5 Mirror Sex Positions to Kick Off Your Playdate

by Kinkly
Published: AUGUST 8, 2016 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Mirrors can add a new dimension of fun to your sex life! Enjoy the view!

As if #SexSelfies weren’t enough, having had the chance to see shots of you and your playmate in action might just have sparked all kinds of dirty thoughts that will undoubtedly lead to the need to do one thing: actually see yourself in action.


But wait - this date night doesn’t involve a camera of any sort. All you’re going to need is a full-length mirror and a comfortable surface to get you started.

Here are five great sex positions for using a mirror to watch yourself in action. Note that these positions are designed for anal sex between two male partners. If that isn't you, feel free to adapt these to suit your own needs - or check out this piece for some other ideas just for hetero couples.

Canadian Bacon Air

The Canadian Bacon Air position is a tasty fix for both playmates. Your visual stimulation is completely heightened by using a mirror while watching you and your partner get into some sexy new angles!


The Follow Through

The Follow Through sex position provides deep penetration - and a great opportunity for both partners to watch themselves in the act. Because both partners are facing the same way, this sexy position is extra hot when it happens in front of a mirror. You can get the perfect view of every sweat-dripping thrust!

The Backdoor

The Backdoor sex position is as sexy as it is simple. This is a classic position to thrust it out to in front of a mirror. Watch every bit of yourself in action - the way it was meant to be!

The Clean and Jerk

The Clean and Jerk sex position is ambitious and involves some serious lifting for the partner on the bottom, but it does provide a great view! Spreading those legs in front of the mirror will make for one hell of a view!!


End Around

The End Around position can be awkward, but it packs a serious physical - and visual - punch. This position offers an intriguing piece of visual sexual imagery in front of the mirror. But it is designed for those with some athleticism and experience. Just don't lose concentration!


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