The holidays are here! But the truth is, this time of year puts a pretty awkward amount of stress on a new relationship. Sure, your partner may not expect a gift, but if you're trying to see if this relationship will last, a gift can go a long way towards showing you think someone's pretty special! For some of you, that might mean giving something on the sexual side. That line isn't easy to walk, so here are a few gift ideas if you're in a new(ish) relationship.

Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea Bath Salts

Kama Sutra Bath Salts

Out of all of the sensual gifts I've ever given, this has quickly become a favorite. These beautiful bath salts turn a bath water blue - and make the bather's skin extremely soft. Plus, they smell fantastic! Turn a bath from "ordinary" to "luxurious spa experience" with a simple shell-full of these salts. Consider including a waterproof book of erotica for a full “sensual bath” experience!

Head Over Heels Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Bubble bath is a tried-and-true gift for the holidays. While not the most creative, these sensual mixtures (infused with pheromones) can be a good addition to your gift giving. They're available in a couple different scents to pick the best one for your partner. If giving bubble bath, consider making it a full gift-basket with themed items to accompany it (like a new bath loofah, sparkling body lotion to go on after the bath, a lovely fluffy robe, etc.)

Jimmyjane Massage Stones

Massage Stone

Massage stones can be a lovely addition to any massage. They allow someone to get at those deep, harder-to-reach muscle knots without exhausting their own hand strength. The Jimmyjane Massage Stone offerings just happen to look gorgeous (and well-packaged) in the process.

LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle

Massage Candle

It's a candle - and it's a massage oil! Start this lovely candle burning and the first thing you'll notice is the amazing scent. As the candle burns, you'll quickly notice a pool of lovely massage oil, ready for pouring at a moment's notice. Plus, LELO personifies luxury in this release with a very beautiful candle design that looks perfect on the nightstand. Whether you want to use this to provide a service or encourage your new partner to enjoy a self-massage, this can be a lovely (and stunning-looking!) gift.

A Sexy Coloring Book

What's more fun and innocent than coloring? OK, well, we've added an adult twist with a sexy coloring book - but the book and some colored pencils can make a wonderful gift set. If possible, try to find a physical copy to flip through before purchase to make sure that it's sending the message you'd like to send. You may be going for "legs-spread" shots - or you may not. Here are a few sexy coloring books we like.

"#NSFW Totally Naughty Coloring Book" by Thor R. Mikelic and Alex Kotkin
#NSFW Totally Naughty Coloring Book by Thor R. Mikelic and Alex Kotkin

"The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas" by Morgan Hastings

The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas by Morgan Hastings

A Wand Massager

Vibratex Magic Wand vibrator

Depending on your partner and your relationship, this can be a fantastic gift. Make it clear that you're giving it to them "for their sore muscles", but be clear that you hope they can find lots of uses for it otherwise. If done with a teasing and flirtatious intention (without being pushy), this can be a fantastic gift that might find its way into your sex life together down the road.

Gift giving - whether sensual or not - shines when it shows you've been thinking about and listening to your partner. If you know they'd be down for a sexy gift, take the time to figure out what might suit them best.

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