What are Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls are just that, balls. They are designed for vaginal insertion, and holding them inside the body for a period of time can bring strength to the pelvic muscles and result in stronger orgasmic response. Many people find the act of just wearing them to be sexually stimulating as well.

There are many kinds of Ben Wa balls on the market today. On average, they are about the size of a large marble and go up to about the size of a golf ball. Sometimes there is a string that attaches the balls together. Other Ben Wa balls come in a set of two loose balls with no connecting string.

Some Ben Wa balls have a larger outer ball with a free-moving smaller ball nested inside, like Smart Balls and Luna Beads. Ben Wa balls like this can be more stimulating because the inner ball delivers subtle vibration as your pelvis moves and muscles flex around it.

The alternative to the nested balls is a solid ball, usually made of metal, glass or polished stone. These balls tend to have more weight to them. One of my favorite sets of this variety are Steele Balls.

When buying Ben Wa balls, you should know they can be made of silicone, glass, polished stone, plastic or metal. If you seek Ben Wa balls made of metal, look for stainless steel as opposed to chrome or other metals that can corrode with moisture.

You should also consider how heavy the balls may be and look for seams and details that may make them more difficult to clean. Experience tells me that the easier an item is to clean, the healthier it is and the more often it gets used.

Ben Wa balls are sometimes confused with anal beads because they can look somewhat similar, but Ben Wa balls are not intended for anal play. Any toy you use anally should have a flared base that will anchor it outside your body.

Ben Wa Balls for Pelvic Strength
Ben Wa balls are a great alternative to doing Kegel exercises. Simply pop them into your vagina and do things around your home, like fold laundry, pay bills, etc. You might also consider wearing them while doing yoga or Pilates. I recommend wearing them for about 20 minutes per session, but if you are comfortable you can wear them for extended periods of time.

While wearing your Ben Wa balls, your pelvic muscles will naturally contract in an effort to hold them inside your body. It’s rather effortless and subtle. Many people report that they gain pelvic strength rather quickly when they are disciplined enough to wear them a few times a week for six to eight weeks in a row.

You might try getting a set of Ben Wa balls that have variable weights, like the Ami Kegel exercising set. This way you can start with the smallest weight and work your way up to the heavier balls as you gain strength.

Ben Wa Balls for Pleasure
If you are using smaller Ben Wa balls, you might try wearing them during vaginal or anal intercourse. If you have the nested Ben Wa balls, try putting them inside your vagina and using a vibrator on your clit. The extra pressure and internal vibration can feel amazing.

A common thing I hear around Ben Wa balls is that people are afraid they will get "lost" up there. Don't worry; it won't happen. Your vagina has a back wall called the cervix. The cervix has a tiny opening, but it's only large enough to allow something microscopic to pass through it. Anytime you want to release the balls, just push with your muscles or purchase the balls with a string attached for easy release.

I highly encourage women to get a set of Ben Wa balls. They are one of the few sex toys that have been around for centuries in part because they are also an awesome tool for vaginal health and wellness.

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