How do I fulfill my cuckquean fantasy?


Each of us have been conditioned to feel a certain way about love and sex, and the relationship of the two. Discovering a kink within your sexuality may conjure feelings of excitement, but also shame. When we are not only courageous enough to explore this part of ourselves, but share it with our partner(s), it can feel like a great responsibility because we’ve pulled someone we love into our unconventional thoughts. What is so encouraging and triumphant about this, however, is we are giving ourselves and our partner(s) the opportunity to reflect on our preconceived ideas of sex and love, and reform them to support a more fulfilling relationship.

Pursuing your cuckquean fantasy means entering into an ethical non-monogamous relationship. For this reason, I recommend moving slowly and gauging how you feel at every step. It’s also important to remain at the pace of the slower partner, as not to put anyone’s emotional wellbeing at risk. Lastly, fantasies can sometimes seem more exciting when unlived. Carrying out your cuckquean fantasy to its fullest extent isn’t required to experience its benefits and pleasure. Additionally, cuckqueaning isn’t necessarily a 24/7 gig. As you explore this part of yourself, you will find times and factors that are most conducive to this fantasy.

As you move through the stages of your cuckquean fantasy, ensure you and your partner check-in with one another. Understand that jealousy is a common and inevitable emotion that can enhance the pleasure if channelled intentionally. Because no two queans are the same, taking the following steps will support a healthy path forward.


  • Do you and your partner have any specific fears about this fantasy? How can you work together to eliminate them or avoid harmful situations?

  • What about the cuckquean fantasy turns the cuckquean on? Is there a specific scenario that appeals to them?

  • Ideally, what role does the cuckquean play in the scenario? Are they involved?

  • Ideally, what role does the cuckquean’s partner play in the scenario?

  • Ideally, what role does the cuckcake play in the scenario?

Steps to Cuckqueaning

Sharing past sexual experiences:

  • Have your partner share past sexual experiences and see how your mind and body respond.

People watching:

  • Go to your favourite bar or café and share which passersby you find most attractive. Pay attention to how this makes you feel, and if there are certain types of people you find particularly exciting or jealousy-inducing. Communicate any blocks or fears you experience during this time.

Get online:

  • FetLife is the main hub for kinky people online. You can create an account for free, browse or speak to other kinksters, as well as find events near you. This site is NSFW, and not for people with a porn sensitivity.

  • Subscribe to online dating sites made for ethical non-monogamous relationships. Some include:

    • Feeld

    • Thrinder

    • #Open

    • Ashley Madison

    • MoreThanOne

    • 3Somer

Find a sex club near you:

Sex clubs are a great way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle without putting any pressure on the outcome. Many clubs will advertise themselves for swingers; however, they generally have a broader clientele. I suggest reviewing the calendar to ensure you go on a night in which the theme is favourable to your comfort and desires.

In the End

Fulfilling fantasies may seem difficult, especially if they contradict preconceived ideas about love and sex. However, if pursued intentionally, the overall result can be positive and evolutionary. By exploring desires, you grant further access to self-knowledge, and there is nothing more transformative than knowing and belonging to yourself.


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