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Anal sex toys are a great way to explore - or just enjoy - anal play. This category includes butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, and anal beads. These exciting and erotic toys are sure to bring you pleasure.

If you're ready to check off exploring every erogenous zone possible, you're ready to experience the enjoyment of intense anal pleasure. Just like finding that perfect tool for the job, though, shopping for anal toys requires a bit of finesse - and knowledge about the potential candidates! Luckily, we have a guide to get you started on finding your new pleasure tool. Think of it as your jump-start guide to bring you to your new favorite friend.

How to Choose an Anal Sex Toy

Anal pleasure is the great equalizer of sexual pleasure. No matter how you identify or what body you were born with, you're just as capable as any other person to enjoy the orgasmic sensations that this erogenous zone can provide. Whether only using toys to prepare for anal intercourse with a partner, wanting to use anal plugs to wear discreetly in public, or enjoying the intense stimulation of anal beads over and over, this particular erogenous zone offers intense enjoyment for hundreds of thousands of people. Even if you never choose to experience penetration, the outside of the anal area still offers an area jam-packed with pleasure potential.

With so many choices for your anal enjoyment, though, you might find yourself feeling a bit blown away by all of the toys out there.

While all anal toys are designed for the same area, the category of anal toys is unique in that most of these toys are designed for very specific stimulation or sensation in the area. A prostate toy can offer hands-free orgasms to those with a prostate, but it may only be so-so for those without one. A butt plug is going to be a perfect choice if you want to wear something for hours at a time while doing chores - but it's going to fall short if you wanted something for thrusting and penetration. There's no way to "trial run" your ideal anal toy before you buy, but you can help narrow down your options by keeping some of the things from this guide in mind while shopping for your new toybox addition.

Some basic questions to help guide your search for the perfect anal toy include:

  • How much experience do you have with anal sensations?
  • Would you like to thrust your toy in and out?
  • When do you plan on replacing your new butt plug?
  • Are you looking to wear the toy long-term or in public?

Anal Dildos

If you're looking for thrusting pleasure, anal dildos are going to be your best choice. Any dildo works just fine as an anal dildo - just make sure it has a nice, flared base on it. With a non-porous material, you can even use your dildo in other ways - just make sure you give it a very thorough cleaning between uses!

If you're looking for a good option to start your exploration with anal dildos, Vixen Creations Mistress offers the flexibility for vaginal use, optional vibrations, a flared base, and a long, slightly-curved shaft that's reasonable in width.

Anal Beads

While some people love penetration and thrusting, others love that sensation of the anal muscles expanding then contracting - over and over. That's exactly the pleasure that anal beads are crafted to provide. Anal beads are essentially a chain of small beads on a cord, each one of which can be popped in (with a good grip on the base!) to experience that muscle contraction over and over. Some people prefer to take the beads in and out throughout their masturbation session while others prefer to leave them in - and then yank them out at the moment of orgasm for more euphoric sensations.

Avoid anal beads that come on a cheap string or nylon cord. You're better off with an single-material option such as the Fun Factory Flexi Felix or Fun Factory Bendy Beads. Made entirely from silicone, these beads offer simple cleaning and a body-safe experience.

Butt Plugs

Anal plugs, more commonly called "butt plugs," are set-it-and-forget-it toys. Designed to rest inside the butt after being inserted, these toys offer a way to enjoy anal sensations without having to constantly use a hand or pay attention to the toy. Anal plugs are particularly popular among people who like to play in public - their tiny, hidden size makes them perfect for an intimate secret between two partners.

With the extended time these toys may be worn, it's best to go with a butt plug made from a high-quality material. The Fun Factory Bootie or Tantus Ryder have both made names for themselves for being beginner-friendly, easy to clean, and very sensational during use.

Prostate Massagers

While prostate massagers were designed for people who were biologically born with a penis (biologically, most penis-owners have a prostate), this type of toy is always open for exploration if you'd like to try it. When used with practice, prostate stimulation aficionados claim that these toys can offer hands-free orgasms with no masturbation involved! However, be aware that learning these methods can take a bit of practice and patience. But in this case, isn't the reward worth it?

Aneros is one of the biggest names in prostate stimulation toys, but other manufacturers, including LELO and Fun Factory, have thrown their own toys into the competition too.

Why Would I Want to Explore Anal Stimulation?

