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The Top 6 Sex Toy Trends of 2020

Published: JANUARY 20, 2020 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
All-around, 2020 is going to be an amazing year - and we're expecting it to be amazing for sex toys too!

Welcome to 2020 - the year of a new beginning! 2020 seems to have that mythical power to signify a brand new start. It's such a simple-looking year, and it's the start of a brand new decade. Everything feels so new and fresh - and so hopeful for the future.

That's why we're so focused on the top six sex toy trends of 2020! The last ten years have brought some absolutely amazing advances in sex toy technology, and we can't even begin to imagine what the next ten years are going to bring. Imagining where sex will be in 2030 is full too much potential to begin to even imagine it!


Let's start with looking at what the top six trends of the year 2020 are going to be. With that, expect to see some sexy trends in:

Suction-Focused Toys

You've seen them in 2019, and expect to see a lot more of them in 2020 - and that's because they work! Air suction toys hit the market a couple of years ago, and they've exploded it ever since! Instead of focusing on broad vibrations of an entire area, air suction toys focus on pinpoint stimulation and utilize suction to make it happen. Once an air-suction toy is pressed firmly against the body, it creates a gentle "seal" around the area. With that seal in place, the toy gently (or more powerfully!) "sucks" at the area. Believe us, this feels amazing on the clitoris!

LELO SONA 2 Cruise air suction sex toy


While suction-focused toys are already some of the best-selling toys out there, we expect to see more suction-focused toys hit the market in 2020. We're expecting to see a focus on more powerful pleasure methods and additional features that would add more orgasmic potential to these already-amazing toys!

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Advanced Toy-Control Methods

Imagine a vibrator who's vibrations get stronger the harder you squeeze a remote in your hand. That's not a 2020 goal - that's already here! Toys like the We-Vibe Chorus offer that squeeze control, but we're expecting to see more advanced control methods in our sex toys in 2020. As pressure sensors get more accurate (and affordable!), it will be easier to include them in sex toy tech.


We-Vibe Chorus vibrator with remote and box

Expect to see more sex toys controlled by tilts, pressure, and your own orgasmic state! Maybe someday we'll be playing with sex toys based on our neurological impulses as we approach orgasm. (Oh wait! That's already here! Neurodildo prototypes, we're looking at you!)

Long-Distance Control

As the internet and long distances continue to play a large and vital part in our sexuality, the market will be there to try to help us orgasm no matter the distance. Long-distance control allows for a person in one part of the world to control the sex toy of a person somewhere else in the world. The toys use an intermediary device for information transfer - like a computer or a mobile phone. Talk about fun!

We're already familiar with long-distance control in sex toys; We-Vibe has been dominating this field of the industry for awhile now with linkable toys like the Pivot, Ditto, Sync, Rave and more.


We-Vibe vibrator with remote control and smartphone app

As technology continues to improve, we expect the toys to get even better! Expect faster real-time responses (especially as networks move to 5G!), more options for penis-owning individuals, and different designs and toy types that vibrate. Can't wait to see the new releases? Teledildonics are already a thing now!

VR-Enabled and Synchronized Toys

We're really looking forward to this one! VR-enabled and Synchronized toys are exactly how they sound: toys that connect to your device and synchronize themselves to some aspect of something online! We've already seen the start of this movement with KIIROO toys, but we're expecting to see even more!


KIIROO Titan The Experience Interactive Vibrating Stroker

Imagine using a dildo in one part of the world while your partner's synchronized masturbation sleeve provides the exact same sensations based on what you're doing. Imagine a vibrator or a male masturbation sleeve that syncs up to the adult performer you're watching on your VR headset for an ultra-realistic experience. That's the future, folks, and the future is starting in 2020.

Gamify your Sex Life

If you hang around self-improvement circles, you've probably already heard about how effective turning your goals into games can be. There's a whole host of apps out there that turns your daily routine goals (like drinking more water, exercising, and more!) into fun challenges and games! Just look at popular releases like the Ring Fit video game or the ever-popular FitBit activity wristwatches that pit you against your friends in playful competition.

We're expecting sex toy companies to latch onto that as well! Especially for sexual health (like kegel exercises!), gamifying your sex toys can lead to a whole host of fun! We already see the beginnings of gamified sex platforms in toys, like the LELO Luna Smart Bead, but we're expecting to see even more!


LELO Luna Smart Bead sex toy

Imagine sex toys that use your physical sensations and pleasures to play various games - or orgasm training sleeves that measure your progress through various masturbatory challenges that train the body into prolonging orgasm.

Automated Penis Strokers

The industry has been trying to perfect automated penis strokers for a long time, and they've made leaps and bounds of progress within the past couple of years! While the industry has amazing and pleasurable penis sleeves (Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, anyone?), making an affordable and easily-used automated penis stroker hasn't been perfected yet.

We expect to see a couple new manufacturers attempt to bring an amazing automated penis stroker to the market in 2020 - and we're so ready for it!

All-around, 2020 is going to be an amazing year - and we're expecting it to be amazing for sex toys too! Let's cross our fingers and watch our news feeds to see when the newest toys hit the market.

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