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Top 4 Reasons to Try a Prostate Massager

Published: DECEMBER 16, 2019 | Updated: AUGUST 17, 2021
Prostate massagers are a must have for anyone hoping to enjoy prostate play.

We are truly living in the golden age of sex toys. These days, there’s a toy for almost every kind of pleasure our delightfully dirty minds can think of!


Often, sex toys are created to satisfy a specific need that our bodies have difficulty fulfilling. These aids can make all the difference in upping our erotic experiences. Sometimes we might not even be able to reach that special place without a helpful toy. For example, this is why prostate massagers are a must have for anyone hoping to enjoy the special sensual delight that is prostate play.

The prostate is an amazing gland that produces big-time pleasure in a variety of ways, but it isn’t the easiest to access. If you’re curious about prostate play or want to take your skills to the next level, here is why you need to get your hands—and prostate—on a prostate massager.

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1. It's a Whole New Orgasm Experience

It can’t be said enough that a prostate massage orgasm is unlike any that you’ve ever experienced before. People have described them as stronger, more intense. Prostate orgasms are even referred to as 'Super Orgasms.' And to think, these little gems of goodness are hidden away and many people don’t ever experience these pleasures!

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There are a few different ways to partake in prostate pleasure—maybe you like digital stimulation (by which we mean your digits, not your electronics) or maybe you like being pegged. Both of these are great, but one of the best ways to experience the high-powered awesomeness of prostate massage is through using a prostate massager. These toys are specifically-designed to provide perfect pressure and sensation on your glorious gland. Available in many different styles, shapes and functions, picking the perfect prostate pal will depend on your personal pleasure preferences.


MGX Syn Trident prostate massager

[The MGX Syn Trident features a smaller head for easy insertion making it the ideal toy for new prostate players.]

Do you want to control the toy and include thrusting motions or would you like a hands-free experience using only your pelvic muscles? Does consistent pressure on your prostate please you or do you want to add vibration sensation? Are you playing on your own or with a partner?


There are many different ways to build to an incredible prostate orgasm with massagers. And for some folks, you might even experience an orgasm without any other genital play!

2. It Ain’t Easy to Get To

Surely the prostate is located where it is in our anatomy for a very specific purpose, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were easier to get to? Sure, it is a wonderful hidden treasure that rewards you when you’re on a prostate pleasure quest, but if you’re traveling solo that journey can be rough going unless you are a contortionist.

Here’s where a prostate massager is as valuable as Indiana Jones’ whip! If your mission is to experience supreme sexual sensation, get yourself a prostate massager to complete your goal. Whether you pick a toy you control and manipulate or a hands-free model that you control with the clenching of your pelvic muscles, a prostate massager will help you reach new heights of pleasure without contorting your wrist by trying to go in there manually.


[The Helix Syn Trident is designed for comfortable, hands free pleasure allowing you to stimulate your prostate with ease.]

The same logic applies for playing with a partner. Some sexy positions lend themselves to slipping a finger in your partner’s ass to play with their prostates. Unfortunately, others don’t. It's also possible that you may be a little bit squeamish about anal play and would prefer a little distance. A prostate massager offers the flexibility to make either situation happen in most any position you can think of.


3. Tackling Your Curiosity

Having some unease about exploring new experiences is normal and this is surely the case with new sexual experiences as well. But if you are curious about anal and prostate play, embracing those feelings can transform nervousness into something fun and naughty! Anxiety coupled with fear can make complicated, clandestine bedfellows. Pushing your limits to overcome issues related to ingrained societal stigma (Will it hurt a lot? Will there be a mess?) can not only take your sex life to a new level, it can be tremendously empowering as well.

Bum fun has taken the world by storm in recent years, but it still has a certain tinge of the taboo to it. As folks learn about the pleasures that anal play can offer, the stigma around anal excursions gets replaced by new, more enlightened information. The fact is, the best way to get to the prostate is through some butt spelunkin’, so maybe it’s time take the plunge!

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If you’re curious about prostate play, but aren’t sure if you’re quite there to go deep yet, try this little experiment. Check out some of the designs, testimonials and advice offered on prostate toy sites. Aeneros offers a buttload of information, including detailed descriptions of what their products can offer you. You can do this on your own and reflect on how these words make you feel. Do they excite you? Little steps can lead to big pleasure!


[Speaking of pleasure, the Vice 2 has 18 vibrations patterns and four different speeds, which means you can customize the sensation to exactly how you'd like it.

4. Cleaning out the Prostate Pipes

The more we learn about our bodies’ intricate sexual systems—much of which have been long-ignored by the medical establishment—the more we come to understand the benefits that sex has to offer. But it’s not all about procreation and pleasure, people!

Yes, playing with a prostate massager is going to feel fantastic and if your playing configuration is correct, you just might experience a Super Orgasm of your own. But did you know that caressing and stimulating the prostate may have some health benefits too

The fact that many people with prostates know very little about them, speaks volumes about our need for continued, in-depth research on our sexual selves. Fortunately, some research is being done on the prostate and the health benefits of prostate massage. One such study done by Columbia University Medical Center looked at men using Aneros products for at-home prostate massage. Of the 154 men involved, 80% showed moderate improvement to complete alleviation of their benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms. While 60% showed moderate improvement to complete alleviation of their Chronic Prostatitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain symptoms. While these findings are still preliminary, they are very encouraging.

Butt that’s not all! Clinical evidence has shown that prostate massage flushes out prostatic secretions, improves circulation in the gland and strengthens pelvic floor muscles. For those with a penis, this can mean stronger erections and more powerful orgasms. So, maybe you should consider using a prostate massager as part of your workout routine. More powerful orgasms, stronger erections, greater volume of ejaculate, pelvic floor muscle toning and improved prostate health…. prostate massage has it all!

Just insert, squeeze and enjoy!

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