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6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies

Published: OCTOBER 16, 2015 | Updated: OCTOBER 15, 2020
Sex is sexy at any size, but some positions work better than others.

Despite what you may have been led to believe, sex is sexy at any size. When you flip through a sex position book, though, you may find yourself feeling a bit disappointed if you have some extra weight on your frame. Many sex position suggestions were designed for the athletically-bodied. In fact, a lot of average people can't even do them!

When either you or your partner have a larger body, you may need to be creative in order to find sex positions that allow for deep, intimate penetration. You may feel like being lazy, or you may feel like giving it your all. Either way, some of these sex positions should help the two of you achieve better penetration without the acrobatic-like moves that many sex position lists recommend. Below, you'll find 6 sex positions that are great for larger body types.


Note: To work for couples of all gender identifications, the words "penetrative partner" and "receptive partner" are used throughout these sex position suggestions.

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Missionary - with Position Aids

As the tried-and-true position (and a favorite for many women when it comes to orgasm), missionary position can work for curvy couples just as well as their leaner counterparts. However, depending on upper body strength, this position may be difficult for the penetrative partner to do for long amounts of time. Experiment with this one to see what might work for you and your partner.


Another great way to make missionary work for any size is to use a position aid. You can stack up pillows beneath the receptive partner in order to change the angle of penetration. However, as many plus-size people may understand, body weight may compact the pillows and make them less useful. If you have the extra cash, sex furniture can make a world of difference when it comes to your comfort and pleasure. Liberator sex shapes are designed with a very high-density foam, and speaking from experience, they can hold a 300+ pound person without compressing too much. Liberator also makes plus size pieces, which are perfect for handling extra-wide bodies. Try elevating the hips with some sort of sex position aid in order to help gravity work best for the two of you.

6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies
Models shown using the Liberator Hipster.

Get Creative With Doggy-Style

Doggy style is one of those positions that's great for most body types. The receptive partner gets to be on their hands and knees which allows most people to hold this position for a long time. The penetrating partner gets to balance their weight between their legs and arms for easier penetration. For those penetrative partners with a larger stomach, you may need to readjust things as needed to get a good angle. Adopting a standing position, as shown below, can help take the weight off of both partners.


6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies
Couple shown using a Liberator Wedge Plus Size.

Cowgirl, Hotseat and Other Good Rides

No matter what some of the "jokes" in bad movies may say, a larger receiving partner can be on top without hurting the person underneath them. You'd be surprised how much pressure and weight the hips were really designed to hold! The partner on top may want to come down onto their knees instead of squatting for an easier time moving. A position aid here can make things a bit more comfortable too.

6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies
Models shown using the Liberator Wedge Plus Size.

Stand and Deliver

You might have to hunt around your home for a bit, but if you can find a surface for the receptive partner to lie on that's as tall as hip-height for the penetrative partner, you'll find that it might work particularly well. For some people, the bed may work fine. For others, it might be the kitchen counter. Whatever it is, make sure it was designed to hold body weight. With the receptive partner lying down at hip level, the penetrative partner can stand (or kneel, as shown below) during intercourse.

6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies
Couple shown using the Liberator Wedge-Ramp Combo Plus Size.

No matter what position you choose, the most important aspect to remember is that you both may need to modify the position to meet your individual needs. Your body is your body and their body is their body. You both should try and be comfortable with rearranging your bodies (and any particular weight) as needed. Sometimes moving areas out of the way will allow for deeper penetration and enjoyment. Sometimes you may not have the upper body strength, flexibility, or stamina to hold a certain position for a long time. Being comfortable with your bodies, and how they fit together, will help you both establish the comfort that you need to explore how to make these sex positions perfect for both of you. (When it comes to, well, coming, being comfortable is key. Read Why 'Comfort Sex' Rocks - and How to Have Some.)

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