The pleasure of prostate play has been compared to the enjoyable sensations of G-spot play. Are you ready to experience that for yourself? If you have a penis, you have a prostate. While it can be hard for some people to reach that deep area without help, manufacturers have created sex toys especially designed for stimulation of this erogenous zone.

Prostate massagers aren't usually designed to be used like standard dildos. You're free to use them in whatever way feels pleasurable to you. Most prostate massagers are specifically designed with a curved shape that's supposed to stimulate the prostate. Instead of the standard "thrusting in and out," most people find that a hands-free or rocking motion tends to deliver the most prostate sensations. You'll probably use your new P-spot toy completely differently than most dildos that you've touched.

While you can find many guides about how to enjoy prostate stimulation on the Internet, you'll want some quick tips before you begin. Most beginners enjoy lying on their side when playing for the first time. Make sure you're very relaxed and have tons of extra time to play. The toy you've chosen should be thoroughly lubed. Once inserted, the general idea is that your internal muscles should move the toy to press it against the prostate. Instead of using your fingers to push on the toy, leave the toy alone and clench your pelvic muscles. The act of clenching presses the prostate massager into the best area for hands-free stimulation. You're free to use your hands to move the toy if that works best, but for hands-free prostate orgasms in the future, you'll want to get used to letting your own muscles do all of the work.

Now that you know how to use a prostate sex toy, it's time to pick out the perfect one for you. Finding a prostate toy can be a bit of a daunting task for the first time, so I'm here to help. While you'll need to find the perfect toy that works for your own needs, the following eight tips will help you pick out the best prostate toy from the large selection available out there.

Consider the Size

The first thing most beginners are going to want to think about is the size. While prostate massagers are usually designed for their shape and not their size, there are still variations in sizes. Beginners will want to stick to something slimmer; probably around 1 inch in diameter or less in size. If you think you'd prefer a larger toy, consider one with a broader diameter. If you're unsure of what you'd like, stick to the thinner side of things until you work it out. It's much better to have a toy that's slightly underwhelming than one that's too uncomfortable for you to use at all.

Think About Hands-Free

The holy grail of stimulation, many prostate toys were designed to provide hands-free orgasms to people who have a penis. Using the aforementioned rocking motion from earlier in the article, this sensation helps bring the person to orgasm without using their hands on the toy or on themselves. If this is something that appeals to you, look for prostate stimulators that boast this design. However, be aware that it make take a bit of patience and practice to reach the stage where you can orgasm without your hands.

Judge the Handle

While most prostate toys tend to have a similar curve to them (that's designed to hit the prostate in the first place), these toys will vary widely in what handle they happen to have attached to them. Some toys will have a circular handle while others may have a flat base. How you prefer to hold your prostate toy will make a difference in which handle works best for you. Circular handles will allow you to slide in a finger to move the toy while a flat base will work better under clothing or for hands-free use.

Muse about Public Use

While most people recommend butt plugs as the anal toy of choice for use in public situations, some people prefer to take their prostate toy out and about. With a prostate toy's design and some people's ability to orgasm hands-free, this allows users to play on a whole new level while in public. If this is something you want to do (and as always, please respect those around you), make sure that you choose a sex toy that doesn't have a noticeable or painful base to sit on. Toys with a flat base will do best for users who want to take their fun out into the world.

Think of Vibrations

Not all people find vibrations on the prostate to be pleasurable, and not all toys are equipped to provide vibrations. If vibrations are something you think you'd enjoy, consider finding a prostate massager that vibrates. Most vibrating prostate massagers just include a small hole that can fit a removable vibrating bullet to add vibrations to the toy itself. If you're unsure if vibrations will be a good addition to your P-spot play, consider a toy with a removable bullet. However, if you think vibrations will be amazing, purchase a prostate toy with vibrations built-in because the vibrations will be much stronger and easier to feel.

Contemplate Perineal Stimulation

Stimulation of the perineal area (known as the "taint" by some) tends to go hand-in-hand with P-spot orgasm. For that reason, a lot of prostate toys have a small tab built into the base of the toy to stimulate this area. However, some users find that sensation uncomfortable. Try pressing on that area during your next sexual exploration. If you find that you enjoy the sensation, look for prostate toys that will bring that stroking into action.

Reflect About Dildos

While not usually considered a standard type of prostate toy, a correctly-curved G-spot or P-spot dildo can make a wonderful addition to your prostate stimulation collection. Not only can they be easier for a partner to handle (because of the wider base), but they can also usually be strapped into a strap-on harness for enjoyable couple's fun. Not only that, but if the budget is tight, a non-porous dildo can be boiled or bleached for sterilization to allow a single toy to work for multiple purposes in the bedroom.

Read the Reviews

Before making your purchase, your final step should be to read reviews about prostate stimulators. While you might have to do a bit of Internet searching in order to find good, unbiased, and detailed reviews, having a good idea of how a particular prostate stimulator worked for other people can give you a sense you how it will work for you. If reviews from people who claim to be new to prostate stimulation say that they couldn't make that toy work for them, you might be better off finding a toy that's better-suited for beginners to this type of stimulation. Once you get used to the sensation and how it all feels, then you can explore advanced types of enjoyment with your toys.

Now that you know what to look for in your prostate toy, it's time that you make your purchase. Remember to take your time and enjoy the pleasurable journey as you explore this new, erotic area of your body. Relax, enjoy yourself, and give it a few different tries before you attempt a new prostate toy. Our bodies don't always respond to the same sensations the same way every day. Enjoy your new sexual exploration!