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The Best Sex Blankets for Quicker and Easier Post-Sex Cleanup

Published: JUNE 20, 2024 | Updated: JULY 8, 2024
Sex blankets that let you get wet and wild without the mess.

Depending on what sexual activities you engage in, the scene afterward can be pretty messy. Semen, squirt, lube, oils, saliva, and even blood can leave your bedroom, couch, or other furniture quite messy. Even if you or your partner(s) aren't opposed to cleaning up afterward, you might still be left with stained fabrics or lingering smells from items you can’t thoroughly clean. 


This is where sex blankets come in. These blankets are nothing new to the intimacy world, but don't feel bad if you didn't know they existed until right now. Sex blankets aren't a staple of everyone's sex product collection, though they should be! A good sex blanket can enhance your sexual experiences while saving you time on cleanup.

What is a sex blanket?  

A sex blanket is pretty much what you would expect it to be.

“It’s an accessory that creates a protective barrier between your bed and the natural juices your body creates during sex,” says Tatyannah King, a sex educator and graduate student at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University. “Sex blankets are also ideal for keeping the sheets clean when using your favorite lube.”


A sex blanket can give you that extra peace of mind that comes with knowing you aren’t ruining your sheets or mattress during sex.

“During the throes of passion, you want to be present in the moment, not concerned about where fluids are going,” says Natasha Marie Narkiewicz, a sexual wellness expert and the Head of Communications at MysteryVibe

What are the benefits of using a sex blanket? 

If you’ve never had a sex blanket, you might wonder if it’s a necessary tool in your sexy toolbox. To help you figure out if a sex blanket is worth the purchase, here are a few of its benefits:


  • Waterproof: “A sex blanket is also beneficial when you’re giving your partner a sensual massage that might involve coconut oil, lotions, or other lubricants,” King says. “Using a waterproof blanket underneath your body during the massage helps prevent the oils, lotions, or lube from staining your sheets.”
  • Easy to clean: “A good sex blanket is machine-washable, so you can chuck it in the machine when you are done,” Uren says. “This also means you don't have to change the bedding or tip-toe around the wet spot. You can simply snuggle up in bed and enjoy the post-sex glow!”
  • Less worry: “If you tend to squirt or are concerned about any potential mess during anal or period sex, knowing you have a waterproof blanket that can be cleaned up quickly and easily can put your mind at ease and allow you to relax into the experience,” Uren says.
  • Can set the mood: “Putting [the blanket] down signals to your mind and body that now is the time to go into sex mode,” says Suzannah Weiss, resident sexologist for Fleshy and author of Subjectified: Becoming a Sexual Subject. “This may be especially helpful for people who have difficulty switching out of work mode or parenting mode and quieting their minds before sex.”

The Best Sex Blankets, According to the Experts  

Without further ado, here are the best sex blankets for mess-free sex, handpicked by our experts. 

Liberator Fascinator Throw, Recommended by Isabelle Uren

The Liberator sex blanket has a plush, velvet material that feels soft against your skin. It comes in three sizes: travel, standard, and king, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. Aside from sexual escapades, this throw works well as a period sex blanket, thanks to its waterproof material. The blanket is safe to toss in the washer for a quick and easy clean-up.

“I have the Liberator Fascinator Throw in the regular size, and I couldn't recommend it more,” says Isabelle Uren, a certified sex expert and the site manager and writer at Bedbible. “I've had it for just over a year, and it's been put to some very good use and is still going strong! It's super soft and velvety and washes and dries well! As someone who squirts, I've also been very impressed by how much liquid it can hold.”


Yoni Pleasure Palace Waterproof Splash Blanket, Recommended by Tatyannah King

The Yoni Pleasure Palace Waterproof Splash Blanket is one of the more customizable sex blankets on this list. You can choose from four fabrics, six sizes, and more than 15 colors. The sex blanket’s waterproof layer has recycled thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to quickly absorb all fluids.

“I recommend the Yoni Pleasure Palace Waterproof Splash Blanket,” King says. “Not only is it soft, waterproof, and lightweight, but the blanket can hold up to a liter of liquid. It’s a budget-friendly option that is available in a range of fabrics, styles, colors, and sizes.”

The Layer Sex Blanket, Recommended by Kiana Reeves

The Layer is a waterproof sex blanket that can hold four or more cups of liquid. It's made of a soft, absorbent, and noiseless material, so you and your partner(s) can move around on it without any loud noises. Additionally, the blanket is not bulky, so you won’t have to worry about generating heat. The Layer is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and can withstand more than 300 washes. 


