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6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies

Published: SEPTEMBER 5, 2023 | Updated: JUNE 7, 2024
Sex is sexy at any size, but some positions work better than others. These plus-size sex positions offer plus-size pleasure!

Despite what you may have been led to believe, sex is sexy at any size. When you flip through a sex positions book, though, you may find yourself feeling a bit disappointed. Not only is a thicker body rarely ever used as an example, but quite a few sex positions are (literally) impossible if there are squishy tummies or big bums competing for space.


And that's just no fun. Feeling like YOUR body isn't functional with most of the sex positions is the opposite of sexy. I know; I've been there.

On the bright side, quite a few of the sex positions here on the Kinkly Sex Position database are pretty fantastic for thicker bodies - and a lot of the sex positions are reviewed by sex experts for accessibility and modification suggestions too. Sex for is EVERY body - including that amazingly hot body you're in right now!

Want a shortcut to some great options to try? Let me share some of my favorite sex positions that offer deep, intimate penetration for people with larger frames.


Note: To work for anyone of any gender identification, the words "penetrative partner" and "receptive partner" are used to generally describe the giver and receiver of the intercourse position. Whether you're giving with a factory-installed or aftermarket penis, a strap-on harness, or anything else, you can still make quite a few of these sex positions work for you!

Deep Impact Position

Since both partners' tummies have an ample amount of breathing space, this can be a fantastic position that allows for deeper penetration for thicker bodies.

Deep Impact Sex Position - Receiving partner is using a sex wedge while penetrating partner stands in front of her

How To Do It: Set a Liberator Ramp up at the edge of the bed. The receiving partner then lies on their side on top of the Ramp. The penetrating partner steps in, straddling the receiving partner's bottom-most leg. The receiving partner then picks up their top leg and places it anywhere that's comfortable on the receiver. (The Liberator Ramp is also available in a Plus Size version if you prefer more space to play on!)


Partners Well With: Cock rings or other body-safe sex toys like wand massagers. Since both partners have their hands free, this position can be particularly great for adding in sex toys.

Modifications: This sex position requires a bit of leg flexibility on the part of the receiver. If the receiver's leg doesn't comfortably go over their partner's arm, consider scooting back towards the edge of the Liberator Ramp, then placing that knee onto the shape in front of you. Depending on your flooring, you may also find that the receiver tends to slip from their perch on the Ramp. Make sure your flooring choice is as sturdy as possible. If you're finding yourself a bit short on space, consider using a Plus Ramp instead; it's the exact same Ramp - except 6" of additional width for more playroom.

Legs of Glory Position

Legs of Glory Sex Position - receiving partner is face down using a sex wedge while the penetration partner penetrates from behind.

Perfect as a from-behind position, the Legs of Glory position is a creative spin off of Doggy Style. Not only does this leave the receptive partner lying flat (which reduces any knee pain or difficulty supporting body weight), but it uses a Liberator Wedge in order to elevate the receiver's hips for easier access. Legs of Glory can be particularly fantastic for a receiver with a big booty since the Liberator Wedge elevates the hips in a way that allows for easier access.


How to Do It: Place a Liberator Wedge along the edge of a bed or furniture piece that's about hip height for the penetrating partner. The receiving partner stands against the edge of the bed and lowers the upper half of their body onto the bed. The penetrating partner then comes from behind and gently lifts their partner's legs off of the ground. Finally, the penetrating partner should use their upper body strength to support the weight of the receiving partner's legs while sliding into their partner. To make this easier, the receiving partner should bend their legs - which reduces the lever arm of the weight of their legs.

Partners Well With: Hands-free toys with blended orgasm potential. Since the receiver's body weight may make it difficult to use a sex toy and the penetrator's hands are busy holding up the receiver's lower body, any sex toys added to this position will work best if they're hands-free. Luckily, there are a lot of those! Consider adding a butt plug or a vibrating egg to add additional pleasure for the receiver. If you want to get extra creative, there's nothing stopping you from adding some nipple clamps to the penetrating partner as well!

Modifications: While it changes the angle of the position a bit, if either partner has difficulty with holding the weight of the receiver's legs, this entire sex position can be moved onto the middle of a bed.


Missionary - But Better - Position

OK, OK, I know it's standard, but hear me out: Missionary position totally has a place in your sex life. It's relatable, it's easy to get into, and it's something you can rely on for pleasure even when the two of you aren't feeling like sexual superheroes. Everyone needs a standard sex position like that!

Making it even better, using some Liberator sex furniture for Missionary can drastically increase pleasure for the receiver. It turns it into the Marc Anthony position! With something as simple as a tilt of the receiver's hips, the g-spot or p-spot can be much easier to hit during intercourse. That's all it takes - a little tilt!

