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Sex Education for Grownups 101

Published: AUGUST 20, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Learning about sex is a journey that should continue all our lives.

For many of us, education ends once we finish school and move into the working world. We’re too busy becoming established, putting food on the table and possibly starting the whole cycle over again by getting our own kids off to school to focus on our own education.


But learning doesn't have to end there, and it doesn’t necessarily have to take the form of academic education, either. Maybe you prefer to continue your learning through books, friends, and independent research, or perhaps you do like the structure and atmosphere of the classroom, where you can interact with teachers and meet other students. No matter the method, learning is a good thing that challenges the brain and aids in self-improvement.

One great way to continue learning is through sex education!

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Sex ed is a tricky thing for many people. High school sex ed classes (if you even had one!) are usually just about the basics of reproductive health. And, let's be honest, who took anything from those classes other than a firm sense of shame and secrecy? Many adults may want to learn more about sex - new techniques, a better understanding of ourselves and our partners, exploration of kink - but we don’t always have an established dialog or venue for that type of learning. (Check out our article, 7 Things I Wish I'd Learned in Sex-Ed, for more on the flaws of the sex-ed system). Here are some ways to make continuing education about sex easy:

Take Advantage of the Internet

Fortunately, opportunities to continue learning about sex are always increasing, especially online. If you are struggling with your sexual identity and are looking for inspiration, or if you want to research particular elements of kink, for example, go forth and read! Remember, if you choose the Internet as your sex-ed database, select your Web sources carefully. Sex information is a free-for-all online and not all sites are reputable.

Attend a Workshop

Sex and sexuality workshops are a fantastic way to expand your mind and explore new techniques and ideas.


Personally, I have taken the role of both teacher and student in many sex-related workshops. Both experiences are invaluable to my sexual understanding and self confidence. In taking classes, I was able to pull out of my shell and shed my shy exterior, bit by bit. There’s something about being in a room full of like-minded folks with sex on the brain that helped put me at ease.

That said, it is completely understandable that this exact situation might be challenging for some. Remember, sex is hard to talk about, especially in a room full of strangers. Fortunately, all of the workshops I’ve been involved with have established an atmosphere of acceptance and care.

Talk to An Expert

There is an array of wonderful sex educators out there who do everything they can to make the learning experience one to remember and cherish. Many towns feature their own homegrown, talented sex educators, but many also travel from city to city, offering a variety of talks and experiences.


If you are interested checking out some sex education workshops, you'll be in great hands with awesome educators like Ducky Doolittle, Reid Mihalko, Redhead Bedhead, Charlie Glickman, Sunny Megatron and so many more.

Keep an Open Mind

It's important, during the sex ed experience, to try to be as comfortable as possible. Sex educators understand that attending a workshop can be a big deal for some. You might be the type to sit back, listen and take it all in, or you might be someone who asks questions and offers anecdotes. Either way, it's good to keep an open mind when learning about sex. (Read 20 Things I Learned on My Adult Sex Ed Journey for more on how important it is to continue learning).

Inhabiting a sexual learning space, such as that of a sex-ed workshop with others of the same interests, can be an awe-inspiring experience. Sure, everyone has their own take on a particular subject, but essentially everyone has the same end goal: learning. And in a workshop setting you might learn just as much from the other participants as from the instructor! People may ask questions you haven't ever considered or tell stories about their own experiences, good and bad, that you can learn from.


The world of sex is full of delicious intrigue and genuine surprise and there is so much to learn throughout our lives. Sex may be difficult to talk about for some, but we're all learning to get past that and keep learning.

Jon Pressick

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