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The 6 Things in Hotel Rooms That Make Sex HOT

Published: JULY 20, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
Spice up your hotel room naughtiness with these 6 things!

For the last two years I've been involved in a long distance relationship that has involved some fabulous sex. There are a whole lot of things about this relationship that contribute to the sex being fabulous. My partner is wonderful, we’re both super-communicative, between us we own the equivalent of a small sex toy shop and we aren’t afraid to travel with it. These things all help! None of that is what I’m here to talk to you about, though. I want to talk to you about the other thing that I think contributes to our relentlessly bad ass sex, a thing that I think you can make use of yourself: Hotels.


Due to the long distance nature of my relationship, nearly 90% of the sex my partner and I have ever had has taken place in hotels and, let me tell you, there’s a reason the phrase “hotel sex” makes spines tingle. Not only is there the general “unfamiliar is hot” thing, hotel rooms tend to come equipped with stuff that is undercover sexy. Let’s talk about the basic-seeming stuff you’ll find in a typical hotel room that can take your sex sex life from ho-hum to super hot overnight.


Now, I know, your house probably has some of these (brace yourself, this list will feature multiple things you already have at home that just work better here), but hotel mirrors tend to be very big and conveniently bed and shower adjacent. Scope out your hotel room mirror situation. Common ones include full-length mirrors that are visible from the bed or next to chairs, large mirrors positioned over bathroom counters (occasionally at various angles), and even sometimes over a desk. In other words, there are lots of possibilities for you and your partner to check yourselves out as you get down.


Hotel windows are the best! They are often pretty high up, surrounded by parking lots, views of fun local sites, or frankly, just neighbors you don’t actually see (like office buildings that are empty during your weekend stay). While you may panic at the thought of having sex in front of your windows at home, hotel windows often offer the opportunity to get it on psuedo-publicly. If getting right up there and putting ‘em on the glass seems a bit dramatic to you, try resting your hands on the windowsill while your bodies are still safely in the room. If, on the other hand, you’re super into this idea, please be sure you are indeed on an upper floor and not directly facing people’s homes - flashing folks is generally uncool. Also, please exercise caution with any pressing on the glass. As I like to remind myself, no sex is worth my mother reading “Portland Woman Dies in Freak Hotel Window Sex Incident.”


Chairs and Ottomans

Can we talk about the wonder that is the armless accent chair? Hotels probably use them because they don’t take up much space, but seriously, they are sexual experimentation wonders. Easy to straddle and great spanking bench stand-ins, these unassuming pieces of furniture give you a ton of sexy options.

Ottomans are similar undercover sex furniture options. Alone or paired with a chair, they can be used to aid in balance or to make familiar positions more comfortable (like a Liberator cushion would). Use your imagination and think about how the little pieces of furniture throughout your room could enhance your play time.


It’s funny, I don’t remember benches as a thing that existed in hotel rooms until I started having a lot of sex in them and now I notice them all the time. Sometimes they are at the foot of the bed, other times they can be found against a wall. Anyway, benches are great for a little impromptu bondage, especially since many hotel headboards don’t allow for tying off. A long bench also allows a partner to lie back with their head off the bench to administer oral sex from my most-recommended deep-throating position. Bonus!


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Bed-Adjacent Rolling Chairs

Because hotel rooms usually have desks, they often have desk chairs too, making this a rare situation when you have a rolling chair right next to your bed. Why is this fun? Think of any really rollicking sex position and add wheels! My favorite suggestion: Reverse cowgirl with the bottom partner’s legs hanging off the edge of the bed and the top partner’s hands gripping the arms of a rolling chair. The chair gives each thrust a little extra oomph - trust me, it’s super fun!

Side by Side Beds

In all my travel I've heard many a couple complain about being stuck in a room with two full beds instead a king sized one. But - hear me out on this - that can be awesome! Whether for feats of sexual acrobatics, a surface to spread all your toys and accoutrements out on, or simply to provide a clean, dry bed to collapse into after you’ve already defiled one, two beds can be both hot and handy.


There you have it folks! Hotels may be full of what looks like regular run-of-the-mill stuff but that stuff can help make your stay extra hot!

JoEllen Notte

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