Get that tilt with the help of some sex furniture. This sex position is shown with the Liberator Hipster. Its sloping curves offer multiple angle options to offer an entire shape that's full of sexual possibilities. For this position, though, we're using its elevating surface - and sloped edge - to better hit those internal spots while making missionary still seem new and adventurous!


How to Do It: Place the Liberator Hipster in the middle of the bed. The receiving partner should lie down on the Liberator Hipster with their hips hanging at the edge of the taller end of the Hipster. The penetrating partner then kneels between their partner's thighs to slide inside. Consider a pillow for the receiver for comfort if need be.

Partners Well With: Bondage! If you're into some kink, the Liberator Black Label Hipster adds four bondage points right on the Hipster itself. You can restrain the ankles or wrists of the receiver - or get creative and add some penetrating partner restraints in there too.

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Modifications: Depending on where your body keeps your squish, you might find the curves of the Liberator Hipster to be an odd fit for you. If you think that's the case, this same position (and these same g-spot/p-spot-boosting angles!) can be found by using the Liberator Wedge to elevate the hips too! If both you and your partner have large tummies, swapping with the Liberator Wedge may also give you both more breathing room during this position.

Oh! And if you're looking to enjoy anal intercourse with this position, the receiver will likely need to lift their legs into the air to make the butt accessible. If holding them in the air is a strain, consider the Sportsheets Sex Sling to make it more comfortable for the receiver.

Over the Wedge Position

Over the Wedge Sex Position

By using the simple power of this slender sex wedge, you change the entire feel of a partner-on-top sex position. Since the Liberator Wedge elevates the penetrating partner's thighs, it changes the sitting angle for the receiving partner, which can slide the body into an oh-so-delicious spot for internal pleasure.

How to Do It: Place a Liberator Wedge in the middle of the bed. The penetrating partner lies down flat with the underside of their knees resting on the tallest spot on the Liberator Wedge. The Wedge's declining angle should point towards the penetrating partner's butt. Now that the penetrating partner is flat, the receiving partner climbs on top. With the created angles, you're going to find g-spot and p-spot stimulation better if both partners can make eye contact, but if the receiving partner faces the feet, that's OK too!

Partners Well With: Clitoral vibrators and penis vibrators (like the Satisfyer Men Wand) to pleasure the receiver. Since the penetrating partner has both hands free (and is at the perfect angle to make the magic happen!), adding in some additional pleasure for the receiver with body-safe sex toys can be a great fit here. Penis strokers, like the Tenga Spinner can be brought in to add some variety to straight penetration.

Modifications: Depending on the receiver's knees, you may choose to kneel (as shown) or squat up on the balls of the feet. Most people find kneeling to be more comfortable, but it's really what works best for your body!

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Mesmerthighs Position

Mesmerthighs sex position

A bit of a non-standard sex position for sure, but I think Mesmerthighs can be a great fit for quite a few couples - especially those who may have accessibility issues or just want to try something new! Remember those days of hot make-out sessions and lots of grinding? Think of this just like that - only with additional pleasure!

By moving the pleasure to a thigh harness and dildo, you open up quite a few options:

  • The receiver can choose their perfect dildo design. This means you can get some really great sensations that may not be otherwise possible. (Like a dildo that swirls!)
  • If the penetrating partner has a penis that needs to fill with blood in order to penetrate, this can take all of the "performance" pressure off of the penetrating partner. It's pleasure that's always on demand!
  • Intercourse can go on as long as you both want it to; there's no time limit based upon ejaculation.
  • Moving penetration off of the hips means more space between the two of you! If you both were having issues finding the perfect angle with genitals conjoined, this can make a better fit.
  • Since there's a bit more space between the two of you, it's much easier for the penetrating partner to watch (and enjoy!) the receiving partner's expressions. You won't go cross-eyed trying to see your lover.
  • It's much less tiring to move a thigh instead of the entire hip area. A lot of people are also able to get more power behind thigh thrusting compared to hip thrusting. Depending on your body's needs and limitations, this may also work better for your body.
  • If the penetrating partner's hips are particularly wide, the receiving partner may not be able to straddle them. Moving the pleasure to the thigh offers a much smaller width to straddle.
  • If the two partners have a large weight differential, this can also be great. Since there's more room around a thigh, less weight will likely get rested directly on top of the penetrating partner because the receiver can put more of their body on the bed. This can make things more comfortable if the penetrating partner is much smaller than the receiving partner.
  • For those into strap-on sex, especially if a hip harness doesn't fit well, a thigh harness can be a pleasurable alternative!

As you can see, the benefits for a thigh harness and dildo are pretty much endless. Considering thigh harnesses are so affordable nowadays, it can be totally worth picking one up as an additional way to explore pleasure together. Think of it like mutual masturbation - only it's really, really interactive!

