What is a love and relationship coach?

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What is a love and reltionship coach?


A love and relationship coach is the evolution of a life coach, only love coaches help people to improve the quality of their love lives. Love and relationship coaching is the second-fastest growing profession and I believe the most rewarding career, as I've been doing it for over 20 years and still love it! Getting certified as a love and relationship coach gives you the education and tools you need to help clients overcome their dating insecurities by teaching them how to be more confident, and by helping them with communication skills and how to move out of the "friend zone." A love and relationship coach can also work with couples to help improve their intimate communication skills, set healthy boundaries and rekindle passion so that they can enjoy a happy, intimate relationship.

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Written by Dr. Ava Cadell
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Dr. Cadell is a Clinical Sexologist and AASECT Certified Sex Counselor with Doctorates in Human Behavior (Newport University, CA) and Human Sexuality (Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality). She is the president of the American College of Sexologists International and the founder of Loveology University Online University of Love Coaching. 

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