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How to have Sex with a Pornstar with the Help of AI

Published: APRIL 9, 2024 | Updated: APRIL 12, 2024
Thanks to Kiiroo's interactive porn and the connected sex toys, now you CAN live your Pornstar fantasy.

How Interactive Porn and AI Can Help You Live the Pornstar Experience

When it comes to interactive porn, there's no better toys than those developed by Kiiroo. A highly respected leader in immersive entertainment, Kiiroo has cutting edge technologies that allows anyone to enjoy their products, no matter who you are or where you're from.


I had the pleasure to test out their latest and greatest. Kiiroo sent me their highly-praised Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker as well as their Power Blow attachment, both of which came with a nice assortment of sleeves, including the Extra Tight Butt, made to replicate the pleasures of anal penetration play, and the perfectly named FeelGlow, which glows in the dark (so cool!) When fitted with Bluetooth, these products are fully capable of some truly science fiction-style wonders.

Kiiroo Keon stroker, FeelGlow Sleeve, Extra Tight Butt sleeve and Victoria June Mouth

Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker, FeelGlow Sleeve, Extra Tight Butt sleeve and Victoria June Mouth sleeve.


Can you guess what placed the biggest ol' smile on my face? An oral sleeve modeled on Victoria June's luscious lips! I'm in love with her!

Kiiroo Victoria June Mouth StrokerThe Victoria June Feel Stroker is molded from Victoria Junes luscious lips.

And why did I grin so big and wide?


"Combine the Victoria June sleeve with Kiiroo's masterfully designed interactive tech, and, to my absolute pleasure, it was as close to being orally pleasured by that famous Pornstar as I could ever get!"

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What is Interactive Porn?

How does all this work? In essence, immersive and interactive adult entertainment consists of, but not limited to, pre-recorded videos or live performances specially designed to interact with smart sex toys, like Kiiroo's amazing Kiiroo Keon and the Feel Stroker.

In this case, the state-of-the-art technology begins with FeelMe AI, which enabled me to easily connect my Kiiroo Keon including, of course, the Victoria June sleeve - with a multitude of different interactive porn sites, such as XVideos, Feel X Videos, and a whole lot more. Connection is quite simple; using Bluetooth and a Chrome Browser, it takes mere minutes and Kiiroo includes very clear video and PDF instructions that explain how to connect.


Note: A device with Bluetooth connectivity is required - in my opinion, a laptop works best.

Once connected, the video actually controls your sex toy in real time. Their cool tech accomplishes this using Artificial Intelligence, which can "watch" the action onscreen and mimic that so that you feel that sex, that handjob, that blowjob as your Kiiroo Keon responds to the video. So, not only can you watch someone else enjoy the action of your favorite star, you're also enjoying it too. And, of course, the experience is elevated when you are watching the very Pornstar upon whom your toy is molded. In addition, there is an auto-control setting that keeps your Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker moving, if there isn't much action on the video at that moment. If that's not enough, you can go into the power control settings to adjust the intensity, during those inactive moments. So, not to worry, she never stops stroking!

FeelMe AI can connect to any porn online, making it hyper-interactive. As long as you are logged into FeelMe AI and your Kiiroo Keon are connected, you can open a new tab on your computer and start watching any content you want. At the same time, FeelMe AI's website has an extensive library of some of the best porn and cam sites on the internet to help you get started. Once you're connected and you've fired up your content of choice, just watch and experience the Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker moving with the action, making you feel like you're right there, onscreen with, in my case, Victoria June!


So far so good?

Now, I've had many experiences using various sex tech products that were pretty lifelike - both visually and in the tactile sense. But did it made me feel like I was really having sex with a Pornstar? Unfortunately not.

I've tried many different kinds of interactive sex toys over the years as well. While a good percentage were pleasant, none of them could compare to the immersive experience using FeelMe AI with a Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker. What's more, sites like Feel X Videos, also offer VR compatibility, so you can fire up your VR Goggles for an even more immersive experience.


How I Lived the Pornstar Experience?

For my voyage into immersive Pornstar sexdom, I began with the newest Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker fitted with the fun FeelGlow sleeve. I sampled the interactive porn delights of Kiiroo's Extra Tight Butt sleeve and, naturally, the Victoria June one as well.

kiiroo keon

The Kiiroo Keon is an automated masturbator that can be fitted with any sleeve your fantasies desire.

Suppose Victoria's lips aren't to your liking, say it ain't so! But in that case, Kiiroo also offers a bevy of other products molded on Pornstar entertainers like Reagan Foxx, Kayley Gunner and Rachel Starr, among many others.

I linked my Kiiroo Keon to FeelMe AI via Bluetooth and from there chose my erotic content of choice, I hit play and was literally blown away by what happened next. It was just so darn real.

By now, most of us know how fun and particularly arousing porn can be. But imagine how extra exciting it would be when a Pornstar like Victoria June is looking you straight in the face as you feel her lips … well, you get the picture. Quite simply, you need to try the Kiiroo Keon with FeelMe AI to see for yourself!

It's important to note what's unique about FeelMe AI. It can make any erotic content interactive. That means you're not limited in your choice of entertainment - you can watch and feel anything on the whole world wide web.

By now, most of us know how fun and particularly arousing porn can be. But imagine how extra exciting it would be when a Pornstar like Victoria June is looking you straight in the face as you feel her lips …

So, You Want to Have Sex with a Pornstar?

If you want to have sex with a Pornstar, AI capabilities are making that a reality, at least a virtual one! When I tried the Keon in the past, it definitely took immersive erotic entertainment to the next level, but it was early days. It was fun and exciting, but it doesn't compare to the advancements that Kiiroo has accomplished.

Now, with the introduction of FeelMe AI, all that's changed - for the better! Working seamlessly behind the scenes, it magically manages multiple interactivities that tremendously improve the engagement factor.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I've never felt as close to a Pornstar, than with this experience. It was like the rest of the world fell away, leaving me and Victoria June alone to share mutual passion.

Yes, it's that good.

I cannot praise enough, the Kiiroo Keon and FeelMe AI combination.

Trust me when I say nothing before or since has even came close to playing with a real, bona-fide Pornstar.

Sex with a Pornstar? It's Possible!

In the end, the FeelMe AI, the Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker, and Kiiroo's impressive catalog of optional sleeves make it not just possible but effortless to enjoy the pleasures of your favorite Pornstar.

Lucky for us, there is an increasing number of adult entertainers who realize the power of interactive and immersive technologies when it comes to pleasing their fans. We're seeing a huge surge in the number and quality of personalized sleeves. Kiiroo already has more than 22(!) options on offer, and I thank them for that!

If your favorite star hasn't hasn't been memorialized in a sleeve yet, fear not! Chances are, they will very soon. And thanks to the Kiiroo Keon and FeelMe AI, you can see, feel and experience sex with nearly any Pornstar you like.

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