Cara Sutra

Cara Sutra writes at her own sexuality magazine as well as acting as professional copywriter for many high-profile adult industry publications, both online and in print. Her magazine style website is a combination of her personal sex blog, sex, relationship and fetish advice articles, erotic fiction, sex industry news as well as a large number of adult product and sex toy reviews.In addition to working in the mainstream adult industry, Cara Sutra is a highly respected and established Domme in the BDSM scene. A Lifestyle Mistress, she enjoys attending fetish events as well as benefitting from her own live-in, long-term submissive. In her personal life, Cara Sutra enjoys bisexual and kinky sex escapades, while her partner despairs at the mountain of sex toys, heels and corsets taking over the house.


Articles by Cara Sutra

Bi-curious feelings are common, but that doesn't make deciding what to do about them any easier.