What is a sex coach?


A sex coach is a trained professional who works with clients to overcome sexual concerns. A sex coach is not a therapist. A sex coach also doesn’t have sex with clients!

The main difference between a sex coach and sex therapist is the way in which a sex coach addresses sexual concerns. Sex therapy focuses on a client's past experiences and any psychological factors that may interfere with their sexual functioning. Sex coaching focuses on what’s happening in the client's present life and is a collaborative approach that involves personalized education, skill building, and action plans that will improve sexual satisfaction. A sex coach works with individuals and couples in a creative process that promotes healing and the use of home assignments that empower the client to take control of their sexual health and embrace sexuality in a positive way.

I am a sex therapist and a professional sex coach with extensive training in both modalities. I find this useful when dealing with sexual concerns because many sexual problems can be addressed without intensive therapy. Using a sex coaching model in my practice is a great approach to help individuals and couples learn about their sexuality, understand how their bodies function sexually, and gain the skills they need to restore passion and intimacy in their relationships. Sex coaching can be a safe and non-pathologizing way to learn about sexuality and understand sexual concerns at different stages in one's life span.


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