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The 5 Gifts You Need for Sexy and Safe Holidays

Published: DECEMBER 18, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021
Keep it sexy and safe if the stocking is not the only thing getting stuffed this holiday season!

2020 has undoubtedly been … well, interesting doesn’t entirely cover it, does it? But despite its rare ups and all-too-frequent downs, that doesn’t mean this year’s holiday season should be nothing but lumps of coal served with a side of 'hoping next year will be a whole lot better'.


So instead, let’s get our joy on by making our gift-giving a rollicking hot and excitingly sexual time by pulling out all the stops. Dreaming of new condoms, like GLYDE vegan condoms, that make your sexual endeavours even better? Had an eye on that particular vibrator? Pondering the flogger you saw on that website? Lingerie that made you want to linger by a cozy fire? Itching to add additional scintillating titles to your erotic library?

Now’s the time to jump in feet first, or whatever your appropriate body part, and indulge, indulge, and indulge—and in doing so, ring in the new year with a raucous chorus of glee and thunderous orgasms.

And in this spirit of ending 2020 with a fantastic bang (wink, wink), here are my suggestions for five presents to welcome a new and happier year with enjoyment equal parts sexual and safe!


The Importance of Stocking Stuffers

Thankfully long gone is the thought of condoms as only to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and/or unplanned pregnancies.

Unquestionably they remain a well-proven method to avoid both, so they should always be an integral part of every sexual experience involving another person or persons. Still, those miraculous magicians of sextech have made them so much more.

Now there are condoms for every size, length, or purpose—like variations for anal, oral, or vaginal play—as well as for ones for anyone looking for more stimulation, less, additional lubrication, or barely any at all, and textures arousing for the wearer in addition to their partner.


Despite this mind-bending variety and technological advancement, it’s vital to acknowledge still that the old chestnut, “one size fits all,” doesn’t, and never has, applied to condoms.

That’s why I suggest that rather than picking up just one pack, unless you are already intimately aware they are the right ones for you—get a selection of sizes, styles, materials, and flavors so if a particular brand or make doesn’t do the trick, you can try out a different one until you find whatever does.

And also, stay aware of things like if you or your playmate(s) have their own particular needs, which can be anything from allergies to enjoying or not things like textures.



To get things rocking and rolling with our “The 5 Gifts You Need for Your Sexy and Safe Holidays,” here’s the GLYDE Maxi.

Brought to you a company that’s frankly and deservedly a leader in the condom biz, the Maxi shows their off fantastic design and manufacturing skills.

Glyde Maxi Condoms


I mean, seriously, just take a gander at its specs: no unnecessary chemicals in its makeup, only slightly lubricated for those you like that kind of condom, doesn’t smell—or, at least, not much, is FDA approved, and to top it all off its latex is fair trade natural in and has gotten the Certifiably Vegan stamp of approval.


Next up, and sticking with GLYDE for their quality and expertise, we have a condom designed for those who enjoy a more slim-fitting experience (which may be obvious from the name!)

Like with the Maxi, the Slimfit is safe, comfortable, and stimulating since it’s made of identical materials and uses the same manufacturing process. As opposed to that other type, it’s here because, once again, not every condom works for every penis.


Glyde Slimfit condoms

Bonus points to the Slimfit for recognizing that perfect bodies come in all shapes and sizes. A high percentage of wearers prefer either its comfortable size or its snugness.


As it wouldn’t be fair to people who don’t quite comfortably (ahem) fit a Maxi or a Slimfit, to fail to mention the condom that’s between the two.

Identical to its snug or more roomy kin in materials, including its non-toxicity and vegan-friendliness, to those other condoms, the GLYDE Ultra is slightly smaller than the Maxi and a bit roomier than the Slimfit—making the Ultra a comfortable alternative.

Glyde Ultra Condoms

As a word to the wise, when it comes to condoms, note that though you may lean towards one size, it’s often a good idea to now and again try something more or less.

Extra so when going from one company to another as while they frequently use the same measurements and even identical materials, there’s enough variation to make this company’s large closer to that company’s medium or small.

Besides, exploring beyond your well-established comfort zone can result in pleasurable discoveries. So occasionally, shake up your condom choices and play around with new variations. Besides, if they don’t happen to work out, you can always go back to your comfortable favorites.

#4: Natural Flavoured Condoms

While unflavoured condoms may float the boat of a lot of people, for others it will leave them wanting more. Luckily, for those people there are naturally flavoured condoms in all sorts of delicious flavours that will leave you satisfied (if not wanting more!).

GLYDE manufactures an entire range of natural flavored condoms, all but guaranteeing that at least one will make you or those you play with possibly utter a happy yum!

Those vanilla and non-vanilla can find appeal in GLYDE's Vanilla condom, which are made of the same ultra-fine quality stuff mentioned above, but these ones bring along that classic ice cream flavour for you to play with.

Want your condom to be juicier? Then we recommend the GLYDE Wildberry: a natural, no-sugar cocktail of unique fruity flavors. With this, the person going the licking could as if they’re relishing a bright, sunny—albeit noticeably sexual—sherbet.

Finding it hard to pick? Rest easy as GLYDE has a sample of these taste-treats, courtesy of their Assortment pack. Here are classics like the mentioned Vanilla, Wildberry, plus Strawberry, Blueberry, and Black Licorice.

#5: Sheer GLYDE Dams

Of course—and thankfully so—when it comes to safe(r) sex, condoms aren’t the only game in town. And it’s what the mavens at GLYDE are well aware of, so the same materials and manufacturing go into making dental dams as they do for their condoms.

For anyone out there who may be unaware of what and how these are used, dental dams are typically square pieces of thin latex used as a barrier to prevent STI transmission while performing oral sex on a vulva.

Without writing a whole article on the subject but touching on the essentials, an important thing to pay attention to is not accidentally flip the dam over and cause what was in the vulva to come into contact with the licker’s mouth—and vice versa.

One technique I’ve personally enjoyed is to use something akin to a needlepoint frame to keep the dam in place—though it may take practice to pick the right size for the right person and getting the dam into the frame to begin with.

As with their flavored condom assortment, GLYDE’s 12-pack of sheer dams comes in four tasty variations, three of each: Strawberry, Wildberry, Vanilla, and Black Licorice.

Happy Happy Holidays!

With the few short weeks between saying goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and welcoming in what we’re all hoping will be far happier or merely not-as-sucky 2021, it’s essential that we all try to cope as best we can.

Taking one-day-at-time may work for some, as can seeking help and reassurance from loved ones—no matter how remote and socially distant they may have to be, but we sincerely suggest taking this season to love yourself as never before.

From luxurious baths to binge-watching a favorite show, from playing video games to immersing yourself in a new hobby, whatever works for you is what works for you!

Sex, too, can be a way to please and pleasure yourself—and we sincerely hope that our five recommendations here will give you something to enjoy and to assist you in transforming the end of 2020 into an orgasmic festival of hope, renewal, and pleasure!

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