Mesmerthighs Sex Position

Published: JUNE 17, 2022

The Mesmerthighs uses a strap-on harness in a completely new location (the thigh!) to take advantage of all of the benefits this new area can offer. From easy access between the penetrating partner's thighs to equalize pleasure to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, the Mesmerthighs position is a take on strap-on sex you may not have thought about.

mesmerthighs sex position - the giver lays down while wearing a strapon dildo on one of their thighs enabling the receiver to straddle them

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner lies down flat on their back on a comfortable surface. Most couples will find it most comfortable to equip the thigh harness - and the dildo - onto the thigh before laying down. The receiving partner then straddles the penetrating partner's thigh and can slip the dildo inside of themselves.

More About Mesmerthighs Sex Position

While not as commonly considered as a strap-on harness around the hips, a strap-on harness on the thighs offers a lot of great benefits.

For one, especially if the harness wearer owns a vulva, the hip movement required for penetration with a thigh harness might feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Most people are much more familiar with moving their legs and thighs which can make for a more comfortable experience - and more leverage and power for thrusting.

For another, especially for larger bodied individuals, the receiving partner may be unable to straddle the penetrating partner's hips. If that's the case, moving the strap-on harness to a smaller area (like the thigh in Mesmerthighs) allows for easier and more comfortable straddling.

A thigh strap-on harness also moves all of the body weight and movement away from the vulva or penis area. Especially for those sensitive to pubic bruising or testicle pain during strap-on sex, moving all of the action away from those areas reducing the discomfort of strap-on sex - and allows for just the pleasure!

Finally, the Mesmerthighs position leaves all of the genitals of the penetrating partner open for business and easy to access. If this is something you're both comfortable with, the riding partner can easily see (and touch!) the penetrating partner's genitals to provide pleasure - and the penetrating partner's hands are free to do it themselves if they'd like as well. With the space available, almost all sex toys can be used on either partner including powerful options like wand massagers, penis vibrators, or air suction toys.

This can help both partners achieve the powerful orgasms they want - and can even be a great sex position to help achieve simultaneous orgasms (if you're into that!)

While the Mesmerthighs sex position is great in itself, one of the benefits of using a thigh strap-on harness is the ability to see more of the action. To easily add that into the Mesmerthighs position, have the penetrating partner sit up - or prop pillows or sex furniture underneath their upper body in order to make it easier to watch the action.

With the strap-on harness worn around the thighs, the Mesmerthighs position lends itself well to couples of any size. The additional space between bodies makes it comfortable for larger bodies to get into this position, and the simple, familiar "partner on top" configuration of this position makes it accessible for many couples. As the penetrating partner is laying down, this differences in height don't matter - which can make this extremely accessible for pegging couples where the receiver may be taller. This sex position can also be a great fit for third trimester pregnancies where a larger belly may make other on-top positions difficult.

The only limiting factor here may be the availability of thigh harness sizes. While the industry is slowly expanding, options for very large thighs are still hard to come by. The Sportsheets Dual Penetration Thigh Harness goes up to a 32" thigh while the Sportsheets Thigh Strap On goes up to a 22" thigh. Whether you're on a tight budget or simply can't find a dildo harness in your size, there's also a simple way to tie a dildo thigh harness with rope bondage as well.

Selection of the dildo for the Mesmerthighs can be important. As penetration may be deeper than in other strap-on sex positions, make sure to select a dildo that doesn't press too deeply into the receiver. Penis limiters - like the OhNut - may help reduce depth if the dildo is too long, but with the full receiver's body weight pressing down, it won't be as helpful as in other positions.

On the bright side, since you're using a strap-on harness, it's simple to swap out the dildos if you find out your current option is too long; simply pull out the current dildo and push in a new one!



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