Because the anal region has a ton of nerve endings, that's why! Just like other erogenous zones in your body, the anal region has a ton of nerve endings that translate really well to pleasure. That's before we even consider the "taboo" nature of this area. Just the single act of doing something so "naughty" can be enough to turn this erogenous zone from "OK" to "immensely pleasurable".

Even if we ignore all of the benefits of exploring a new erogenous zone, you still have a good reason to try anal sex: it allows you to explore and learn more about your body - and in some cases, share that intimacy with a partner. This is a whole new type of stimulation and sensation, and sharing that with a partner can be intensely intimate. Outside of that, as some anal aficionados will say: you'll learn about your digestive and dietary habits. Following a good diet and lifestyle will make anal sex an option more often, and you'll begin to learn your body's signs of when you haven't been preparing as you should. (Read more in What You Need to Know About Anal Sex.)

I'm a Beginner! How Do I Use an Anal Toy?

Find the Right Time
If you've never experimented with anal pleasure before, you're going to want a time where you have nowhere to be with no pressures to worry about. For some people, this means trying anal sensations solo for the first couple of times. Any type of nervousness might lead you to tense up - and you want to be fully comfortable your first time around.

Make Sure You're Aroused
After you're sure that you have the free time and are ready to try this, your body needs to be ready too. This means being aroused. Even if the idea of playing with your anal toy already has you ready and willing, consider adding more masturbation or other arousing activities to your schedule first. The most aroused you are, the easier and more intense anal sensations can become.

Use Lots and Lots of Lube - Then Use More
Lubricant is going to be your best friend for anything anal-related, so use it to your advantage. Make sure your lubricant is compatible with the toy you've chosen (when in doubt, choose water-based!). Before even beginning any insertions, take time to thoroughly lubricate the anal area with the lubricant as much as is comfortable. After you've done that, it's time to lubricate the toy - make sure to cover it very liberally in lube. Take breaks during use for regular lubricant application if things are starting to feel like they're dragging against the skin.

Take It Slowly
Once everything has been nicely lubricated, you can begin inserting your toy. It's important to take it slowly, though. This may not quite be like other penetration you've experienced, and depending on the toy you've chosen, you might feel some stretching as you insert it. If you start to feel an intense stretching, feel free to stop where you're at and allow the body to adjust to that size. A stretching sensation is normal. However, if you feel any sharp pains or extreme discomfort, remember that you shouldn't push your body too quickly. There's no reason to harm yourself or become annoyed by what you're doing - you can always put down the toy and come back to it another day.

Clean Your Toy Thoroughly
While it's easy to neglect this step after you've had your fun, it's vital that you take good care of your anal toys. Especially if you have a sex toy made from a porous material, cleaning the toy as soon as you're done will help keep the toy from retaining any smells. Not only that, but making sure you thoroughly clean your sex toy with warm water and anti-bacterial soap will remove any bacteria or gunk and keep it safe for your personal health.

With So Many Options, How Do I Find the Best Anal Toy?

Look for a Flared Base
You need to check every anal toy you're considering for a flared base. A flared base is a base that's flared outwards - as in, the base is the thickest part of the toy by a noticeable margin. A flared base keeps the toy from slipping up inside you by accident. Some manufacturers will market their toys as "anal toys" even when the all-important flared base is missing. Emergency room visits for missing anal toys are an all-too-common occurrence, so make sure to place safety first when picking out a new toy.

Think About the Sensations
What would you like to do with your anal toy? This will make a huge difference as to what type of toy you should pick up. If you'd like to use something to stretch your size limits over long periods of time or something to wear discreetly underneath clothing, butt plugs are where it's at. If you'd like to thrust something in and out, consider anal dildos. If you think your favorite sensation will be the enjoyment of feeling something popping into your body - over and over, look at anal beads. If you'd like to experiment with hands-free orgasms through prostate stimulation, consider a prostate massager. Of course, if you can't decide or want to try them all, consider an anal kit: most kits offer multiple types of anal toys in a single purchase to let you experiment with new types of pleasure.

Appreciate Your Experience
If you've never tried to slip something up your butt, a huge anal toy is probably a horrible idea. For newbies to anal play, try to find a toy with a 0.75” to 1.5” diameter. If you've used fingers before, you may wish to lean toward the larger end of those sizes. Consider looking for anal toys with tapered tips as well; this will make them easier to insert slowly for the most comfort possible.

