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Vacation Sex! TSA Tips, Tricks and the Best Toys for Travel

Published: AUGUST 29, 2019 | Updated: JUNE 24, 2022
Whether you’re singled or partnered, there’s something super-hot about getting away from it all and living your sexiest life.

Vacation sex is the best. Whether you’re singled or partnered, there’s something super-hot about getting away from it all and taking a time-out from your usual routine that makes road sex adventurous and exciting. You’re (hopefully) relaxed and miles away from the everyday stressors of life, so you're (again, hopefully) you’re more attuned to yourself and your partner (if such dynamics apply).


I’m a frequent traveler and always have a few of my fave sex toys in tow. I tend to subscribe to a carry-on only travel mindset, so getting through security at the airport can be a bit of an adventure. I’ve been flagged for everything from a steel vaginal barbell to my trusty Magic Wand. There’s always that awkward moment when I get pulled from the screening line for an, ahem, closer inspection.

I’ve embraced making it as awkward as humanly possible so I can expedite the process. I’ve asked TSA agents if a toy was big enough or if I had enough vibrating ammunition to make it through the weekend. I’ve snarked that they may want to wear gloves, because who knows where a toy last was. So far, I haven’t had a dick detonated by the feds, but I have found a trusty notice of inspection with every checked bag. I’m sure they see this all the time. *Shrug*

If you’re headed on vacation, here’s how to take your sex toys on your summer tour de force.


Know Before You Go

Believe it or not, sex toys aren’t allowed everywhere around the globe. Some countries and regions have bans on your buzzing little buddies, like India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. If you’re unsure if your vacation destination allows sex toys, a simple Google search should help avoid a big headache.

Pack Toys and Lube in Your Carry-On

“Don’t be nervous or embarrassed,” says SKYN Condoms’ intimacy expert, Dr. Emily Morse. “Trust me, TSA has seen it all – you aren’t going to be their first run-in with a vibrator. Even if it is, they aren’t going to say anything to you, you know, unless it’s on.”

Remove the Batteries

If your toy has removable batteries, take them out before packing and put them in a separate plastic bag. If your toy is rechargeable, you can drain the battery before traveling and charge it upon arrival.


And if your toy has a built-in travel lock setting – use it. If you’re worried about your toy vibrating in transit, check the instruction booklet that the toy came with – many have travel settings so you can be worry-free. Morses’s pro-tip? “Wrap your toy in a sock and put it in your shoe so nothing will touch the buttons,” she says.

Bag It

In the event that your baggage does get searched and you don’t want a customs officer handling your intimate item(s), pack your toys in clear plastic bags. This way, officers can see what’s inside, plus it’s a hygienic storage option when you’re on-the-go. (You should be washing sex toys before and after every single use.)

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Bring TSA-Friendly Bottles for Lube

If you’re flying, remember that liquid restrictions for carry-ons also apply to lube. Either buy small TSA-friendly sized bottles of lube, or transfer your fave product into 3.4 oz. (or less) plastic bottles.

Be Mindful of Sex Toy Size

When it comes to restrictions on items for air travel, TSA states that “tools” with a length of 7 inches (about 17.5 cm) are suitable for carry-on luggage. So, your standard issue rabbit vibe is probably OK, but that 11” big glass dildo (literally) won’t fly.

Create a Sensual Vacation Kit

Morse suggests packing an array of sensual goodies, including massage oil candles, your favorite music, sex toys, lubricant, bath salts, any sex furniture you need, and your favorite treats (those special candies you’ve been saving for a rainy day are perfect for your summer getaway).


“Have the concierge deliver flowers before you arrive,” she says. “Make sure the room has a calming, relaxing and, of course, sexy atmosphere. When your senses are ignited, you can’t help but get in the mood.”

Be Ready to Explain What's In Your Bag

When an airport security agent asks you what’s in your bag or to explain a suspect item that pops up on the X-Ray display, tell it to them straight: “I have a sex toy.” It may help avoid further questioning and rifling through your bag. Don’t worry about being embarrassed; these people handle thousands of articles every day.

You're On Vacation - Try Something Different!

“If you’re traveling with a partner, vacations are a great chance for you to try out some role play,” Morse said. “Set a time to meet at the hotel bar as ‘strangers,’ where you can choose to still be yourself, or come up with a sexy alias,” she said. “Commit to the plan, work through the giggles (don’t worry, it’ll happen), and get ready for a hot ‘one-night-stand’ with your partner.”


Role play, when done correctly, is sooo hot. It’s kinda like a DIY IRL porno. GO HAVE FUN.

The Top Sex Toys for Travel

We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe

We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe

This silky-smooth silicone vibe attaches to your panties and can be controlled via the free We-Vibe Connect app for all sorts of vacation fun. It’s super quiet, making it perfect for public play, and it has more than 10 vibration modes.

Womanizer Starlet 3

Womanizer Starlet

If you want to get off – fast – the travel-sized version of the Womanizer Pro will get the job done. Its soft silicone lip gently kisses the clitoris with a swoosh of air, making orgasms possible in less than 60 seconds.

Njoy Pure Plug

nJoy Pure Plug

This is basically the Rolls Royce of anal toys. This stainless steel beauty is spendy, but perfectly shaped and weighted for seamless in-and-out solo or partnered play. It won’t slip out, so it can be worn for hours.

Sportsheets Our First Bondage Kit

Bondage Starter Kit

If you want to explore bondage basics, check out this five-piece kit that includes four wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as a blindfold. It has everything you need to tiptoe into restraint play.

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