Over time my metal kegel balls have changed color. Are they still safe to use?


There are so many different kegel balls (also known as jiggle balls, Ben Wa balls or love balls) available. Many different materials are used and some even have vibrating functions or textured surfaces for additional stimulation. Metal kegel balls are very popular because of the smooth, cool surface which warms quickly to body temperature. Metal also responds well to lubricant (bottle or natural) and metal sex toys are non-porous which means they are easier to keep completely and hygienically clean. Metal also provides a fantastic vehicle for delivering the intense vibrations transmitted from the internal weighted balls.

Because there are no set legal regulations about sex toy materials, you need to be very thorough in your pre-purchase research to make sure you buy a sex toy which is body safe and will last. Certain materials break down quicker than others, over time and through repeated use. This can make them uncomfortable, unreliable and in some cases, potentially harmful to use within your body.

Metal kegel balls - and in fact all metal sex toys - should be made from a good quality, body safe metal with a smooth surface. Metals used include steel, aluminium and even gold or silver. There are different quality levels of steel, in particular, so look for sex toys made from surgical grade stainless steel. Lower quality steel is mixed with other metals as an alloy, which is a cheaper material to use. The surfaces of lower quality metal sex toys can wear away over time and can expose a surface which is unsafe to use inside you.

Even if you’re sure that your metal kegel balls are made from a body safe metal such as surgical grade stainless steel or other, damage can still occur to the surface if you don’t look after them properly. Cleaning metal kegel balls as soon as possible after use will help to ensure that the surface isn’t exposed to any corrosive elements for long periods of time. For example, you shouldn’t clean them in a dishwasher or use jewellery cleaners on them as the chemicals involved could lead to surface damage.

Metal kegel balls, indeed all metal sex toys, should retain the shiny, unbroken and smooth surface they had when brand new. Any tarnishing beyond a slight dullness, or any corrosion and damage to the outer surface of the kegel balls indicates that it’s time to shop around for better quality metal kegel balls that you can trust to use inside you.

In summary, if your metal kegel balls have dramatically changed colour or tarnished, then please carefully dispose of them and invest in higher quality metal kegel balls which won’t diminish in quality over time. Alternately, you might be interested in buying other body safe types such as silicone kegel balls. It may be an annoyance to lose a favourite sex toy, but your body safety should be top priority at all times.


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