Decide on Vibrations (or Not!)
Anal toys fall firmly into two categories: those that vibrate and those that don't. You'll need to think about whether you'd enjoy vibrations during your anal pleasure sessions. Many anal toys are similarly-shaped, and many toys come in both vibrating and non-vibrating versions. Usually it will be a matter of a price difference. As using the vibrations on any anal toy is entirely optional, however, you might find it worth the higher price tag just to know that vibrations are available anytime you want them.

Know your Materials
Materials are a huge concern when purchasing any penetrable sex toy. Not only does it change how the toy feels, but it also determines how long it will last, if it will retain any scents, how easy it is to clean, how easily it will slip in, and how it feels. Harder materials such as glass or stainless steel tend to slip in very easily and will require very little reapplication of lubricant. Softer materials, such as rubber (a very popular anal toy material!) or silicone, may require more lubricant and frequent reapplications.

Just like selecting any other type of sex toy, you also need to be aware of phthalates. Phthalates are a chemical used to soften flexible materials such as PVC rubber. While some people avoid them like the plague because of personal sensitivities to the chemical, many sex educators recommend that everyone avoid them due to potential health concerns. Manufacturers are starting to jump on the bandwagon as well. To make it easier to locate phthalate-free toys, many toy companies will label their toys as such. Many sex-positive sex toy retailers also will include phthalate information in the toy's listing as well.

Pro Tip: You can refine your new toy search by latex-free, phthalate-free, or many other parameters by using our Refine By menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Guesstimate Care and Durability
The lifespan of your new anal sex toy will depend entirely on the material you choose - and how well you take care of it. Toys made from cheaper materials like rubber or jelly may start to break down - or absorb awkward odors. Any anal beads made with string connecting the beads should only be used a few times before being tossed - at most. For easy cleaning, however, most sex toy materials can be (and should be!) cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap after every use. Non-porous materials, such as stainless steel or silicone, will do even better after play if you take the time to sterilize them with a bleach/water solution or boiling. (Learn more in Keeping It Clean: Top Tips for Sex Toy Sterilization)

Contemplate Special Features
Some anal toys will offer special features such as wireless capabilities (good for public play!) or waterproof materials (fun for bathtime). Some of the newest features include anal toys with inner rolling balls (similar to Ben Wa Balls – but anal safe) or rimming plugs with moving parts near the neck of the plug for a rimming sensation.

Does More Money Mean a Better Butt Toy?

Like anything else you can purchase, you'll find anal toys available for a wide range of prices. The cost of any particular anal toy can depend upon whether it vibrates, what the material is, who the manufacturer is, and of course, the size of the toy as well. If you're shopping for a butt toy on a budget, it's worth taking a moment to weigh some of the pros and cons of spending a bit more moolah to get the best bang for your buck.


The least expensive anal toy options tend to fall in the $5 to $15 range. As you might imagine, to keep costs so low, many of these options will be made from porous materials. Some of these materials may retain various scents after play - even after multiple washes. Some of these toys should only be used once or twice before being thrown away. These anal toys were not built to last, and many options in this range may not be designed with a flared base for safety.


Spending a bit more money will open up your options for butt toys. A toy in this range is usually a good compromise between safety and longevity. A bit more than the cheapest options, anal toys in this category will fall in the $15 to $35 range. Some of the smaller high-end, non-vibrating butt plugs will fall in this category - such as the FunFactory Bootie or Tantus Neo. Some of the lower-quality vibrating anal toys may fall under this category too.


Spend more and get more with this price point. Between $35 to $75, most of the anal toys in this range will be made of high-quality materials. These toys may be particularly large in size or offer great features like wireless capabilities, magnetic recharging, or intense vibration options. While toys of similar shapes or designs may be found in the cheaper categories, toys in this category may go above and beyond the standard, non-vibrating choices. Notable examples from this category would include the Doc Johnson Tru Plug or the standard Aneros prostate stimulator, and a plethora of anal-safe dildos.


If you're starting to look into this $75+ category, know that you're mostly shopping for anal toys with specialized features or brand names. While toys in this category may not provide any extra pleasure or stimulation, they may be made by special manufacturers or may be designed to last a lifetime. Most nJoy anal plugs fall within this range - as can some of the LELO toys designed for anal use. These toys may be worth the investment once you've had some experience with anal stimulation and know what appeals most to you.

That's all for you! I hope you've enjoyed our Anal Toys Buyer's Guide!