“The Layer is absorbent, waterproof, and folds up small for travel purposes,” says Kiana Reeves, the Chief Education Officer at Foria, a certified doula and sexological bodyworker.

TOP Waterproof Blanket, Recommended by Natasha Marie Narkiewicz

The Top Waterproof Blanket is not intended for sexual activities, but it works well for keeping your bed mess-free. It's crafted from waterproof and leak-proof material and can be used for indoor or outdoor play. This waterproof sex blanket is reversible, machine washable, and available in mid-size and jumbo sizes. 

“TOP Waterproof Blanket is a great sex blanket,” Narkiewicz says. “While not made specifically for sex, it fits all the criteria of a quality sex blanket, such as being fully waterproof and machine-washable. It covers a whole bed rather than just a portion of it. It is multi-functional and doubles as a great secondary blanket when it’s cold out.”


Honorable Mention: Bedding Aid Waterproof Blanket for Bed Intimacy

Bedding Aid’s Waterproof Blanket for Bed Intimacy earned an honorable mention for its versatility. Available in three giant sizes, the sex blanket is made of windproof, waterproof, lightweight, and breathable material. While this blanket is suitable for intimate activities, it could easily be used as a period protector, outdoor blanket, or lap blanket as well.

The blanket is reversible and double-sided and can easily cover a bed or a two- or three-seater sofa if you want to take your activities outside the bedroom. It is machine-washable and free of toxic substances.

What should I look for when shopping for a sex blanket?  

There’s a few things you’ll want to consider as you shop around for the best sex blanket.


Be sure to pick a sex blanket that meets your size requirements.

“Sex blankets come in many sizes, from travel-friendly to king-size,” Uren says. “If you are likely to be dealing with a large amount of liquid from squirting, I recommend a bigger blanket, as the fluid pools on the top.”

Waterproof and Absorbent

The best waterproof blanket for sex should be able to absorb all of the liquids that come with messy sex to protect your sheets and mattress.

“Usually, products will explicitly have the word ‘waterproof’ in the name of the blanket, but to check if the product is also absorbent, look at the product description,” King says. “If the product is absorbent, then it’ll likely have the word 'microfiber' in the description of the product’s material.”

Suitable for Travelling

If you plan to take your sex blanket on trips, you’ll want to ensure it fits in your carry-on bag or suitcase.

“A sex blanket that lives in your home might be heavy-duty and large,” Narkiewicz says. “Whereas if you plan to travel, such as on vacation for some orgasmic R&R, you might consider a smaller, more portable sized sex blanket that you can pack in a suitcase without taking up too much space.”

Noiseless Fabric

It might not occur to you that a blanket can make a sound, but the materials used for waterproof blankets can sometimes be noisy. So, give any sex blanket you're looking at a sound check, or at least read the reviews.

“Check [that the blanket] doesn't have a plastically crinkly sound, as that doesn't feel so sexy and can be distracting,” Uren says.

Visually Appealing

A sex blanket can help set the mood in the bedroom, so you may want to choose one that gives off an intimate vibe.

“I recommend finding one that looks and feels sexy — perhaps a velvety pink blanket,” Weiss says. “Its presence on your bed will feel calming and arousing. After using it, your mind will come to associate it with sex in a similar way to Pavlov’s dogs. You will remember the experiences you had with it, and your body will know it means ‘sex.’”


Sex blanket reviews can tell you much more about the blanket than the product description. You can read about other people’s experiences to determine if this is the best sex blanket for your needs. 


The best sex blankets can be pricey, but they're definitely worth the splurge, especially if you're into some messier play.

If you really can't afford the price tag, you might already have a throw lying around the house that can work in a pinch. For example, a fleece may partially work as a waterproof sex blanket. 

“A fleece blanket might work in certain situations,” Narkiewicz says. “While fleece isn't fully waterproof, it absorbs water, so if the activity doesn't provoke a deluge of fluids, it could be a sufficient alternative to a sex blanket.”

The Bottom Line 

Let’s be honest — sex can be messy. Investing in a sex blanket can make clean-up easier and is a fun way to improve your sexual escapades in the bedroom along with toys or sex furniture

Taneia Surles

Taneia Surles, MPH, is a freelance health and wellness writer and public health professional. She holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in public health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has bylines in AARP, Health, Healthline, Insider, Parents, Verywell Health, and publications.

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