How can I have a g-spot orgasm?


There are different things that you can do to achieve a g-spot orgasm. First, there are creams that are warming creams. You put it on your finger, insert your finger inside of your vagina, and rub your g-spot region. It will warm up your g-spot and get you ready for additional stimulation.

Then, I would recommend a great g-spot vibrator. Maybe start with a slender one because you can really put it right around your pelvic bone area and get it to your g-spot. Use as much vibration as it takes.

Also, don't give up. It's also important to note that a g-spot orgasm and a squirting orgasm aren't necessarily the same thing. So, make sure that you know for sure what you want. G-spot orgasms can be more powerful and intense than the type of orgasm you're used to having, but it's not necessarily a squirting orgasm.

It's also important that you are aroused before you begin rubbing your g-spot. This is because the g-spot does swell up when you are aroused which will make it easier for you to find.


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