Tummy Time Position

Updated: MARCH 13, 2023

A grinding-focused sex position, Tummy Time switches up the standard masturbation positions for an even more erotic face-down one!

A person is laying face down on a surface. They have their arm tucked underneath their body with their hand between their thighs. Their head is propped up on a pillow.To get into this sex position, the masturbating person should lay on their stomach. A pillow underneath the head and chest will help with comfortable breathing while maintaining this position. The person should then add something underneath their body, against their clitoris or penis, to add stimulation.

More About Tummy Time Position

People love the Tummy Time position because it offers a different way to masturbate. Having your butt in the air and grinding up against something can feel vulnerable and erotic all at once. The physical stimulation may have a deeper feeling to it as gravity presses your body weight against the stimulation point.

Anything that can fit underneath the masturbating person can also be used to enjoy yourself in the Tummy Time position. For some people, that will mean sneaking a hand underneath the body to rub or stroke. Especially if the Tummy Time position is a last-minute choice, this can be a great way to explore the position without needing other items. However, depending on your body composition and how long you want to enjoy yourself, your hand may start to go numb with body weight pressure on top of it.

If using your hands isn't a good fit for you, this position is also well-suited for sex toys. Any sex toy that's pleasurable to grind, hump or press against is ideal for the Tummy Time position. A few vibrators are specifically made for sex positions like this, like the Orion VibePad 2, Rocks-Off Ruby Glow and the Wild Flower Enby 2, but any sex toy that is comfortable to lay on top of and grind against will work.

If you're finding it difficult to keep the sex toy in place while enjoying yourself, consider using bondage rope to tie the item to a flat pillow. This may require a bit of repositioning, but it can help keep it in place for hands-free use. As a shortcut, sex toy mounts may also be able to hold the item in place for you.

While most people think of Tummy Time as a vulva-exclusive sex position, it certainly isn't! Penis-owning people can also enjoy grinding their shaft up against a soft, flat surface, and it can be orgasmic for many. If you're a penis owner looking to explore the Tummy Time position, we recommend putting down a washable towel or sex blanket and adding a bit of lube to the top of the blanket. If you have disabilities that make this setup difficult, consider talking to a care worker about setting it up for you. This slip-and-slide surface will make grinding much more comfortable, and the blanket will make for easy clean-up afterwards.

Note that the Tummy Time position can make it difficult to view or read adult material, so it works best for those who love to fantasize during their masturbation sessions.

Tummy Time may not be accessible to all people. For many, laying on the stomach is uncomfortable, and the arch required in the lower back to hump in this position can be painful for those with back pain. It may also be difficult for those with chronic pain, paralysis or other illnesses. Remember: Masturbation is all about pleasure. If this position isn't honoring your body, there are hundreds of other sex positions out there that will better suit you. If you have disabilities that make the Tummy Time Position inaccessible by yourself, you can ask an attendant care worker or partner to help put you in the position if need be.

In particular, if you enjoy the humping motion that Tummy Time provides, you may be a fan of Hole Lot of Love, Twin Standing or Double Mount positions, which allow you to stay upright with help of a pillow or piece of sex furniture.

If a partner wants in on the action, the Tummy Time sex position can easily transition into a partnered activity. It offers a great base for from-behind sex, and the stimulation is already built in for the receiving partner! Just make sure to reposition the receiving partner as needed to avoid pressing too much weight into their body while their back is arched. Positions like the Magic Mountain, Bondage Massage, Grand Slam, Follow Through, Landslide, Speed Bump or Anal Bumper Cars positions may be a great fit here.



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