some!

Let's just assume that you and your partner have been enjoying your sexual experimentations for a while (you're a Kinkly reader after all!), but maybe you've gotten to the point where you think it might be time to try something even better. There are tons of items on the market, but if learning new sex positions is what you're after, sex furniture is your best bet. It makes kinky comfortable - and safe. What that means is that you can get into all kinds of positions - and still get out of bed the next morning.


Why Use Sex Furniture?

Most people try using pillows or other household objects for better positions and are frustrated to find that it doesn't quite do the trick. As a result, many people write off sex furniture. I'm here to tell you: don't!
Pillows aren't made to hold your full body weight; sex furniture is especially designed for that. Many types are even rated for use by plus-size bodies. No one is left out. Using sex furniture can be an intensely rewarding experience that allows you and your partner to enjoy more pleasurable angles, new positions, and the journey into different sensations.

When you first begin to look at sex furniture, you might feel extremely overwhelmed. After all, there are a ton of options. If you've never purchased it before, it can seem like too much to handle. Don't worry: this article will help you with that. Just follow these six steps for what could be the most pleasurable, comfortable sex you've ever had.

Step 1: Pick Your Positions

The first step to picking the perfect sex furniture is to figure out what sex positions you want to achieve. This will give you a better idea of what shapes might work for you. Some furniture is designed for better angles during doggy style, while other types are designed to lift the hips during missionary position for better G-spot stimulation. Yet others are designed to help support the knees during woman-on-top positions. Understand what position you want to achieve and imagine what "shape" would help you achieve that. Look for a shape that matches your imagination.


Step 2: Decide on Discretion

Will you need to hide your sex furniture when other people are around? If so, you'll want something that's discreet enough to pass off as regular furniture or something that's small enough to hide under the bed or in the closet. Make sure to take into account whether or not you'll be able to keep your furniture hidden if needed. Some companies create furniture especially designed to look like decorative pillows or footrests.

Step 3: Size Matters

Sex furniture comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, some sex furniture may be made in "plus-size" or "short" varieties to provide a better experience regardless of body size. If you have a body concern (such as height or weight), make sure to take measurements of yourself and the shape of the furniture before purchase. This helps you ensure that it will be wide or tall enough for your needs. Remember that body weight and placement may change when lying down versus standing up.

Step 4: Choose Something That Can Take a Beating

While inflatable sex furniture exists and it makes for extremely discreet storage, it's not very durable. Inflatable furniture may be cheaper, but it may not last as long as other sex furniture materials. Inflatable toys may not hold up to rough sex either. While inflatable furniture might be a great choice for some people, foam-core furniture may hold up over the longer term. It'll also be way more supportive and comfortable.


Liberator's Esse provides 360 degrees of positions and angles that create unlimited opportunities for creativity. The supportive foam holds its shape and keeps you elevated, and the soft cover is removable for easy washing. While it has fantastic positioning for oral play, the show stopper is doggy, where you can take stress off your arms and legs while getting deeper penetration and more sensation. Really, you will wonder why you ever thought having sex on a flax bed was a good idea! Check it out here.

Step 5: Contemplate Stacking

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, look for stackable sex furniture. This mix-and-match sex furniture can help ensure that you always get the best angle. These shapes are made with no-slip material, allowing you to stack and change up their shape for sexy, creative fun. It's like an adult playground! (Learn more about this in Redhead Bedhead's review of the Liberator Lift, Ramp and Wedge - and a Game she Call "Tetris Sex".)

Step 6: Consider Cleaning

Sex is messy, which means that good sex furniture should be easy to clean. Some sex furniture can be wiped down after use. Others have zip-off liners that can be tossed into the washer for simple cleaning. If you have a preferred method of cleaning, make sure that your potential sex furniture works for you.


As you start to look through your options using these suggestions, you'll find that your list of choices begins to narrow. This is a good thing! You'll have a good idea about what sex furniture works for the needs and bodies of both you and your partner. Pick up a piece or two. Then get comfortable, get creative and have fun getting into new sex positions.
This article is brought to you by Liberator, a company dedicated to comfort, fun ... and a little kink.

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