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Sex Toy Review: The Womanizer Starlet

Published: JUNE 8, 2018 | Updated: MAY 6, 2022
The Starlet is a goddamn good sex toy that’s going to make a lot of pussies purr.

The Product: Womanizer Starlet


The Verdict: 5 Kinkly Hearts (out of 5)

Womanizer Starlet: Impressions

I have an enthusiastic masturbation habit and the Womanizer Pro W500 is my go-to when I want to cut to the chase and come. Like previous models, the Womanizer Starlet uses “pleasure air” technology to blow sweet, gentle air kisses to stimulate your clitoris. And like Womanizer’s other products, it helped me orgasm in about a minute. I want to high five/hug the husband-and-wife team who came up with this technology. Every model I’ve tried since the brand’s 2015 launch has consistently gotten me off.

I’m not advocating for rushed pleasure. Not at all. But there are times when you want to get off – quick! – and suction-based toys are the perfect products to make it happen. What sets this new model apart is that it’s smaller, better-designed and more powerful than previous designs.


The Starlet is also simpler to use than previous models, with four vibrational settings and no patterns. A big improvement is that the design feels sturdier, from the way it sits in the palm of your hand to the actual usability of the power button.

I like to use a dab of water-based lube with the Starlet to create a slippery effect, more akin to actual oral sex. It works just as well without, though. Simply hover the silicone cap over your clitoris and let it work its magic.

Womanizer StarletJust hover the silicone cap above your clitoris and let it works its magic ...


It took some time to get used to the smaller-sized device, but once I did, it rocked similar, if not better, results compared to other Womanizer models. As a frequent traveler, I’m a big fan of this scaled down version. Also, it fits discretely in a purse in case you’re feeling frisky on the go.

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Here’s the nitty gritty about the Womanizer Starlet:


  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates orgasms in about 60 seconds
  • Combines gentle suction with mild vibration for a wild ride
  • A single button lets you scroll through four different levels of intensity
  • Splash-proof design for use around water
  • Easily rechargeable via USB cord (included)
  • Silicone cap is removable for easy cleaning
  • 30 minutes of playtime with each 3-hour charge
  • 3” long x 1.7” diameter

Womanizer StarletThe Starlet charges easy via USB cord.

What I Loved About the Womanizer Starlet

  • Finally! Womanizer has made a toy that’s affordable ($99).
  • It may be scaled down in size, but it’s as super-powered as previous models (if not more).
  • It’s super simple to use, with only one well-placed button for switching between vibrational settings.
  • It’s quiet!
  • Also, it’s splash proof (always a plus in my you-never-know-what-is-going-to-happen sex world).
  • It’ll make you come – fast. This gets me off in roughly a minute.
  • This palm-sized sex toy is small enough to use during during partner sex without getting in the way of oral pleasure or penetration (fingers, penis or strap-on).
  • Ohhh, and most importantly, it’s made of body safe materials.

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What I Didn’t Love So Much

  • The name is (still) unfortunate. Since it was invented in a country where the word isn’t derogatory (Germany), I can let it slide.
  • The design (still) doesn’t exactly jump off the shelf. But don't judge it by its cover: unless you’ve tried a suction-based sex toy, it’s hard to understand what it’s capable of.
  • They got rid of the tacky gemstone power button! Hooray.
  • A full-charge lasts only for about 30 minutes
  • The smaller, sleeker travel-sized version takes some time to get used to, but there’s a learning curve with any new sex toy, right?

The Verdict

Whether you’re an orgasm aficionado or simply have a hard time crossing the Big O finish line, the Womanizer Starlet is a game-changer. It does a top-notch job of clitoral stimulation and makes it easy to get off with minimal effort. The bottom line is that the Starlet is a goddamn good sex toy that’s going to make a lot of pussies purr.


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