The Redhead Bedhead

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The Redhead Bedhead was born when I decided I wanted to talk about sex on the internet, wondering “do people even do that?!” Now I get to write for multiple outlets like Good Vibrations, Evolved World and I attend conferences, speak to college groups, teach classes, tour the country on the Superhero Sex Shop Tour, preach the gospel of sex positivity, learn more than I ever thought possible, and surround myself with a community of people who think like me- sex geeks!

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50 Shades changed the game of sex. Here's why it is a bad idea to continue to bash the series.
e-stim electro sex toys

I’m All Abuzz! 4 Fun (and Unintimidating) E-stim Toys

Things that were once considered kinky and perverse are starting to be accepted as what they are - fun options for exploring our sexuality. Here's a looking into getting a buzz with electro-sex.
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Smoldering Logs & Stuffed Stockings: 10 Sexy Holiday Tunes

These songs run the gamut from subtly suggestive to downright dirty, so get ready to deck those halls, trim those trees, and get joyful and triumphant.

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