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Sex Toy Review: LELO HULA Beads

by Kinkly
Published: JUNE 4, 2014 | Updated: JULY 13, 2020
Every woman should be doing Kegel exercises regularly. Why not have a little more fun while you're at it?

The Product: LELO HULA Beads

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Have you done your "hulas" today? Maybe you should. HULA Beads, a new device by LELO, offers more than just pleasure. It’s a whole new take on Kegel exercises that provides stimulation, strengthening and sensation. That means you get to enjoy amazing sensations today, and strenghten the muscles that'll help provide better, more powerful orgasms in the future (not to mention better pelvic health). Oh, and it comes with a remote, allowing your partner to join in on the fun. (Read more about all the fun you can have with that in The Ultimate Submission: Remote-Controlled Pleasure.)

LELO HULA Beads consist of a vibrating double-bead massager that comes with a remote. So, what does it do? Just imagine the motion of a hula hoop or a hula dancer. LELO's HULA beads, which are connected in an hourglass shape, provide a similar motion. They are small, light and covered in high-grade silicone, so they're smooth, soft and lovely. The top bead is smaller than the base, which includes a larger bead with a retrieval loop near the charging port. Either one or both beads can be inserted. The remote is a small disk that is battery operated and uses Sensemotion technology. When powered on, the two beads rotate and sway in a circular motion. The instruction manual includes a small diagram that describes target pleasure points when inserting the HULA Beads - there are options! The remote also uses two modes of Sensemotion and can be tilted to intensify vibrations to the device, or moved in any direction to change the vibration. The best part is, the remote vibrates too. So here’s what happened when I took the HULA Beads for a spin.


LELO HULA Beads vibrator with remote

My Experience

Upon first glance, HULA Beads were very similar in size and shape to LELO's LUNA Beads. The major difference is that the LUNA beads don't include a motor. The good news is that the electronics don't bog things down here. The device was much lighter than I expected, and I was impressed with the weight and shape. The remote was easy to use and connected instantly with wireless technology. The product instructions advise using water-based lubricants only to preserve the material. HULA Beads are simple to insert and can be used for external stimulation while you are getting warmed up and internal stimulation once you are ready to go. The top bead gently rotates so it can be used on the clitoris, providing stimulation in a circular motion. You can feel the swaying motion upon insertion and can play with as many as eight different vibration patterns, which can be controlled through the remote. That in itself is a unique experience.

The "hula" motion is fun too; each bead touches on different parts of the vaginal walls. LELO’s instruction manual has a diagram that demonstrates G-spot and other points of stimulation. That's certainly helpful, but as we know, every woman’s body is different, so it’s best to experiment with different positions that feel comfortable. Plus, any new device takes some practice in terms of finding what feels best for you. But like I said, HULA provides some unique sensations and has plenty of options that should appeal to many women. I also liked that the HULA Beads, can easily be retrieved after insertion thanks to a small loop of string at the base. Check out HULA's moves in the quick video below.


The option of a remote with all of the latest technology is a bonus. The Sensemotion is fun and the remote vibrates as well, so you can feel in control of each mode (or even apply that vibration to another erogenous zone!) With one gentle tilt of the wrist, the HULA Beads can speed up and intensify the vibration. Tilt the wrist back and the vibration slows. The second Sensemotion mode allows the remote to be moved in any direction to intensify the vibration. It’s as easy as that. If a partner wants to join in, you can hand over the remote, relax and have fun anticipating what's coming next. The sound of the vibrator is fairly discreet as well, which is great if you want to have privacy or take it out in public. Overall, the device is easy to use and well constructed, with many possibilities for pleasure and play.

The Verdict

HULA Beads are a unique product that can be used for foreplay and mutual partner play. Plus, they're good for your pelvic health. Like most LELO devices, they are waterproof and rechargeable with a 10-year quality guarantee. I would recommend this product for couples looking for variety and a device that encourages partnered play. The remote was easy to use, well constructed and with the Sensemotion technology, it’s sure to fulfill your desire for gadgetry as well as top up your pleasure quotient. Plus, every woman should be doing Kegel exercises regularly. Why not have a little more fun while you're at it?

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