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Review: The Mimi Vibe by Je Joue

by Kinkly
Published: NOVEMBER 22, 2016 | Updated: JULY 14, 2020
Aesthetic, discreet, velvet smooth: this is Mimi. Check out what our reviewer thought about this cute clitoral stimulator.

The Product: Je Joue Mimi Vibe

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)


Aesthetic, discreet, velvet smooth: this is Mimi. She’s a clitoral toy who will fit in the palm of your hand. Pardon me, I know a vibrator's inanimate, but I call Mimi a "she" because I swear to God that’s how you'll think of her the first time you see her elegant form in the lovely black gift box that comes with every product from Je Joue. Je Joue advertises Mimi as a vibrator that's excellent both for beginners and experienced users, which I can definitely agree with. (Looking to buy your first vibrator? Get some top-shelf tips in Buying Your First Vibrator.)


The Toy

Mimi has five settings for intensity and six settings for pattern. Intensity ranges from fairly low-key tremors to an impressively intense buzz. Pattern settings go like this:

  1. Even, sedate pulses
  2. A rumble I can only compare to revving the engine on a motorcycle
  3. More abrupt pulses
  4. Pulses in very quick succession
  5. Quick, even pulses
  6. Long, evenly timed pulses


Je Joue Mimi Vibe vibrator next to lipstick

Overall, Mimi's got a lot going for her. She’s very couple friendly, and can be used either in missionary (her flat shape makes her ideal for inserting between the two of you to get right at your clit), or in doggy style. When used alone, her shape offers multiple opportunities for enjoyment as well, whether flat, or for high intensity, you can concentrate vibration by using the tip. The lighter settings and various patterns are very useful in terms of buildup, and Mimi is a wonder for using all over the body and on the nipples (or for couples, on his shaft or balls).

Mimi also comes in four different colors, rose, pink, black and purple.


The Highs

Mimi is so silky smooth that I believe she really eliminates the need for any sort of lubricant. This toy is also ridiculously easy to clean - just run it under water with a little bit of soap. Mimi is discreet, both in terms of volume and looks. If anything, this vibe looks more like an exceptionally elegant pet rock than a vibrator. For her size, she is impressively strong, and the different settings are really quite effective. Not to mention how easy and pleasant she is to handle. She also has a magnetic charger, so there's no need to buy batteries!

There are a few other minor perks as well: There’s a tiny red heart on the side of the toy that blinks red while Mimi is being charged, and goes steady when the toy ready for you. Adorable. This toy is also just so gorgeous and touchable. Forget using it on your clit - you'll just want to rub it on your face.


The Lows

One drawback to this toy - for me anyway - was that some of the higher settings were extraordinarily strong. I know some people like this kind of power, but I found that even the second-lowest setting could become numbing after awhile. The highest (fifth) setting was like the drone of a hundred angry bees. My guess is that more sensitive women will find it a little unfriendly (I did). Je Joue’s website suggests letting Mimi’s vibrations transfer through your fingertips with stronger settings, but I did not find this technique to be particularly remarkable.

Also, while Mimi is very sleek, that also makes the buttons a little difficult to press, especially in the heat of the moment (so to speak), or when you’re trying to turn it down because your roommate's knocking at the door. And fumbling with buttons when you're on the tipping point? Not cool, Mimi, not cool. The center pattern button is especially tricky. Mimi also makes you go through the entire cycle of pulse variations to get back to the original setting. Sometimes by that point, you've lost your mojo.

The Verdict

It’s really too bad that Mimi’s buttons proved rather inconvenient come show time. She’s so alluring in every other way that you want her to work out - I wanted her to work out so that I could give her the five hearts she'd otherwise deserve. As it is, I’ll have to go for four out of five.


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