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6 Reasons Why Masturbation Isn’t Just Fun for One

Published: MAY 9, 2018 | Updated: MAY 6, 2022
Masturbation can be just as fun for couples as it can be by yourself!

Masturbation is definitely on your play list. You grab the vibrator or the dildo and have a good time whether because you're completely alone or single. But have you ever given any thought to masturbating with your partner?


Not only is it extremely erotic, but you can also learn something about what gets your partner off. Here are the six reasons why masturbation is fun for both of you to do together!

Learn What Your Partner Likes

If you're not too caught up in the moment of finding your own pleasure (no judgement here), take a quick peek at how your partner touches their body. Do they stroke their chest, cup their breasts, or glide their fingers over their skin in a specific way? File that information for the next time.

Show Your Partner What Works for You

Think about it: If you're learning from your partner, this is also your opportunity to teach them what you like. As hard as it may be, if this is your first time masturbating with someone, don't hold back. Do what you like, and make sure your partner pays attention.


Orgasming Together Is Never a Bad Thing

For many women, orgasms by penetration just don't happen. A good partner wants you to get off too. When you masturbate together, you're (often) guaranteed at least one orgasm together. If you're the type who takes a while to warm up before climax, don't feel pressured to orgasm. Savor the "teaching moment" and take your time.

You Have a New Reason to Pull Out Your Favorite Toys

Maybe you like a sleek wand vibrator, and your partner prefers a glass dildo. Well, when you masturbate together, you can break out your own favorite toy and enjoy. Plus, you'll gain even more insight into what gets your partner off.

Experience a New Level of Intimacy

Masturbation is often a personal, private thing we do when we're alone. Once you invite someone into your space to watch you touch yourself, while you watch them, you're guaranteed an intimate experience. You're each witnessing the other's personal pleasure. What could be more intimate than that?


It's Hot as Hell

If you've ever drooled over erotic imagery online, read an erotic scene in a book or blog, watched porn, and then gave yourself a good orgasm, you know how hot voyeurism can be. Think of masturbating together as your own live, in-person erotic porn. Better yet, you don't have to pay for it or hide it from nosy people looking over your shoulder.

Contrary to popular opinion, masturbation isn't something you have to do alone or because you're not getting good sex. Couples who masturbate together learn how best to pleasure their partners and can grow closer from the added intimacy. Masturbation doesn't have to be fun for one.

Kayla Lords

Professional writer, sex blogger, erotic author, sexual submissive, and kinkster, Kayla writes more than is probably healthy over at A Sexual Being and overshares about the kinky and mundane side of her BDSM relationship. Her mission: to make BDSM, specifically Dominance and submission, less scary, less weird, and much more real and attainable for anyone willing to learn more.

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