The Cross Position

Updated: JUNE 28, 2022

The Cross sex position gets its name because partners form a cross or "T" with their bodies.

The Cross sex position. The receiving partner is laying on their back with their legs bent, knees in the air, feet flat on the floor. The penetrating partner is laying on their side in-between the receiver's calves and thighs, to penetrate. Their bodies make a 90-degree angle. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, the giver lies on their side, while the receiver lies perpendicular to them and raises their legs. They meet together at the hips to make penetration happen. After penetration, the receiver lowers their legs so their knees are bent over their partner's waist and thighs.

More About The Cross Position

While in this position, it is easy for both partners to reach the receiver's clitoris or penis in order to rub it or stimulate it with a sex toy. The Cross is not only for vaginal intercourse; it can be used for anal sex as well. This position also provides a way to segue into other sex positions, such as the Spoon or Scissors position.

Unlike many other sex positions, this position does not require a huge amount of stamina or strength. It's a great option for when one or both partners are tired but still want to have sex. It may be more accessible to disabled people as well.

Modifying the Cross Sex Position

The Cross position is accessible to a wide range of bodies because of its simple design. Both partners simply lay down - one on their side and one on their back - to make penetration happen.

However, there are still some easy ways to modify the Cross sex position to make sure it's as approachable as possible for your bodies:

  • Add pillows or bolsters. The position of your bodies means that the Cross position will not include a lot of long, deep thrusts. This can be a good thing! It means that you can surround yourselves with pillows, bolsters, or sex furniture to make the Cross position as comfortable as possible. With minimal body movement, those bolsters are more likely to stay in place.
  • The receiver can leave their legs in the air. If the receiving partner is finding it difficult to get their legs on the ground onto the other side of the penetrating partner, there are a few options. You both can do this position with the penetrating partner's backside up against a wall. This can let the receiver place their legs flat on a wall. The receiving partner can also leave their legs up in the air with the help of something like a g-spot sling.

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