How to Do It: Discuss which dildo would be best for using with a thigh harness. After you find your fave, slide it into the thigh harness. Slide the thigh harness up the thigh and get it snugly into position. The harness wearer should then lie down flat on the bed. The receiving partner climbs on top to straddle the thigh with the harness, and slides onto the dildo. The penetrating partner should experiment with leg positions (including bending the knee to put the foot flat on the bed), and the receiving partner should experiment with leaning forwards and backwards to find the best angle. Since both partners' hands are free, this can also be a great time to touch one another.

Partners Well With: Sportsheets Thigh Strap-On Harness and your favorite dildo! Since the position also leaves the hands open for experimentation, this also can be a stellar sex position for using sex toys on one another. You're close enough - but not too close - that you can easily reach one another to pleasure each other. Or maybe you prefer a hot make-out session. Either way, it's doable!

Modifications: I highly recommend wearing the thigh harness as far up your thigh as possible. At the very least, keep it away from the knee. Knees tend to be one of the weaker areas of the body, and it's likely that bodyweight bouncing on top of the knee won't feel great.

As another fun note, your thigh harness can likely wrap around some of your favorite pillows too. You can instantly turn a fluffy pillow into a rideable dildo - like the Liberator Humphrey. Whether using it for solo fun or for a new way to share pleasure with a partner, that can be a huge win!

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Stand and Deliver Position

Designed for sex anywhere and anytime, the Stand and Deliver position challenges the two of you to look around your home and consider any surface possible for a romp. The surface needs to be long enough to allow the receiver's entire upper body to relax - but also sturdy enough that it can support a lot of bodyweight and movement. Plus, it needs to be about hip height for the penetrating partner!

If you're like me and can't think of any large, wide surfaces in your home that support enough weight to do this position, the easy workaround is the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. Stacked together, this combo provides an easy "shelf" that can be stacked on top of your body to make this position possible. The shapes' non-slip grip against one another keeps everything in place to ensure you both can relax into the position. I call that a win-win!

How to Do It: The receiving partner should lie down on the surface then pull their legs into the air. The penetrating partner then steps up to the receiving partner, placing their hips against their partner's for intercourse. The receiving partner can rest their legs on the penetrating partner's shoulders. While this can be done with furniture around your home, the position is shown with the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo (which is available in Plus size Sex Furniture too!)

Pairs Well With: Black Label Shapes. If you're into a bit of bondage with your sex, the Black Label version of the Wedge adds bondage points to include some kinky restraints and impact play fun. Since this position leaves all of your hands open for additional pleasure, this can also be a great position for a penis pleasurer or a powerful vibrator for the receiving partner. Why not add some extra sensations?

Modifications: Depending on the length of the penetrating partner's upper thighs and their ability to put all of their weight on their knees, you may need to move the Stand and Deliver position to the edge of the bed. Just take your whole set up to the edge of the bed - and the penetrating partner can now stand to get a different height to match up with what's needed.

Do I Need the Plus Size Liberator Shapes?

If some of those positions have really sparked your interest, you're probably pretty excited to look into a Liberator sex shape of your own. (Honestly, I highly recommend them, and my Wedge is one of my absolute favorite ways to make intercourse more pleasurable for me!)

However, you might be confused as to whether your body requires the Plus shapes or not. The Plus Liberator versions offer 6 more inches of width on the shape. Otherwise, the shape is exactly the same with the same angle, the same high-density foam, and the same fabrics.

The non-Plus Wedge and Ramp shapes are 24" in width. The Plus versions are 30" in width.

You may also choose to use weight as a deciding factor for whether Plus versions are necessary for you. While Liberator sex shapes have no weight limit, and it's impossible to break them or hurt them by overloading them with weight, higher weights compress the high-density foam a bit more. More foam, however, gives you a little bit extra support to reduce the compression a slight bit.

So, the two big things to consider:

What is the body width of the person who will primarily be laying down on the sex shape? This one requires a bit of measurement. Even if you have an 80" hip, your weight probably doesn't perfectly fall to the sides when you lay down - so that may only translate to a 31" width while laying down. So, lay down, measure out how wide your body is, and use that measurement to decide whether you want the Plus or non-Plus.

You may also want to consider weight. My standard Liberator Wedge has held up 450 pounds with minimal compression (honestly, I think it's magic of some sort). But if you're hoping to put both of your body weights onto a shape or think you may want to put more than 600 pounds onto your shapes at once, consider the Plus versions for added space and extra high-density foam to fall in love with.

Think Plus shapes are for you? Check out your options:

Have a Great Time!

Above all, have a great time. If positions don't work for you and your body, modify them! If those modified versions still aren't great, toss them in the trash and do something else!

Sex is all about having a great time, feeling the pleasure throughout your body, and connecting with yourself and someone you may possibly care about. Even if that love is self-lovin', it's still all about connecting with someone you care about. ;) Have a great time on your sex position journey.

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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