Anal Beads

Last Updated: September 21, 2020

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Definition - What does Anal Beads mean?

Anal beads are a type of sex toy used in anal play. They consist of a series of beads or spheres attached together with a string or shaped together into silicone, plastic or other material.

Anal beads are inserted into the anus and then are pulled out either slowly or quickly, depending on the intended effect. The pleasure this toy provides comes from the beads passing through the sphincter muscles.

Kinkly explains Anal Beads

Anal beads are popular anal toys because they are relatively small and inexpensive but they can pack a lot of pleasure when used correctly. Anal beads can enhance the pleasure of an orgasm if they are quickly pulled out at the time of climax. They can also be used during foreplay to increase arousal.

As with all anal activity, it's best to use lots of lubricant and to make sure to clean and disinfect anal beads after each use.

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